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    I definitely recommend S/PDIF if you have the option. I'm using a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 with a couple of S/PDIF (input/output) cables. A lot of people use Studio One, though my DAW of choice is Reaper. One reason I prefer Reaper is its sheer flexibility. The user interface, appearance, behavior, all of it, everything is customizable. Another reason is that it's extremely stable. I'm using Windows and I can't remember the last time it crashed. Before I started using Reaper, I was using Samplitude. I was extremely familiar with and loved Samplitude. However, I started using Reaper because I was having issues running an older version of Samplitude in Windows 10(the newer version had some bugs). I didn't want to switch DAWs, but I didn't really have a choice. However, after spending a little time configuring Reaper, I actually ended up preferring it over Samplitude. When I try to use Samplitude now, it feels a bit lacking and unwieldy. I should also mention that Reaper is free to demo, and when the demo runs out, you can still keep using it. That being said, Reaper costs $60, which is approx. 1/7th the price of Studio One Professional.

    Anyway, I play through Sennheiser HD600 headphones exclusively; however, I use a pair of Mackie HR824 monitors for mixing.

    Do you use a separate headphone amp? How well does the scarlette drive the HD600s? My biggest concern I also use and love these headphones

    definitely could use an update as far as the “GUI (?)” the screen and user interaction with the device. Maybe even a touch screen would be sweet as hell.

    Or a usb-c connection.

    Whatever you do , PLEASE keep the full manufacturing in Germany and don’t cut costs with chinese production and I’ll be waiting in line for the Kemper II

    thanks for the input im aware of the space option I was feeling at times its similar to the kemper kab where theres options to optimize the setup in output menu’s and with other features. Some profiles sound awesome while others sound very blanketed and I was beginning to think it may be a lack of my experience with tinkering thru the many menus.

    I know this Has to be a topic that has been covered but I can’t seem to find how exactly I can optimize the little setup Ive been using jamming to backing tracks thru the kemper using headphones and the aux input.

    Can someone point me to a tutorial or thread covering which settings I should be tweaking because im finding myself lost in all the menus and options here.

    i was reading before that this interface may need a separate dedicated headphone amp

    So im constantly hemming/hawing about what damn Audio Interface will work best with Windows, KPA, and high impedance Headphones.. figured i’d hit up the forum faithful for some input. Only really want to be able to record a single guitar with a jamtrack playing, and do it all quietly thru headphones. If money isnt a barrier under these parameters Which Damn Interface is the must have??

    So buying a NEW KPA should I expect any profiles to be on the unit ‘out of the box’ or does it come naked? I tried googling this for the past hour and can’t find a straight answer.. sorry if this is a repeat noob q&a

    Great to hear!! Keep me updated on how you like it as time goes on, there’s always the proverbial ‘honeymoon’ era. Definitely post those pics too!

    And what do you think of the Clean Tones you’ve been playing with?? I’ve heard tons of great things about the dirty EVH tones and such but what about the warm Jazzier tones and things down those roads?!

    Also did you try it with headphones? That looks like the path I’ll be starting off with since i dont have any cabs or monitors to run thru atm..

    Overrated? Underrated? anyone use these bad boys with their kemper??

    I know theyre a studio standard and yadda yadda ..but what about with the Kemper? Looking into buying a pair and wondering what everyone who owned or maybe tried them thinks!

    Thanks for all the responses! Read them all and so appreciated (im sure im one of a thousand that come in here asking the same damn things).

    I’ll definitely be researching some more Daw/interface products.. seems like itll be a little pricy upfront since ill need monitors and stuff.. so maybe a down the road project

    The Kemper Kabinet, do these things stay out of stock on the Kemper site long?? I don’t really have any cabs to run the Kemper yet, which is my largest cause for pause atm.

    I’m thinking maybe I’ll start just with a pair of headphones since the Kab is looking hard to get... any suggestions on a budget starter set up?!

    Oh and another question, the on board effects and all.. is there a way to create Loops (like a standard looper pedal) or is that something I’d have to have a Daw setup to work with.

    Again thanks so much for the info fellas, its so appreciated!

    Incidentally, in a matter of a few weeks I’ve gone from learning how to record a simple guitar track to producing 120 track covers (as I am learning to create choral style BV’s)playing all the guitars, faking bass by using neck pickup on a JTV59 with the pitch shifter (1octave down) and a nice Ampeg profile, singing multiple backing vocals, lead vocals and programming drum patterns manually.
    I’ve also dropped in tracks from my keyboard player, edited, eq’d, added Fx, learned to de-ess vocals with spectral edits, mixing and basic mastering.

    Id love to hear if u drop any audio around!

    So I’ve been salivating to buy a kemper powered toaster and Kabinet for months now, but have lots of questions. I’ve watch endless videos on youtube, im totally in love with this thing, but I want to interact with the KPA faithful! I know i have so many more questions but for starters:

    Is there really still no white powered toaster??? (Bummed!)

    I really have zero experience with integrating my laptop into my guitar playing but I’d LOVE to. Any recommendations on daws and software and such to do so with the Kemper and windows?? Or is this something not worth throwing more money into

    I understand the ‘profile’ concept.. but does this really leave us simply choosing profiles and therefor rarely tinkering with EQ?? Theres a lot of cool lit up knobs and buttons on this thing my inner child will be begging to interact with!

    My musical interests cover really anything and everything, but my wheel house is old school tube amp rock/blues and mixing in Jazz for theory practice and such. Gigging/live play is Not at all a big deal to me, most of my playing is simple cave dweller sonic exploration.. I’ll be scouring the forums here so sorry to be redundant but any advice or conversation on this thing im more than interested in!