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    I like the spacialness of it. :thumbup:I think having two guitars track left and right, and then have a third guitar solo in center, and then have the left and right guitars track opposing solos respectively is one of the best sounding mixes you can get.

    I have mentioned what Hoki Toki said about the cut at 6k in another thread. For me, it can clear up the "fizz" you get from a mic'd cab around the 6-7k range. However, I make that narrow band cut on the master mix itself after apply a low cut around 80hz and a high cut anywhere from 6k to 10k on the guitar track. This is because the "fizz" may correct itself against the other instruments so I wait until I go to the mastering part of the entire mix.

    I would tune your guitar differently. I use two tunings; one for clean which keeps all strings to within 2 cents , and a dirty tuning which I have strings as much as 8 cents apart to counter how hard I hit the strings and where most of my chords will be played for the particular song. And good intonation setup is key.

    I think the example you gave would work best as double tracked. It would give much more body and depth to the guitar tone and would mellow and blend out some of the other harshness. This would allow you to do much less EQing and maybe just do slight mid cut on it in the mix.

    Then you need to play against drums and bass to really know how the tone sounds.

    Here is why trying to define a tone outside the mix is difficult. This Hendrix tone sounds mediocre to me outside the mix. In the mix it is Heaven!

    Take what I said with a grain of salt because I have only been mixing for a year. LOL.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of tone chasing! You really have to perceive tone as two separate types; live tone and recorded tone. Live tone is good with amp-in-room sound but suffers at a recorded sound. If you warm up a tone too much to record with then it can sound flat in a mix. If you brighten a tone up for a mix, then you can add harshness and mic fizz.

    Your best tool is to EQ . Don't cut the mids before hand. You can record a pretty flat tone against drums, bass, etc, then use DAW EQ plugins to make it fit. I will layer several EQ plugins (even the same type) so each one has a targeted area. That way I can turn off or on the EQ's for the next profile. Once you get an EQ'd tone close to what you want in DAW, you should save that project for your next mix.

    So basically, I have a good amp-in-room tone to start with leaving the mids flat, and then use the DAW's EQ plugins to fit in the mix. Which is easier said then done.

    Of course, adding effects is it's own can of worms.

    This is the way I approach it. I'm sure some pros on here might have a better perspective.

    Congrats on the release! 8)

    The tunes play fine but the Audius app on a Computer seems to be weird. If you click the little play arrow to the left of song it will take you to the song inside the album (same page). But if you click on the song's name then it takes you to the song on another page and outside the album. Maybe that's how it's supposed to work? I think the songs and links should be locked to the Album's page but that's just me.

    Like Wheresthedug said. Power Studio Monitors is all you need for home, and you don't even need an interface to hook them up. You can go right to the Main Outs if you wish.

    If you want to gig then you have several options; Powered Kabinets , or non-powered cabinets using something like a Seymour Duncan powerstage SS amp, or straight into FOH, etc.