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    I have this same problem and most of times it occurs middle of playing, suddendly sound just stops and there's no input, input led does not light, tuner leds are off and tuner shows some solid note like there's no guitar/cable connected

    Only guitar and monitors connected, same thing without anything connected, alternative input is dead also. Switching modes doesn't help, switching profiles, effects or input / output settings doesn't help, only after reboot everything works good

    This happens maybe once a week if playing every day for couple hours

    Back with this

    I'm still getting these random stops time to time

    When this happens for example this morning, i turned KPA to tuner mode , guitar unplugged, cord plugged to KPA. Tuner shows steady G1 +35 when unplugged . It was there about 5min and then i heard little pop sound from monitors, ( like some device shut down or when changing settings on interface or resetting something etc.) then i looked KPA and noticed that Tuner is now jumping between A and G# notes and when tried to plug guitar it doesn't react and after turning to Browser mode, no sound, input led is not reacting

    If i go to tuner mode again, its jumping but if i hit strings very hard it shows some steady note for second and fades away and starts jumping again

    After turning KPA off and back on, everything works normally again

    When fault is on, i tried to unplug everything, also tried to set alternative input as source and plugged guitar to Alt in but nothing can be heard

    Also interested, i like Exodus guitar tone too

    What amps they use, sounds bit like 5150 style or is it just this midrange tone which cuts through

    Generally there is lots of studio mixing and eq and post processing on record versions and sometimes its even not possible to re-create tone with guitrar/amp by itself, also on youtube or gear demo videos, there is tons of post-processing but how they sound on live or on live records ?

    Ok, i will test this when i get issue again, this morning that happened once again, now i disconnected all cables and usb exept headphones and guitar, let see is there any effect

    Okey, it seems that i have similiar problems. I´m playing with KPA rack in browser mode and suddenly sound just stops. When restarting KPA everything works ok. Last time this happened, my pc was on and usb connected but RM was not opened. This has been happening now 4 times in 2weeks, before this no problems

    Input led is not reacting at all but when turning to Tuner it works but it works like signal is very weak, if i play note it shows on screen very short time and then disappears, like same thing when you turn guitar volume pot low when tuning. Output led instead works but no sound from headphones, main out or monitor outs

    Guitars and cables are ruled out

    I´m running 8.05 release since it came out

    Ok, good to know

    Im not concerned with noise or signal quality with unbalanced but more like if i connect TS plug to Palmer instead of TRS doesnt it short circuit second signal?

    Asking like can device with balanced input be feeded with unbalanced signal, does it work properly?

    Hi, i found old topic about Palmer Macht402

    I just ordered one after found good sale, i´m using KPA mostly with audiointerface + monitors from main out and i was thinking to connect Palmer amp to KPAs monitor out and use it with guitar cab

    BUT it seems that Palmer has only BALANCED XLR or 1/4" TRS inputs and KPA monitor out is UNBALANCED 1/4"TS

    Can i use monitor out to connect Palmer or do i have to use Main out 1/4" TRSs parallel with audiointerface

    and which kind cable i should use?

    Well, i asked this from Focusrite support and they answered :

    "You shouldn't have any problem using an 8i6 as a stand-alone mixer. you will however have to connect it to a computer of some description to configure it to work as you wish. Yes, the 8i6 clock source will have to be set to S/PDIF which is also done in Focusrite Control, unfortunately you'll have to change it back to Internal if the Kemper isn't connected or the 8i6 will be waiting for the clock from the digital input and the ADC and DACs won't be active. "

    This makes me thinking is it worth upgrading from 2i2 2ndgen - > 8i6 3rd gen. Biggest problem at this time is plugging/unplugging cables and adjusting gain levels every time i switch playing thru kemper, vst plugins, and different sources and if i have to switch cables and setting even with 8i6 also

    One good thing would be that i could reamp easier with Kemper when needed, even it need different settings and also i could connect kemper to line inputs and guitar to xlr mic input to play with plugins

    Hi, found this old thread and thought to ask

    Im planning to buy Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 3rd gen for same use as OP. Hoping to use KPA via SPDIF and use 8i6 as standalone mixer for different sources. Am I going to get same trouble with sync clock setting. My KPA is older version so as i understood it cannot handle slave clock setting, right?

