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    Heya! I'm not sure how easy this is, but it would be absolutely amazing if the Kemper could send out CC# messages as part of performance changes. I know it can do PC# messages, but I have a few pedals where it would be absolutely amazing if when changing rigs you could also set it to change my external pedals.

    For example, I have a source audio C4 synth pedal, which turns your bass guitar into a fully fledged synthesiser. It unfortunately only runs via CC#, and my idea is that it would be really cool for my first rig to be a Kemper Profile of a bass rig I like, with all my various FX internally with the Kemper. Then, if I switch a performance, the Kemper changes to a performance where the amp and cab sections are bypassed, giving me a DI, the CC# message turns on and changes the patch of my C4 pedal, and I can still use the internal EQ effect on my Kemper to hone the tone???

    I feel like I've spoken to a LOT of people who would love the CC# message out capability on the Kemper, which would make it even more useful for those switching from a G system or an RJM Mastermind system to the Kemper :)

    Thanks for reading!