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    Well, if you understood that, why were you so adamant that RCA wouldn't work 'cause it only had a single core? I had to repeatedly assure you that it works in the face of your scepticism based on the assumption that you'd need 2 wires to convey a stereo S/PDIF signal. A small example:

    Chill out, I believe you. I am just skeptical as to how a single RCA is carrying two signals when it has only one conductor inside. If a SPDIF is only sending one signal then I guess an RCA can work.

    I'm am not being disrespectful to you at all, friend.

    SPDIF is digital protocol. Kemper is banging bits out to the wire. There is no left and right channel as in case of analog cables. Both channels are traveling on the same wire in a "frame" (frame is some defined structure of digital words) along with some other information, like clock. And it doesn't need to be left/right - can be wet/dry - Kemper is flexible here.

    I used left/right just to distinguish the two channels. I understand the signal is just zeros and ones, and can represent any type of data.

    Dude, I already told you that I've never used S/PDIF on my Kemper. The situation I described that worked flawlessly for years was with a professional mixing desk (Yamaha O2R).

    I'm no expert but as I've said here and many times elsewhere on the forum, it works. Others have used RCA with their Kempers and it worked for them too, the cable-length thing being the only caveat I take great pains to be sure to mention every time I suggest someone try it.

    The cool thing is that it'll either work 100%, or, if the length's too-long or there's severe interference due to the cable's location, obvious clicks and pops will be evident. If the spikes aren't there, one can expect things to continue that way.

    OH! my bad. Blame my speed reading teacher.

    Yes. It is confusing. But you are using your Kemper wrong. 8o

    RCA cables on have a single center conductor with a grounding sheath around it. I suppose you can get a stereo signal by the center conductor carrying the Left and the grounding shield carries the Right channel but you loose any shielding. Maybe that is why you get degradation at longer lengths. I just can't finger out how a signal is being sent thru the shielding when it's suppose to be grounded-- like that signal would short out. This is a mystery.

    We need an expert on the subject to explain. :/

    Sorry mate, but this is plain-wrong.

    As I suggested, I used RCA for years. Short runs are fine; it's only when they get longer that the lack of shielding and impedance difference begins to cause signal degradation.

    Maybe because the Kemper only sends a mono signal through a single SPDIF but the ones I've used for other equipment send stereo signals??

    It's Insane How WELL tuned sounds my guitar now.. I'm a bit Confused but IT WORKS!

    Guitars are imperfect instruments. Just using jumbo frets with a slight bit more finger pressure results in going sharp some. JT uses that tuning to adjust for finger pressure IMO. I usually cheat on my G and B strings if I play high gain songs with a D tonal center. I also cheat on the low E too for chugging. Just don't tell anyone.

    You cannot use RCA cables for S/PDIF connections. While they look similar because of the RCA connector (Phono Plug),it is not the same. SPDIF cables have a stereo digital connection, whereas RCA cables have a mono analog connection. There are no SPDIF to RCA cables, so you would need an RCA to S/PDIF converter to achieve that.

    S/PDIF has 3 conductors like a TRS cable (line left, line right, and ground). RCA has only 2 conductors like a TS cable (line and ground). A TRS cable can work for a TS connection but not the other way around.

    How would I balance a Kabinet hooked to a powered profiler and add a Powered kabinet to monitor out? The wattage meter is only for the regular Kabinet. Would I just use my ears at center stereo field to check volume level from the powered profiler wattage meter of the regular kabinet?

    An explanation would be good, because the profilers don't have that kind of disparity, but the Kabinets do. I'm all up for a logical explanation.

    I think they are priced because of different shipping costs. The Kab is $480US. The PowerKab would be a great price at $680US ($1/watt over the standard cab). Maybe pricing will come down.

    Two profilers and two Kabs would be the equivalent to running two amplifiers, one profiler and two cabs would be the equivalent to running one amp in stereo. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong...

    Both are stereo. Two separate amps with their own cabs is a stereo rig. One amp with two cabs (one left and one right) is a stereo setup (or stereo output).