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    Hello, everybody.

    I have found that when modifying a purchased Rig the output EQ is very effective. As a rule, I get a better result with it than with the EQ in the Amp module. And especially faster and easier.

    I have tried to emulate this with EQ modules at the end of the chain, but the result is not as good as with the output EQ.

    Unfortunately I can't save the output EQ individually on each Rig. That's why it's unusable for live performance. My suggestion for the Kemper team : Would it be possible to make the output EQ programmable with the option to select the locked/unlocked setting (like the Volume pedal )?

    What do you guys think ? Would this be useful for you ? Does anyone also have similar experience ?

    I worked out my issue. I uninstalled Rig Manager. Reinstalled it - and rebooted my Kemper ...................then realized that I had inadvertently kicked my volume pedal down at some point. The fix was .....realizing that I was an idiot. Lol !!! I've been playing WAY too long to make such a rookie mistake.

    Since I wasted everyone's time, I figured I would give you the opportunity to laugh at me. Thank you for taking the time to help. I'm going to go hide now. 8o

    shit can happen... Don't worry, be happy:thumbup:

    In My Profiler. I do not using nothing from Rig Exchange...

    Are you trying to rename something in My Profiler or Local Library sections? You can't rename anything in Rig Exchange or Rig Packs. And if in Local Library or My Profiler, you're trying to edit here, in the upper right of RM?

    No. Example: I switch from performance 1 to Rig 2-5 in performance 2.

    Sometimes the rig switches incorrectly. Something other than what is stored is playing.

    Then when I switch to another rig and back (within that performance) everything is OK again.

    This means that the rig is not deleted, only something is wrongly switched at that moment.

    Hi guys.

    Sometimes when I switch from one performance to some preset 2-5 in another performance the preset doesn't switch properly. (e.g. an effect doesn't turn on, or is on when it should be off, sometimes there is a completely different profile ) On the first presets in the performances this doesn't happen.

    I estimate that it happens on average about 1 time every 30-35 switches. Sometimes less sometimes more often.

    I don't know if it's a bug in the firmware, or if it's just a problem with my device....

    Does anyone also have a similar problem?

    Hi guys.

    Can anyone advise me if Deeflexx would be suitable for Kemper Kone Cabinet? I have some orders for gigs as a soloist and I want to run backing tracks through it. I'm a bit worried if the beam angle will be a bit too narrow, as I won't have two cabinets and everything will go mono from one speaker.

    Kemper writes that the Kone Cabinet is not suitable for microphone pickup so I don't know if it is suitable for use with the Deeflexx diffuser.

    Thanks for the advice.

    I don't think there could be a problem with the footswitch. These must still be assigned to effects anyway. Even if, for example, the effect remains on in Slot 3 (but not in other Slots) while moving within Performance, the footswitch's allocation to the effect will not change. However, each effect can be repeatedly turned off and on with the soft key on the Kemper Stage or Remote, while the footwitch function and its assignment are not affected at all. So it is possible to change the state of the effects only through the software regardless of the footswitch.


    No need to think much or program much. Let me remind you again that this already works if the Rig Manager is connected. Try it. If you turn on the effect in Slot 3, for example, and then switch to another Slot and back, the effect will remain on even if it was originally stored in the off state. Only when switching to another Performance and back will the effects return to the originally saved state. All you have to do is program so that this function can be activated (or deactivated) even without the Rig Manager connected. In fact, I don't even understand why it hasn't been implemented for a long time, because it's obviously a very useful feature. And everyone could choose how they want to use it, according to their established habits.

    Yes, I know it can be used that way, I also read the manual. But I don't know how it really sounds (also vocal). I'm just looking for someone who has experience with it. Whether it sounds good enough for professional use.

    If I turn on an effect in slot 3, for example, I don't want to save it permanently. I want it to stay that way until I choose another Performance. If that were the case, I could use one Performance on many songs.

    I would just choose the necessary effects (on or off) before the song. You would need to program much less Performance.

    (Now I have to use a new slot with the same profile, for example, just because I need to turn on the chorus and delay during a solo in one song, but not in another.)

    Currently, this works when Profiler is connected to a PC and I have Rig Manager open. The only thing I want it to work so without a connected RM.

    I think I would only use 2x KEMPER Cabinet in stereo for guitar along with backing tracks + vocals. Now I use 2x 12 "PA monitor in stereo for KEMPER along with music+vocal. I believe the guitar will sound better with Kemper Cabinets. Does anyone have experience with the sound of backing tracks + vocal on Kemper Cabinets?

    Can anyone advise me? Thanks

    Has anyone tried to use Kemper Cabinet with a backing track?

    How does that sound? My idea is to use Imprint on guitar and AUX IN on backing track with 2x Cabinet to stereo. I'm thinking of buying 2 cabinets for stereo use, but I don't want to carry 2 more PA boxes.

    The description says: Music that is fed into the PROFILER through the Aux Input will be played back in full-range mode, even when you play your amp with a Speaker Imprint, both at the same time.

    No, you can't! Fact! The Profiler does NOT capture/profile room. If you hear room, then it's either your own room ... or the SPACE effect of the Kemper. It's not the profile, 100% guaranteed

    yes, I agree that this should not be heard. I mean room reverb. When I think about it, maybe it's just a certain characteristic in the middle, typical of many very short room echoes, which creates that impression

    I still don't get it. First you say the problem is that the profiles are recorded at a sweet spot, then you say dull microphones are being used. So you want them to use clear microphones that aren't aimed at the sweet spot but at a neutral position? Where would that be? And is that what you'd do on stage?

    Please always understand my statement in the whole context. I meant they are dull for this purpose (if I want to use such captured sound again via monitors). Not dull in general - so if I use such captured sound in DAW it's OK. ( or when you are playing real amp)