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    One other point which I found interesting is context...I bought an Ozzy pack, listened to the sounds, particularly the Randy Rhoads sounds and hated it...sounded nothing like it to my ears....until I really listened to the Ozzy tracks and played over the backing tracks and boom, there it is.

    In other words, worked perfectly in the mix..

    I found Hendrix like that. I heard an iso track of his guitar and thought is was a bad cover tone of someone else playing only to find out it was him. It was totally awful outside the mix. LOL.

    I'm for hire! I will build you custom profiles. Depending on what you want it can get very expensive. Example: If you want a 59 Plexi profile then that will cost you several thousand dollars for me to get the amp unless I can rent one a little cheaper And then I charge a $100 mic setup fee and $200/hr to profile, but you don't have to pay for delivery of the profile since I give you a free download. :P

    I don't get into the hype of paying for profiles. You have a vast assortment of free profiles included in the Kemper and on Rig Exchange. Use those to adjust your monitors and define your tone. Then, if you still need a bit more tone, you can opt to pay for profiles.

    Chances are, you are still going to have to tweak a paid profile anyway just like a free one. I have found none that are 'plug-n-play' unless all you do is practice to a metronome.

    What is sad is I am old enough to remember when the US was switching to metric. Then just quit. So we are stuck with all this dumb stuff like a 9/54" allen wrench instead of something sane like 4 mm. Just mind numbing. There is a new term amongst the young ones: Hard Dumb. That was hard dumb for sure. Just one of the sad realities of getting old, you realize no one is in charge. Just a ship afloat on the stormy seas with no captain 8o

    Music is made with 1/16th, 1/8th, and 1/4 notes. Not with 1mm, 2mm, or 3mm notes. You chaps got it all wrong. :P:P:P

    I don't think I have to "prove" something that is as basic as stereo being dedicated left channel and right channel.

    And when it's mixed down to mono, a pan law is applied so you don't get a +6dB level bump when summing left and right channel into mono. I don't know what the actual pan law applied by the Kemper Profiler is, haven't measured it. But it's likely -3dB because that's "common practice".

    Then this is a non answer for me. My OP was not about "basic" stereo practices, but about how mono vs stereo behaves on the Kemper main outs. I answered my question that satisfies my needs.


    After you decide what monitors to get you should buy from Sweetwater if you can. They offer a 2 year replacement warranty on most items they sell. I have used their warranty before; once for cables that went bad after a few months and they just sent me new ones without me having to return the old ones, a got a Demo pedal from them that went bad and they replaced it with a brand new one, and I got a bass guitar with an unsettled neck and they replace that with a brand new one too. Their customer service is off the charts!

    Okay done. The Left and Right channels are different when using Stereo Out on the Kemper mains. If I phase invert "flip" one of those wav files in DAW then their is no cancelation of sound to the other. In fact, it actually broadens the stereo field if you phase invert one channel (a neat trick to know).

    Only when I duplicate one of the channels and then phase invert (see arrow in pic below) the duplicated track is when I get total cancellation of sound. So playback of Track 2 and Track 3 result in no sound at all.

    So I answered the main part of my question. I will assume that the Left channel will always play in true mono whether Kemper Main Out is set for Mono or Stereo, and the Right Channel has an algorithm applied by default.

    This was weird because even when I enlarged the wave files of the Left and Right in DAW before, they looked exactly the same at a glance but my ears was telling me different, and I thought I might need to see the ear Doctor.

    I have been catching myself in his bad posture when playing guitar sitting down. I need to correct that and do more standing.

    He is asking for the profiler to behave as the actual amp when it cannot since the profiler is basically a recording of that amp at a specific setting and time. Would I like if Kemper would mirror the actual amp all across the EQ and Gain spectrums? Absolutely! Then no one will make real amps anymore.

    There are some quirks to the English language, admittedly. I forget that a lot of you chaps, English is not your first language. Props to everyone here that does converse in a second or even third language. You have my respect.

    Americans speak real English, and I don't need subtitles to watch a movie like I do with British speaking actors. Yo! Adrian! Stallone may be the exception. :P:P:P