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    how I could anchor the pad to the output?

    That was my point, I don't think you can. They didn't link the volume to the saved output:

    The volume level settings are not stored with the output presets, as switching the presets could result in dangerous volume jumps.

    What I believe was overlooked was the - 12db pad IS stored in the presets so switching between one preset -12 and one with it off could result in big jumps.

    That makes sense, thanks ! Off immediate subject, I've never understood, when setting performances in RM do I need to have chicken head on Performance or just leave it in Browser mode? I usually switch it over because I've had some mishaps when I didn't.

    Very cool. I have since "revised" it myself. I turned the gain up to 6, added a bit of clarity bit of compression and bit more definition, also turned the pres & treble up like 1db or so. I wasn't crazy about this profile at first but now I like it as much as anything I've ever bought or more. Some people have a distaste for Reverb and some have their tones bathed in it. If you listen to the delay alone it's like about 2-1/2 repeats depending on how hard you hit it. I usually like to cut it so it's like a worn tape echo which I love. When you mix that with the reverb I don't feel it steps on what you are doing and the delay isn't obvious. I'll have to try the pure cab on it, I tried it a couple times and just ended up forgetting about it because with the profiles I use there hasn't been an issue to fix.

    I tried some different preamps and cabs last night (focusrite and my favorite CL-80 cab) and made a couple horrid sounding profiles lol. The Neve worked out good with the LB cab but I'm not sure if it made things any better than using my Xenyx preamps. That Lynchback gets a little stuffy in the small closed back ported it's in, and it's dark so that when you get it cranking it isn't strident and stays smooth. I want to give my CL80 cab another chance, my setup was obviously wrong. Since the Xenyx pre just has a clip light , it takes me an aborted profile to set the gain correctly. Profiling gets loudest at that one warbling stage and I turn up the gain at that time so the clip light barely flashes, then cancel and repeat for the first setup.

    I guess what I'm really wanting to know is what would be the best method if say I am making 4 profiles of four different amps (1 profile each) and referencing 4 different similar amps from a rig pack? That's a lot of tag editing to do with the scroll knob. If I waited and edited them all later in RM, I'd have to write the info down for each one, also time consuming.

    but, the way it is, if you make a lot of different profiles from the same amp with different settings, you don´t have to enter all the information with every new profile.

    I realize that, but I'm referencing a different amp every time. Or want to able to easily.

    If I start profiling by referencing a profile from someone else, All the tag info from the original copies to the new profile. Is there a way to erase all tag info easily? Do you guys profile then edit tags in RM? Can you profile with RM running and edit tags before the profile is stored? I guess I don't get why if you profile a different amp using one as a reference, all the reference amp info gets copied over. I would think the new profile should be blank? I may be attacking this wrong, but every time I profile using say, some amp from a rig pack as a reference, I have to go through and fix all the info. I wish I could just have it be blank.

    Had some time so I added one using a lynchback speaker and my Neve preamp (don't think that matters). Went for a louder,brighter tone but the lynchback is a dark Greenback type speaker. When I get time I'll do my favorite cabinet/speaker combo. The first one was the stock speakers,this one a closed back Lynchback. JF4104LB Make sure to mess with the gain knob and add the delay for leads. It's small, and the way it works with the reverb it doesn't walk on notes and makes it sing. Thanks for all the kind comments, profiling is fun and It's fun to share and get opinions.

    This is where the Profile selected when you switch to PROFILER mode kinda matters.

    It doesn't matter tonally at all, let me stress that, but it gives you an easy way to A/B your amp/mic settings to let's say the 'Mars Golub Crnch' or any other proven Profile and gives you the opportunity to make adjustments on the amp or the mic position etc. before Profiling.

    Agreed. It gets your ears better aligned. You wouldn't want to start with a flender and profile a rectofrier. It helps to start with something you are familiar with for a sonic base point. It was fun and easy to make a profile. I can see how it cold get addicting. After profiled, I compared it to 'Mars Golub Crnch'. Could you tell me your opinion comparing them?

