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    Sorry for the dumb question but, does the Kemper Head have line level outputs?

    I'm connecting the toaster Main Outputs to a brand new device (iRig Stream) who requires line level inputs, but I can't get it to work - the input LEDs on the iRig Stream show no reaction whatsoever to the input signal from the kemper main outs.

    Hi BayouTexan, thanks for the feedback. Yes, this is an option; but actually this is not what I'm looking for.

    In fact, one of my requriments was to use headphones - so, no Kemper headhphone output availabe and no sound in the room via speakers allowed.

    This is because while I am playing (by the way, usually at late night hours) I want to enjoy the sound quality of the Kemper at its fullest (via the headphones); the quality of the sound in the viedo recording may not be at the same high level, that's ok.

    I do see lots of videos on youtube of people playing using headphones (so, no speakers). I'm not talking about YT superstars with a professional studio; I'm talking about amateurs who, I guess, uses a relatively simple setup: possibly just a modeler, a phone, and some kind of interface to inteconnect the two. My quesiton is: how can this be done?

    Hi gents,

    I own a non powered Kemper toaster which I play in my apartment just with the headphones (no monitor, no speakers) and I need to shoot videos of myself in this condition.

    Reason is that I have recently subscribed to an online lesson service with a professional guitarist: his lessons are pre-recorded but he's asking the students to submit videos at the beginning as well as regularly during the progress of the course to judge the performance and provide recommandations.

    At the moment, I don't have any DAW nor any audio interface.

    I have zero experience with video making.

    I don't own a dedicated camera and would gladly avoid investing in new equipment if not strictly necessary.

    Obviously, I don't expect studio recording sound quality: just good enough to fit the purpose.

    Would it be possible to use the iPhone to shoot such a video?

    What output shall I use from the Kemper to enter into the iPhone?

    And what HW device is needed to connect the output from the Kemper into the iPhone lightning connector?

    What app shall I use in the Iphone to perform the video recording?

    And how to tell the app to take the audio from the external input (Kemper in this case)?

    I am sure there is an easy answer to this question of mine, but I looked around - the kemper forum, youtube as well as the internet - and I could not find any.

    just put the stage on your Table for previewing

    makes no difference if the stage is on the table or the Computer you use to preview

    Hi digbob, it's not the stage it's the head: it's already on the table, so no issue for previewing :-)

    My point is that now that the Rig Manager is available, it is much better to keep the KPA conencted to a computer (for Rig sharing, editing, automatic updates, etc) and it is just annoying that I need to spend more time and money to get a suitable cable. But ok, no problem, I will survive :-)

    Perhaps the device I bought was produced before the release of the Rig Manager and in this case it was pointless to include the cable in the delivery.

    And maybe the new devices, produced after the release of the Rif Manager, are now shipped with the cable included, this I cannot say; if not, then this could be a suggestion for Kemper.

    Hi all,

    I'm going to order the Kemper Head in the next days and have realized I need to buy new a pair of headphones, too. At the moment I'm considering Beyer Dynamics DT 770 Pro... but I've noticed that they're offered in 3 different options: impedance 32, 80 or 250 Ohms.

    It seems higher impedance is better for sound quality, but then the overall volume is affected.

    Besides the HP brand/model, what impedance would you recommend for direct connection to the Kemper output jack?

    I don't use an audio interface and also don't want to use any additional amplifier for the HP.

    CJGOMEZ: with TV volume = 100 I meant to consider the volume at which we normally listen the television equal to 100, and use this value as a reference to compare to the volume we play the Kemper in an apartament (being this the topic) through a guitar cab, monitors, or even the Kabinet. So, if someone is statisfied of the sound playing at 100, it means approx the same volume of normal TV; at 200 is twice the volume of a TV.

    This is to try to to give an "absolute" value to the words "low", "medium" and "high" volumes we all use, as these could mean differnet things to differnent persons.


    Now the Kabinet definitely sounds loads better with the volume pulled up a bit more and it quickly gets really loud (maybe i'm just easily carried away with it :) but it still does sound really good at low and medium volumes. I also wouldn't say that the monitors sound loads better at low volumes, it's a different feel and i find myself switching between both at low volumes when i like one or the other better one day.


    Hi Stickman, thanks for sharing your experience so thoroughly.

    You also live in an apartment?

    As for your comments on the Kabinet - and similarly to what I've asked to dacop1313 ( dacop1313: thanks for the feedback:) ) - would you be able to give an idea of what you consider low and medium volumes. Again, for simplicity, let’s consider TV volume =100 as a reference

    I have a Kemper Powerhead and live in an apartment. I play through a real 2x12 cabinet. I have no issues playing at low volumes and getting great tone. No need for headphones. I also use the head at rehearsals where volume is obviously increased. I tend to take down the highs a bit at rehearsal and will save that setting as a new Rig. That way I have an Apt setting and Rehearsal setting of the same profile.

    Hi dacop1313, thanks for sharing your opinion. So far you're the first who is in favour of the real cab for bedroom playing. Could you give an idea of the volume you're playing - again, let's consider TV level as 100, what would be yours? And how far do you push the volume of the Kemper to reach your level in the apartment?

    Hi guys, thanks everybody for the feedback!

    It seems all the answers converge towards the same solution: headphones.

    Yes it's a compromise but hey, if it works for you it will work for me as well!

    I own a pair of Sennheiser HD500 which are relatively good quality: I'll bring them at the test and see how they works; eventually, I'll buy a new pair, it won't affect the budget.

    I've read several threads in this forum and this is really a great community. Thanks again.

    Hi all,

    first message in the Kemper forum.

    I play only in apartment and I'm considering to buy a Toaster Power Head + Kabinet but I'm afraid this setup is way too loud to be enjoyed at its full potenial in my scenario.

    I've never tried the Kemper before but I've planned to perform a test at a music shop and if I will be happy with the device and the tone, but perhaps not happy with the too high volume, I may then downgade my choice to a non-powered Toaster + headphones: well, not what I had in mind but some times life requires compromises :-)

    To avoid misuderstanding about the word "loud", I would consider ideal if I could play more or less at the same volume we all listen TV.

    I may consider to add a "light" external amp (like the Camplifier Studio) + the Kabinet at a later stage for the "amp-in-the-room" experience: is anyone running a similar config - also with a monitor different than the Kab - open to share his thoughts?

    Besides, I've heard/read that an active version of the Kabinet is in development: in this case, I would suggest to include a bedroom usable version in the range as I think that to get enjoyable bedroom volumes is a very common issue and I'm sure lots of people would gladly pay the extra money for a full original Kemper solution rather than going for third-party fixes like the Camplifier et simila.