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    another video:

    sounds ok to me, but the design... it still looks like plastic. And way too much features for my taste.

    Thomann has it listed already for 1250€.

    Ist der Sound denn trotzdem OK?

    guck mal ob das hier weiterhilft:

    made a profile - no cab

    The PROFILER deactivates the cabinet module automatically, if it detects no guitar speaker, and puts the whole PROFILE into the amplifier module. This happens if you create a Direct Amp PROFILE without a guitar cabinet in the signal chain. It can also happen, if your cabinet is very linear e.g. if you create a PROFILE of a bass amplifier with a bass cabinet which is linear - more like a PA cabinet. I guess, it is a combination of your clean tone, the speaker plus the linear condenser microphone. However, the PROFILE is captured anyhow.

    Had you compared the captured PROFILE against the Reference Amp after PROFILING? Both the virtual (Kemper Amp) and the real (Reference Amp) signal chain should sound the same. Both include the Neumann mike by the way - one virtually, one physically.

    If the PROFILE is authentical and sounds horrible with a distortion pedal, the original should sound horrible with that distortion pedal as well.

    Nevermind that the Kemper started off more as something to just be able to capture the sound of your amps and e.g. take them on tour or into the studio more easily - it's now both marketed and widely thought of not just as this, but also as a platform for 3rd party profiles - and again, the overwhelming majority of users use it in this way.

    Ok, I've never saw it this way, but as I tried to write: I'm not everyone ;) Of course I like to look for other profiles and have fun with them but in the end I am now settled with my own.

    I can't see any harm in suggesting ways in which this user experience could be improved. If you interpreted this as a criticism of the capabilities of the Kemper itself, you have misunderstood.

    No, of course. There is nothing wrong with that. That's what a forum is for: Discussion!

    But I don't see a technical possibility to do this.

    - Time-limited access? Pre-Record and just Re-Amp with the "trial-period".

    - Audio-Preview? Most of the 3rd-party suppliers are doing something like this (and most of the time it sounds totaly different when I play those profiles...)

    And last but not least: Back to the main topic:

    I'm using a Ownhammer 412MarV30 IR (and the new Mesa 412 Rect Essential pack has some nice IRs too).

    Profiles: my own (Marshall TSL 2000 and Silver Jubilee)

    My 3rd party tips for boosted JCM800 sounds:

    - PremierProfiles (paid)

    - Mike Williams (Rig Exchange)

    - Mago JCM 800 by Marco Cudan (Rig Exchange)

    Maybe these are interesting for you :)

    I too often wonder if I shouldn't have gone for a modeler, or switch to one!

    sorry to cut your comment short, but it looked chaotic otherwise.

    I don’t know if a lot of people get the wrong idea what the profiler is meant to be.

    In my experience it’s explicitly not a modeler or a device to get any tone you would like by turning some knobs.
    I think it’s a device to profile a very specific sound. Your studio setup while recording with a real amp so that you don’t need to carry it around, for example. Everything else like the rig exchange or 3rd party sellers is just something that came along over the time.

    maybe I’m alone with this understanding of the profiler but I think the easiest solution to get the sound you want is to get the real amp and profile it. I went through my contacts and asked some friends if I could borrow their amps to profile them. It was fairly easy with the DI-box.

    Are you monitoring through the headphone outputs of the interface or via a DAW?

    Maybe try to increase the buffer size.

    Finally something I'm familiar with!

    I can't point you to specific profiles, but maybe some suggestions:

    - For Dead Kennedys you could look for a Fender Amp with a big Boost in front of it. This is what East Bay Ray used for "Holiday in Cambodia" at least. From then on he hot-rodded his Fender Super Reverb (so essentially more Marshall-style). Later he used a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL with a S-Style Guitar (with humbuckers in it).

    Mostly those oldschool '77 punk sounds are kind of clean amps that are turned up to 11 and never as much gain as we use today. So maybe look for some profiles that are a little bit over the break up point, slightly pushed mids and most importantly: play the guitar like it doesn't matter :)

    Sounds pretty cool, but very limited in terms of fx, is the software VST also limited in fxes?

    I played with it just a few minutes, but I think the vst is also limited. But you can combine it with Amplitube 5. there are a lot of pedals from what I saw.

    i think the toneX pedal should be seen as part of a bigger ecosystem. There are already other effect pedals available.

    P.S.: when someone gets the pedal into their fingers, I would have 1-2 questions if that’s ok:

    What’s the startup time?

    Can you put in bypass? I’m thinking of putting it into my signal chain as a backup for the profiler and want to switch in seconds if necessary.

    There is a discount for the pedal if you bought the max software. The coupon was visible for me at the ckeckout and saved me 100 €!! Login to your account and try it.

    Ok, thank you. I just bought the SE-Version and don't see any coupon sadly.

    Anyway... First a holiday and then I'll see if I still want to buy it.

    :D yep, they're gonna get a bit off mileage out of this. The QC kinda fizzled out.

    A lot of people were asking for similar, it is kinda basic as a box, but good to throw in a bag. I'd see it more for quick rehearsals than anything else.

    I’m really thinking about buying the tone x Pedal and use it for playing at home, while the profiler stays at the practice room.

    400€ is not that expensive… the only thing that annoys me is that I bought the software last month and now it comes bundled with the pedal…

    when you use rig manager:

    - Stay in Browser Mode

    - got to the performance you want to "tear apart" and click on it one time. On the right side of the rig manager you should see the 5 slots with the different rigs

    - Now double click on the slot you need. It will load as a rig

    - Last step: look at the bottom right corner of the rig manager. There are 3 red buttons. Choose wisely ;) ("Store Rig in Local Library" or "Store Rig in Profiler" are the only 2 useful options for you, just in case)

    Each performance slot relates to a profile, so they must be there, I think. Check in Browser mode or in Rig Manager?

    I think the perfomances are completely independent when you click on save.

    Jepp. So heißt der Menü-Punkt. Ist bei Windows halt etwas anders gestellt als beim Mac, aber so geht das:

    Und wenn Du dir unsicher bist, mach das alte Notebook nicht sofort platt, sondern lass erst mal alles drauf so wie es ist.

    P.S.: In Zukunft dann regelmäßig Backups machen und diese woanders lagern als auf dem Notebook. Erspart dir viel Ärger wenn doch mal was schief geht.

    I use the different rig cabs. I like the sound of pulling up a Fender Twin w/ 2-12s and a Marshall w/ a 4-12 cab

    to be fair, they sound a lot different, so it makes sense to use different cabs in this example.

    I use the same Cab and reverb for my whole performance, but my performance includes just 3 or 4 rigs of the same amp. Clean -> Crunch -> Main Gain Sound -> Solo/High Gain. In the end I use the profiler the same way I would use a tube amp and that's what I would recommend to get a consistent sound.

    I have a 3 button footswitch from TC/Digitech amps...still using just a single TRS cable, but I have to assume that is no good with the Kemper. I didn't try it. But the 4 button switch I've seen out of Poland uses 2 TRS cables, so I'm guessing it's 1 or 2 buttons max for each TRS cable.

    I really want the matching Kemper 2 button, but can't find one in the US it seems. I like things that match LOL.

    This one?