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    The new passive Kabinet is available at the Kemper US store, jumped $60 from v1. Been contemplating a remote for about a year, don't really need it but would be nice to have, looks like they've gone up $40-$50, can't remember the exact price they were previously. Not a complaint, just an observation, I'm saving the complaints for Lowes and Home Depot's new pricing on inventory! I had to buy outlets, switches and cover plates last week for a house I'm helping a family member remodel, there were about 8 other customers shopping in the same isle and as sticker shock began to spread through the group I felt the impending doom of a riot on the horizon, gathered my supplies quickly and got out 😂

    You can use the waybackmachine from if you want to look for "old" prices. The unpowered Kabinet was 480$ (now 540$). But the prices in the german shop also changed a little bit. There's also a 50€ difference.

    It was already very light so not sure thats a big win, but the slanted stand is!!!

    If it sounds as good as the original ( I'm sure it will), I think you'll like it!!!!

    Just had a quick search. It was 11,3kg before. Now it's 10,5kg. Not a massive difference for sure, but on the other side it will be in the rehearsal room most of the time. It's the same speaker like the powered Kabinet is using, and i haven't heard that there are differences.

    Well. That's why it was out of stock the last weeks ;)

    New version of the Kabinet released.

    What do you think? I was always thinking about getting a kabinet, but i think now is a good time :D

    Edit: and it's ordered... couldn't wait.

    I like to use the JMP 2203 by Liam Thompson from the Rig Exchange at the moment (if you want a modded Marshall Sound).

    Great alternative for me is the Ritual Studios Silver Jubilee Pack (after turning down the gain and disabling the tube screamer). Used it live a few times last year when concerts were possible...

    Also I got nice results by changing the cabs with a Ownhammer IR of my choice (Heavy Hitters Collection or the MRCB Standard with v30s. It's a rabbit hole...), but lately I'm always using the two mentioned above.

    What amp are you looking for? Mesa Boogie, JCM800, Orange (to name the typical choices)?

    i will hopefully finish my selfmade teli deluxe. Still have to find a decent neck and buy some wide range pickups.

    then I’m just looking at the Epiphone Custom Pro sometimes and I really need to try one.

    Oh and the mini jcm 800. I’ve got the mini silver jubilee for Christmas and it’s a great little beast)

    Without having the chance to check it (not at home for the next days); the outputs (and most of the other stuff) should be the same.

    The big manual Is only available as a pdf, I think it was never available as a printed version.
    good luck!

    I organize them like this:

    Top Folder: Vendor name

    subfolders: package/amp name

    If i want to try them at our rehearsal space i take my laptop with me. After i checked them out i built a perfomance and store the best directly in the profiler.

    The rig packs are coellections by Kemper. They include free profiles by Kemper and other vendors and you can just use them within the rigmanager or copy them in your own folders or the profiler itself.

    Happy holidays!

    That you should put this into the correct subforum ;) Feature requests

    I played around with it for 30 minutes and never used it again.

    Everything is already in the rig manager and if I play along at home i have my laptop hooked up already for playback.

    And for practice or concerts I don't need to carry everything else than the profiler itself.

    P.S.: Welcome to the forum!

    welcome to the forum!

    Have a look at the menu for the external switches at the profiler. There you can see what is possible with switches like the kemper 2-way switch.

    I only use it to change the slots in a performance (up and down), but there are some other settings available.

    I don't have a remote but, have a look at the main manual:

    from page 286 there is a big chapter about the remote and i would think that the upper row is for effects only?

    I have a 6i6 and these are my settings. Maybe this helps:

    The SPDIF-cable is in the input of the interface and the output of the profiler. Headphones in the monitor-output of the interface.

    Oh and i use 44,1khz on both devices as sample rate.

    Kemper output on spdif is set on GIT/Master Mono.

    With this settings you can play music over your computer/mac and play along.

    If I want to record something i just need to record channel 6 in my DAW. (Channel 5 is the GIT-signal)

    der Effekt hat einen Mix-Regler. Wenn der nicht bei 100% ist, wird ein Teil des bisherigen Signals (in dem Fall dein cleanes Signal) halt zu hören sein. Liegt es daran vielleicht?

    But the Captor isn't just a DI Box. It's an attenuator/Speakersim (or if you want to look at it this way: a load)

    The Kemper DI Box is much cheaper, but still needs a Cabinet as a load. The Setup looks like this:

    you need to match the impendance between amp and cab. That's it.

    Für Lautstärke (ohne jetzt den Profiler anzumachen):

    Jedes Rig hat in der Amp-Sektion ein eigenes Volume:


    oder im Rig-Menü ist auch noch mal ein Volume-Regler. Beides Möglichkeiten die Rigs anzupassen.


    Wenn du deine Master-Lautstärke nicht verändern willst durch den Regler, kannst Du auch einfach den Output-Link rausnehmen beim Master-Volume und dann ändert der Volume Regler an der Front des Profilers alles außer das Master Volume.

    Ich hab z.B. Nur noch den Monitor-Out auf dem Volume-Regler liegen um mein 4x12 Cab in der Lautstärke zu regeln.


    Und ist es nicht normal, dass Clean Sound lauter sind, als Distortion-Sounds? Ich spiel zu wenig mit Clean Sounds und Effekten rum, als dass ich da ne fundierte Antwort geben kann. Da müssen andere helfen ;)