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    I wasn't looking for the ones that came in my profiler. I am looking just for the set as if I bought a new Kemper today. I don't want all the packs just that one. is the most recent 8.0?

    Yes. The latest OS Version is 8.7 and therefore Factory Content 8.0 includes all profiles, that you would get when you would buy a profiler in a shop.

    Maybe it's because sea shipping prices exploded. in october 2021 a 40ft container costs 16.000$ from china to mainland europe. In 2020/before pandemic start it was 2.000$. (source: german finance-magazine "capital")

    For example: i payed 472€ for a gretsch in april 2020. The same guitar (same colour, etc.) at the same store now costs 559€. That's 18% more.

    Also nearly every company and everyone had less profit in the last 3 years and so everyone tries to get this missing profit back. That's the neverending story...

    This has been asked repeatedly over the years.

    It requires two Profilers. The current hardware cannot run two profiles at the same time and I would not hold your breath for them to add such a feature.

    Comparing the Profiler to a Boss product, or any modeler doesn’t work in this context. The technology used is wildly different.

    Well, you can easily set up two amps, 2 microphones, a mixer and then profile the mix of those 2 amps ;)

    The Kone is the brand name for the actual speaker inside of the Kemper Kabinet.

    The kabinet/kone has a feature that it emulates certain speaker types. These emulations are called imprints.

    so if you use a studio/merged or di profile it puts the chosen imprint into the signal chain.

    maybe a video makes it easier to understand:

    dann mach doch vorher ein Backup? Ist eh sinnvoll, regelmäßig Backups zu machen.

    Du kannst zur Sicherheit das Backup dann ja noch auf einem anderen Computer einspielen um zu prüfen, dass es komplett ist.

    My point here it is the artists choice.

    Its part of their "sound" and its up to them how much they do or don't share. I see it as them being gracious if they do and I have no judgement on those that don't.

    I get why EVH used to turn his back to minimize copycats. Randy was the opposite and seemed happy to share anything BUT neither is right or wrong. Imagine spending years developing a groundbreaking sound or technique only to have someone copy it ?

    I think that's the key point.

    It's their choice to keep their "business secrets" or to share everything (open source style).

    If you run a pizza shop and everyone keeps coming back because your tomato sauce is awesome, you also would think twice before sharing the recipe. (couldn't think of a better example... Maybe I should get something to eat...)

    ideally you don't even need to tweak on the fly ;)

    When I play live the amp is set at soundcheck and that's it. Don't have the calmness for tweaking on stage :D

    I always think, that the only use for dramatic different sounds is when you play in a cover band. And even then i would still prefer a universal sound over a lot of different sounds.

    I mean... Lots of us like a band because of their "signature" sound and not because they are so versatile to be honest. I would definitely get annoyed if a band would change their sound every 2-3 Songs...

    And as I learned very early: Keep it as simple as possible, so you can easily fix any problem.

    You should find this exact profile in the Rig Pack "Kemper Add-Ons".

    Just a quick tip: If you select "All Rigs" on the left menu the search bar crawles over all profiles in your rig manager :)

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    I was so far unsuccessful to contact Ivan Sandoval, but I suspect that all these Profiles are from a modeler (AxeFx) and not properly tagged

    Caveat emptor ;)

    ok. Big shoutout to Ivan Sandoval!

    These are awesome profiles at rix exchange. There are new profiles of a JMP and just with minor tweaking I'm in the territory of Green Day.

    Also the JCM 2000 finally sounds like a good amp. Had it for two years, never was happy with it so i finally sold it last month and now these profiles showed up.

    Thank you!

    P.S.: It was really hard to put the guitar down for the two minutes to write these lines. So. Much. Fun!

    Why is it then that when I open my copy of RM 3.7.72 on MacOS it says it is current, AND, on the Support downloads page both Mac and Windows show 3.7.72??

    the same here

    Maybe it's because it's a Beta Release.

    And usually there are no changelogs for Beta releases because there could be more changes before the official release.

    Same level here!

    I use Logic Pro for the exact same reasons. Only point 4 is different here. I'm on a Mac.

    And to be honest, Garage Band could be enough for me. The most used function for me is the tuner :D

    I agree the original poster’s suggestion wouldn’t work given the hardware is needed to reproduce the sound.

    but the offshoot question of having the ability to tweak and create performances without the hardware would be super useful.

    Just because some people think that idea is naff doesn’t mean it’s naff for others.

    Regardless if it's a good idea or not: I think it's technically not possible. The editor of the rig manager seems to be just a graphical reproduction of the profilers buttons. So if you turn a knob in the rig manager it's just a command (sent via USB) that the profiler executes then. That's how i understand the interface. The rig manager editor is just an extension for your arms :)