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    Your picking hand looks good in my opinion. And you seem to play relaxed which is a good thing as well. Good luck!

    Lets' just say, I am more relaxed than I used to be. I used to "grunt" pretty loud in the beginning when I tried to play songs. I was not aware of it until my wife complained. I denied it and she snuck a video of me for proof. I've learned to be more relaxed... and chew gum while practicing.

    The most relaxed player I have ever seen is EVH. He looks like he could be doing an Algebra Exam while playing on stage without batting an eye. If I can't play like him then I would at least like to play as relaxed as he does.

    I welcome all feedback and critiques.

    I have a very good online instructor who is a Nashville session guitarist. I started with him on day one but I have surpassed his courses which are mainly geared for beginners and intermediates. Time to time I will go back over some courses to refresh which is mainly for theory. I have a great personal relationship with him and we do a lot of one-on-one interactions. I have written over 60 songs, all of which he has heard, and is pretty blown away by them for someone who is still new to guitar (I had no prior musical experience other than listening to songs on the radio). I have written some songs that are too complex for me to play right now. He keeps pushing me to maintain my heavy practice schedule, which I do, and study solo techniques, which I am. He says that I will "get there". I just want to be "there" now!

    I have been studying piano and drums but only a fraction of my guitar practice.

    I am also following the 10,000 hour rule. But it only works as long as I don't practice wrong techniques. I have done about 1,500 hrs each year so far.

    Still, when I watch some of these videos, I get overwhelmed.

    From the manual:

    The EP1-KP uses two ¼” phone plug outputs marked
    OUT1 and OUT2 on the underside of the pedal.
    OUT1 is the expression pedal output, and OUT2 is
    the footswitch output
    . Connect OUT1 to switch/
    pedal input 1 on the rear panel of the amplifier using
    a ¼” TRS-TRS instrument cable, such as the Mission
    MCTRS10A cable. TRS stands for Tip, Ring, Sleeve
    and is a three-conductor cable. It is sometimes also
    called a stereo, or balanced cable (See Figure 1.)
    OUT1 requires the use of the correct cable with a
    TRS connector at both ends. A mono TS cable such
    as a regular guitar cable, and insert cables that have
    both TS and TRS plugs, will not work.

    Use of the internal footswitch is optional. To use the
    footswitch, connect OUT2 to switch/pedal input 2
    on the rear panel of the amplifier using a standard
    mono (TS) ¼” guitar or patch cabl

    When using the footswitch option, both inputs on
    the amplifier are used and the maximum number of
    pedals that can be connected via the back panel is
    one. If you intend to use another method of turning
    effects on an off such as MIDI, auto-detection, or
    front panel switches then the switch out can be left
    unconnected and you can connect a maximum of two
    EP1-KP pedals to the amplifier.

    With those two criteria met, the pedal should work fine. Maybe there is some contamination on the pot. Try pressing up and down multiple times to see if it gets better.

    I was considering a Syn before going the modeling route since it was cost effective to have more amps by going modular.

    I found this on the web...

    MJW, formerly Martamp is based in North Derbyshire, England.

    They make a range of lower watt amps including 1 and 5 watt models.

    I couldn't really find anything else since their web page has expired but it seems most of their amps were all hand-wired, making them sort of "boutique" style amps.