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    This is pretty exciting, having only just been impressed with the fuzz update.

    I currently have to turn on my computer to play with the editor, because constantly bending down to fiddle with the stage is annoying. This could be a great addition.

    I don’t create a new performance. I just select one of the remaining empty ones and edit that and yet I still have glitches with saving, renaming etc. (such as not letting me rename a slot or not saving it consistently) I’m not sure the glitches are that predictable and it doesn’t sound like the fix others mention will work. Only yesterday I noticed somehow the patch I had in slot one in a few performances had somehow overwritten what I had in slot 4. This sort of issue isn’t great.

    I think someone from kemper needs to spend some time creating and saving performances and looking carefully at what happens because the software is finicky and glitchy. I like what it can do in theory, but not the bugs.