    Does anyone know is same issue also with 3rd gen Scarlett as 1st gen?


    I got problem couple days ago with my rack profiler

    I was playing in Browser mode and suddendly my guitar sound stops, no signal to monitors, no output or input led light and tuner lights doesn't light up when hitting strings. Also when turning to tuner mode there is no signal

    No fail message or anything, everything is normal exept no signal in or out. I can change rigs, effects etc.

    Tried with another cable and another guitar and with headphones. When turning kemper off and then back on, everything works again until after while it freezes again. This happened about 5 times in hour, today it worked ok

    Day before i updated sw to 7.5

    Before this failure i was modifying some rigs with RM and it said that i have corrupted preset and i should do this reset procedure but before i managed to react, message dissappeared and RM freezes. I shut it off and continued playing with KPA. Everything worked after that until next day i started get these failures

    Any ideas whats this about, or how to fix problem if it appears again. Or is there something broken with KPA

    You have it just like it should not be :)

    Kemper sends only line level signal and if Focusrite is plugged with XLR it thinks there is microphone connected

    You can try with normal guitar/intrument cable 1/4" TS ->1/4"TS with switch selected to "Line"

    or normal micropone cable like this…2XmAg0EAQYASABEgIUbvD_BwE

    On Kemper side you use 1/4" socket and on Focusrite you use XLR right?

    Kemper main out 1/4" is unbalanced line level for TS plug and Xlr on Focusrite is balanced MIC level

    I think you should use Xlr on Kemper side and TRS plug on Focusrite for balanced signal

    Or use Kemper 1/4" sockets with TS instrument cable and also on Focusrite side TS plug to get unbalanced signal going

    If using TS or TRS on Focusrite, you have to select Line switch

    Dont know is this helping, just thoughts


    If Focusrite is connected with XLR it determines signal as microphone level signal, when using TS or TRS plugs it determines it as line level or instrument level signal

    Im about to buy 8i6 3rd because of Spdif and i will also need to use Discord, so im intrested this also

    I saw topic somewhere that someone had same problem with Zoom recorder, and he couldnt use spdif with it to record sound from Kemper . Seemed that zoom software recognizes only Focusrite input 1&2 and cannot handle others. This was my own thinking. Is it possible to route spdif from focusrite mix software?

    I think you should ask this from Focusrite support?

    If this does not work its big - for me :(


    Is it possible to connect Kemper to line inputs behind Focusrite, so it lets front mic inputs available?

    Fault was not part of deal but i have settled compensation and i'm good with overall price

    Is it "really" hard job to disassemble front panel, i have quite good skills with electronic devices and have been repairing and building analog guitar amps etc

    But if its really hard to fix then i believe and leave it

    Which are functions that needs this down button, browsing profiles and in perform mode there is something that i cant do, what else?

    Hi, just bought used Kemper Rack version and noticed that RIG Down push button is broken mechanically, it does´t go down or click or anything when pressing and i also tried to pull and move button with pliers, knife, srcrewdriver etc but no help. I feels like there is something between push button and micros-witch on PCB or micro-switch is broken

    Has anyone tried to disassemble front panel PCB, i watched some youtube video where someone opens casing and it seemed that front panel has PCB attached with srcrews

    How potentiometer knobs are attached, main switch has fixing screw on side but others are just pushed on place ?

    Or is whole front panel one part and cannot be disassembled

    My unit is old and has no warranty anymore, just asked from tech help and they said i can send Kemper there for fixing it but price for repair cannot be estimated before they check it out, i'm afraid postage and repair fee is going to be too high

    Thanks Vesa