    Very useable in a mix. I am able to get Cry Baby leads and nice harmonics with just a treble booster in the effects to cut some original darkness.

    For my flavor, I dropped the gain to 3.0, added a 0.0 Green Scream at 100%, Pure Booster at 2.1, and my fav delay and verb settings. Gets me 95% where I want to be for hard rock - heavy metal.

    Wow, that's awesome! I love to hear opinions and ideas on how someone else "sees" and manipulates tones to their ear. Having a clean ear slate, I A/Bd it against some universally favored paid profiles and believe that I need to open up the top mids a bit more. Maybe the whole top end. (easy with this amp) Although I have only done about 6 profiles ever I am starting to understand what makes them "tick". Most likely if I just crank the 800 some more it will do what I'm looking for automatically. When I get time I'm going to dig in and get a more snappy harder profile of this amp. I'll share it when I do.

    Yes ! Thx it's approved here and I already record a track out of it :)

    I like JCM800 very much and this one has a dark voicing, just like I dig.

    I could have easily made it very bright but I like the darker as well. I think the Presence and treble were 9-10 o clock. Most people (and even amp techs)I've spoken to don't realize the strange EQ centers of those amps. Bass 50hz! Mid 500hz Treble 10K and Presence 3K. Most assume presence is going to be the highest control but actually it's like upper mids. I was pretty surprised as I was using an inexpensive console preamp. Not bragging but I thought it held it's own against many professional profiles of similar amps, plexis and super leads. In comparison I think it could be louder overall, but that's fixable. I was thinking about making it brighter but I profiled it comparing with some "made for live" P.A. darker professional profiles. It's easy to add some sizzle to it. Gain control works pretty good. I was looking to capture that old boxy fat Marshall tone I love. Eventually I'll try my NEVE preamp (I don't know how much that matters to profiling) and go for a more open tone. The volume was not very high and amp sounds good that way, I think it was on 1. (still loud) Once you get that amp at about 11:00, it sounds amazing but is difficult to tame. Thanks for checking it out I was hoping it wasn't too dark and was curious how others would perceive this. The FX there are what I use as a default. don't have a big delay but a short one that can be used with the reverb to make everything bigger without really noticing the repeats. I'd augment it if I needed say a big tape delay or something.

    Been using Kemper for 2 years. Never really dug into profiling though I had good results the first time I tried. Decided to drag out my JCM800 4104 that had been graciously and thankfully inspected by one of the worlds top amp techs of the stars. I installed an FX loop and switched tubes to EL34 properly following all the original schematic and values. Bashed off a profile using inexpensive preamps and condenser mic and I thought that it sounded pretty good and thought I'd share. Let me know what you think please. Profile name: JF 83 4104 3

    ... and once your ears are accustomed to a cab or an IR, it's difficult to switch to another...

    I'll bet. I used to have 3 4x12 cabs that were all very different sounding. Whatever amp I used sounded very different going through each. Same with Kemper, cab and mic placement allow for much variation right there.

    Totally agree. I only recently learnt this. :)

    I think switching cabs causes ear vertigo to a greater extent than switching amps does. Although I don't do it right now, I think if you want the best consistency, choosing one cab and sticking to it is a good option. Like many have said, if you lock a cab and switch to some familiar profiles, they may be drastically altered for better or worse. It also makes you realize that you might not need 800 amps to get different tones, just switch cabs. Some of my previously very different amp profiles became much more similar locking a cab. Try it, you'll see what I mean. Hard part for me is picking ONE that I will settle on. Someday I'll likely sit FOH and see if I can find a live favorite, but for now I just use profiles that go together well.

    The PROFILER OS can distinguish Studio and Merged internally.

    That's what I was guessing. So there has to be something in the "program string". Is there a way a human can see if a profile is merged or studio besides opening up the data in a profile? Or even opening up the data in a profile?