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    Kemper Main outs Left and Right go to your UR22 Left and Right inputs... using TS cables.

    Gains knobs on the interface should be at about number 3. (9 o'clock position).

    "Powered" Speaker Monitors should have their volume knobs at about 85% not at MAX... and connected using TRS cables.

    DAW volume track levels should be set at 0.0db on the meters.

    What type of monitors are you using?

    The DI signal that you send out of Output 3 on the interface to the Kemper Return Input should be very low because it's only the un-amped signal from your pickups. When it get's "reamped" then that's when it should come out of your monitors at a level similar to regular track levels.

    If it is not then either your Reamp Track is not properly configured or your DAW routing is not correct. (Assuming everything else is functioning properly).

    This is kind of silly, but If you are worried about a zip file then you can scan it with your antivirus before opening it. The profile itself contains no executable code (code that makes your computer do something) so they are 110% safe.

    I decided to try and use a brace last night to sleep with that kept my finger straight. I was able to sleep with very little pain. But then my damn finger was stuck straight and when I went to bend it (had to use the other hand to do it) it was freakin damn painful. Wrapped it in heat this morning and then I will do ice. But this is definitely feeling like surgery again. I'm calling the doctor on Monday.


    • Warming up. I never used to warm up and I believe thats whats got me here. I'm still guilty of not doing it enough, but what you dont want is to jump right in to a fast Satriani legato lick for 30 minutes straight. Not good.

    I am believing this to be true. The last month, that is what I was doing. I would grab the guitar and run with it instead of starting off on some dexterity exercises or doing some slow scales.

    The funny thing is, I had purchased a pair of Wrist-Grips here.

    They kept my fingers refreshed all day long so I started to practice even longer. They also helped keep pressure off the Carpal when you rest your wrist on the top side bout of guitar. I would swear by how good those things worked - but now may have aggravated the situation by letting me over do it.

    Well that sucks! Hang in there!

    Two years ago, I had to get surgery on my fretting index finger (pic included) for Trigger-Finger Syndrome. I had received two excruciatingly painful shots the year before. The first shot lasted 6 months, and the second only lasted 3 months. The doctor would not do a third shot because he suspected it would only last a few weeks and there was a risk of permanent damage to the nodule (where the cartilage gets stuck because of the swelling nodule). The surgery cuts the nodule so the tendon can pass thru without getting stuck. I played guitar on one finger for about a week after. It took 8 months for me to finally curl my finger in tight like normal.

    Now my friggin middle finger on the same fretting hand is locking up. My wife says I am practicing too much. The doctor never said guitar practice alone caused it but said it could have been a contributing factor. I am going to have to make an appointment ASAP to see if I can try a shot on that finger. I fear another surgery coming.

    Has anyone else every had problems like this from lots of practice over time? Any remedies besides ice and Ibuprofen?

    I never had any interest in playing bass before but since y'all got me mixing I discovered how bad I need one. Plus, I see just by this song how it can inspire writing new stuff just like it has for you.

    So guitar, drums, and bass finished on my checklist. Next is a piano! 8)

    The bass should arrive next week as long as it's not sitting in a container on a ship off the coast of California. =O

    I can "hear" when it's engaged. The only time I look down for anything is to click a footswitch, look at a tuner, or find a lost pick. Now, picks are a real problem because I use the Ultex clear ones that blend in to any background. It would be really cool if Kemper would give me the coordinates to find the damn thing when it drops.;)

    If you can operate an old VHS tape recorder then a DAW is about the same in learning to record with it. Once you get your inputs and outputs routed through your interface then it's just a matter of saving it as your Default project. You load up the default project, press record button, save that project to the song's name, and then render it (save to a wav file). When you have extra time, you can explore youtube tutorials on how to do much more with a DAW.

    That's my tip - get a DAW and sell that expensive Roland thing.

    One of the most underrated guitarist ever. IMHO. Plays a surprising "clean" tone that oozes high gain sound. He was the first guitarist seen in a video on MTV.

    I can sooo relate to Neil's quote:

    I took lessons – and hated it! To tell you the truth, I didn’t like playing guitar at all. It was frustrating. I liked playing football with my friends, so I’d be out in yard and mother would call out, “C’mon, you gotta practice!” and I’d growl and go in.

    But I just hated it. But there came a point where I started to really love it.