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    Profiler is not that complicated. Just go over system/rig/input/output sections, page by page with Manual at hand, understanding what each option is doing and after 30 minutes you'll know profiler fairly well.

    If you still want to reset everything to factory state, you can still keep the profiles: use Rig Manager software to copy them out to your computer, perform reset, and copy profiles back. This would work, but you'll probably gain more just by devoting these 30 minutes to learning how Profiler works and adjusting it for your needs, if necessary.

    Right on, great advice. This is exactly what I'll do!

    So! My Kemper is coming in the mail today, the previous owner said that he has a bunch of profiles on there that he has been using (and probably paid for).

    I'm wondering though, whether I should do a reset of the amp or if I should just run it as is. I've searched online and some people recommend doing a factory reset in case the original owner changed a whole bunch of settings. But at the same time, it would be a shame to lose all the profiles the person has already paid for.

    What do ya'll think? Whats the best thing to do? Is there a way to do a factory reset without losing profiles?

    That's actually a pretty critical insight. So, the profile is not a profile of an entire amp and all the sounds it makes.

    It's only a profile of that amp at whatever time settings it had at the time. Any "tweaking" done on the Kemper, such as adjusting the mid, treble, high ,gain, is done digitally, using a software implementation by the Kemper. Is this correct?

    If you can handle a sensible amp (like Two Rock) you will be able to handle a two rock profile within the KPA and I am pretty sure you will be happy.

    This is good to know because I am not into the high game, metal stuff. I am solely looking for clean tones, two rock, dumble etc

    It seems like a lot of the people that don't like the Kemper play metal as far as I can tell, so maybe it doesn't do Mesa brutal as well as the types of amps I love. If I was a gigging metal player I'd just get the tube amp that has the right high gain sound for me.

    That's reassuring to hear because I'm not into metal at all! More into the John mayer, Leon bridge, Michael Kiwanuka vibe

    It's a pretty big investment for me but I'm down to take the jump. I just want to make sure its the best choice for me.

    I'm exploring the Kemper because I don't know what I want to play through. There are so many different amps.... it never ends. My initial thoughts are that this amp would be able to be a chameleon and I would not have any FOMO.

    I also want to do some recording in the future.

    However, for the price of a Kemper I could get something like an actual Two Rock. I've heard a lot of people say, "you get out what you put in", and that the stock profiles suck and you have to either buy profiles or do them yourself, or really start tweaking.

    My thing is that I don't own any amps, so I will solely be buying profiles. I've heard the Britt profiles are awesome, among some others. If I'm buying professional profiles, is there still a possibility I'll be disappointed? How much more tweaking is there to do on top of a professional profile? Do I still need to tweak a Britt profile if I buy it?

    I see a lot of posts saying they will never own another amp, and then I see some other posts saying they are so disappointed. Just want to get some more clarity. Who are these people who say that the amp sounds terrible? are they doing something wrong or is there indeed something about a kemper that doesnt sound right?

    On the other side, I don't like to play loud. I live in an apartment and although, I could buy a Two Rock 22 for the price of a Kemper, I think a 22 watt tube Two Rock would still be way too loud. Whereas the Kemper would be able to handle the low noise sounds much better also.

    Also, I don't know what the alternative is. I have serious indecision problems and there are so many different amps.

    Im considering a Power Head + Kabinet set up.

    Welcome. The seller have to contact the kemper team he/she doesn't own the kemper anymore. If not you can't update the unit. Make sure by see if you can register it on you. Otherwise contact the seller as soon as possible.

    Shit! I'll contact them now. I hope I didn't just screw myself 😬

    I just bought a used Kemper. I actually didn't check to see if the user license carries over. I'll still be able to download all the software and firmware updates right?

    Anyways, very excited to check out this amp. I've NEVER had a nice amp before. This is my first one, I don't know if it's even considered an amp but I bought the powered head so I kind of see it as an amp.

    I ended up with a Kemper because there are so many different amps, I don't know how anyone could possibly just pick an amp and say okay this is the one that's for me.

    Another question. Even though I bought a head, whats stopping me from making some sort of custom mount and putting it in a rack and using it in rack format?

    Anyways I'm super excited to check out some of the dumble, two rock and matchless tones.

    Any suggestions or tips for a newbie feel free to put it out there.

    I bought only the powered head. Ill see how it sounds first through my Adam a5x, and depending on the sound I may or may not get a matching cab.

    Same with the remote. I didn't get the matching remote but maybe I will do so down the line.