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    I installed the latest update of Rig Manager. I can't rename slot or rig in it !

    Does anyone else have this problem ?

    I was gonna post this, but you got it.

    It loses contact with my Stage after a few minutes and I gotta unplug and plug back in the usb to mac, I click on profiles and they dont change the patch, but I see the change on the kemper screen. Also, when I use the Stage without the Mac/rig mgr, many of the prolies stored in there are gone. Weird. Messing with my flow.

    Hello gain. Had a gig last night using the Kemper. I managed to get a good live tone in the rehearsal room but at last was awful. The sound was shrill on the top end and bassy on the low end. But it was waaayyy over. I mean i had the low cut on kemper at about 130 hz in the post eq section, a low cut at 145 before the amp to tighten the profile, and a 145 low cut on the foh mixer, bass on the profile at -2.Also, the high cut was at 6500 on kemper..and on foh at 8500. Also, the gain structure was different, as in from a high gain to a more than a crunch tone... i couldn't get a decent amount of gain/tone out of it. All in sounded bad. Maybe it was the profile, the speakers, the room?

    I run my Kemper into a stereo tube power amp, 4x12 cab and mic 2 speakers L/R. I set the eq on the board to flat and get exactly what comes outta my rig.

    Kemper: better with frfr or through power amp and speaker

    I have only used the kemper with a frfr… but it appears most “touring” bands use it through the amp or power amp… for the photos and interviews…

    Curious what the % of the group is and/or if people have switched from the frfr to a guitar cab…

    I use stereo tube power amp with stereo 4x12 cabinet and it is continues to blow my mind. When I plug straight into my tube power amp, the sound I hear, I can hear when I plug in the Kemper into it. Very responsive to the difference in guitars I run through it. For the longest time, when I ran into a little VOX as an FRFR, I hated Kemper and bashed it out of frustration. My mistake is that the amp did Kemp no justice. I am convinced I will never buy another front end piece again. Tubes, tube power amps and speakers will be my new toys now. New speakers(for fun), coming up!

    it was a different PA on a club. The thing is that it was hard to balance the tone on the new PA. I managed to balance it maybe just 30 40% with the rehearsal PA. The thing that blew me out was the gain. It was too much different from what i have used too...i know that sounds differ from pa to to room... a lot of people vs a small amount of people.

    I struggled with the Kemper until I plugged it into a stereo tube power amp and a 4x12 cab. My convictions now are that I will never use anything else.

    Trying other $3,000.00 &$4,000.00 amps will make you come home and beg your Kemper for forgiveness and take you back. The Kemper is just so musical. The more other high dollar gear & amps you try the more you realize how awesome the Kemper is. I spent the holiday in music stores trying out tons of expensive stuff just to realize Kemper has completely eliminated my GAS. I just look at other amps and go "That's nice".

    Exactly the same thing here. This is it...I'm done. My only experimentation will be different tube and speaker sounds, but right now my stereo tube power amp and 4x12 is the be all end all.

    I think I may be getting burned out on the Kemper Powerhead...I'm not sure what's going on, but the direct tone for recording is not sounding good these days...I primarilly use high gain profiles form STL, MBritt, a few othe expensive studio and direct profiles...I've gotten some inspiring tones in the past, but now I find myself scrolling through the 3000+ profiles I have...and I swear I can't find a good one...Too fizzay, too trebly, too bassy....nothing feels "expensive" as it used to...I did the most recent update, and there's a certain "tightness" that is missing...I can't quite pin it down, I just know that I used to plug in, pull up a 5150 III high gain profile (..didn't even mess with the eq)..and recorded..Sounded great! ...for some reason...nothing sounds "natural" to me on this...and all of the high gain stuff sounds the same...evenin headphones..I don;t think there's somehtign wrong with the unit, but something changed to the point where I end up just getting more and more discouraged and fried form chasing tone down the rabbit hole , so to speak.. I even took a few days off, and it wasw worse. I never have had this much frustration with having a consistant tone...It's changging like every day..WTH?!?!?!? Maybe I'm just getting "kemper burnout"...

    Then ditch the power section and start experimenting with tube power and 12" speakers.

    Dyno is my kind of guy!

    When I use the flanger, I always have a tendency to lower it a lot it the mix - usually to 50%. Even though I might need it to go 100% to match a cover, my playstyle doesn't work when it's that strong. It will sound nice on the original song but it's over-bearing when I use it. The phaser is the same. I wouldn't mind different presets for all the popular songs but I'll probably cut them down anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I've never been satisfied with the flanger and phaser up front. I always place them in the loop. It just sounds smoother to me that way.

    TopJimi’s EVH pack is my fave. The flange is there, the phaser is there, the Cathedral delay is there…very nice.

    I've been looking to replicate the ADA flanger that Pat Travers used on "Puttin it straight" album and the Mutron phaser RUSH used. Normally I'm pretty good at replicating effects but those two I've never got just right. There are so many variables, and stages etc. in modulation effects.

    How close have you gotten? Have you got those patches up on the exchange?

    That's a great idea. For awhile I struggled with effects patches, but now I got it down and love them! Tonejunkie is AMAZING with effects, I use all of their stuff. Check them out. If you find some cool stuff out there, post it here. I love noodling with delay and mods. I still use Gundy's Gilmourish patch that came stock with the Kemp. It sounds killer cranked thru a stereo tube power amp and 4x12 cab.

    Why does my Kemper sound so crappy at low volume? I play P&W and when I try and play quietly or do a swell, at low volume, it sounds very digital. There has to be a certain amount of volume to get it to sound good.....what am I missing?

    Listen to these guys, as i found this out the hard way. I think it sounds good low, but just badass loud. Now quit whining and ROCK.

    ...after some major tinkering, I have found thru my 4x12 cab and stereo tube power amp, the Kemp to be the finest piece of gear I have owned. If a mod sees this, will you find the post where I pimped "Product X" and delete it? Cause what I said is just not true. I'm thinking a set of Kones in my 4x12 will round this out cause it just plain sounds INSANE. Thank you, Kemper, I'm sorry I assailed you every time I got frustrated. Thankfully I didnt give up, cause I'd be on the outside looking in if i did. BIG time.

    Ok - and you know this how?

    I ask because on AMS’s own website - it shows 3 interest free payments next to every Kemper product on the page.

    AMS credit department TOLD me, that's how.


    Thanks for reaching out to us. Kemper is a brand that we are no longer able to offer our in house financing for purchases. We do have financing available through Affirm for Kemper products. This was changed this spring, by request from Kemper directly. The 200 watt Kemper Kabinet is not currently offered in our inventory, we may end up adding this in the future. The only recommendation that I can make, is to check our site from time to time to see if this has been added.