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    I can "hear" when it's engaged. The only time I look down for anything is to click a footswitch, look at a tuner, or find a lost pick. Now, picks are a real problem because I use the Ultex clear ones that blend in to any background. It would be really cool if Kemper would give me the coordinates to find the damn thing when it drops.;)

    If you can operate an old VHS tape recorder then a DAW is about the same in learning to record with it. Once you get your inputs and outputs routed through your interface then it's just a matter of saving it as your Default project. You load up the default project, press record button, save that project to the song's name, and then render it (save to a wav file). When you have extra time, you can explore youtube tutorials on how to do much more with a DAW.

    That's my tip - get a DAW and sell that expensive Roland thing.

    One of the most underrated guitarist ever. IMHO. Plays a surprising "clean" tone that oozes high gain sound. He was the first guitarist seen in a video on MTV.

    I can sooo relate to Neil's quote:

    I took lessons – and hated it! To tell you the truth, I didn’t like playing guitar at all. It was frustrating. I liked playing football with my friends, so I’d be out in yard and mother would call out, “C’mon, you gotta practice!” and I’d growl and go in.

    But I just hated it. But there came a point where I started to really love it.

    You can do it in dual mono with two tracks to get simulated stereo. Pan one L and the other R. Use a EQ plugin on the right and add some low end, and also invert the signal. After the recording, nudge the Right track about 10-25ms while easing up on the low end EQ. If you happen to find a latency plugin to delay the right channel signal that much then that will work great. I just haven't found one.

    To make life easier, as musicmad suggests, use a doubler plugin like Waves - Doubler during recording/reamping.

    I also use a TCE stereo Mimiq on my main outs and reamp stereo tracks using TS cables on the interface.

    How good does these profiles transelate for live use? Just as good as for matching the record sounds? Or do they need a lot of tweaking for this purpose? Thanks.

    A lot of that depends on you. If you use the same pick attack and fingering technique as a specific artist then you should sound pretty close. If you play more like "you" then some tweaking involved. IMHO. The profiles are pretty good for live use, but I love to tweak anyway.

    The more I listen to the clean part then the more I think it's too wet.

    For my overall dirty tone I am searching for -- I think I am trying to merge the EVH sound with Alex Lifeson sound and then bring them to be a more darker tone. I have a tone in my head so I will know for certain if I hear it. :D On this particular song, I have at least 5 iterations of different tones I used but not totally thrilled with any -- I'll keep searching.

    Per I forgot what effects chain I used =O (I usually change everything from song to song until I find my ultimate tone). I use the free RigKeeper plugin so I can go back into the DAW project and see what was used. Also, please check out my Pits of Hades. I believe it is near perfect to what I am trying to achieve mix-wise and for a more darker tone. I'm curious to see how you would comment on it.

    Thanks for the info - may I ask why you think it won't work and more specifically why you think it will damage the kone?


    It's not designed as a guitar amp. It's a subwoofer amp for Home Theater sound for TV's. It's a cheapo Made in China product and I would not trust their specs. The Kone is designed to work with a specific frequency range and that sub amp might push the Kone beyond it's limits. IMHO.