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    I use a UR44C. (Same preamps) Use XLR cables from Kemper to Steinberg. Push -12 button on in Kemper and crank the output to max. When gain knobs are all the way down (not 9:00)the Steinberg is in line level mode. If the Kemper amp level is 0 and the rig volume is noon and EQ settings fairly neutral this should be just about the right signal to your DAW. If EQ is radical, or amp level higher it may peak, in that case either lower the amp level, rig volume or main out in output settings. ( I leave mine cranked with -12 on and adjust amp level to get it where I want it.)

    Change it by selecting "Load Type". See description from the manual. I think this works also when switching from legacy reverb to a newer reverb effect.

    I never thought of that, that's a great idea if it works! Thank you for not giving me a "use your ears" answer.

    I just don't see why people want to mess with IRs when it sounds better just using the Kemper. It's like they cannot stand to use the stock thing that sounds great and just have to "customize" it. The Kemper can sound exactly like the amp it profiles. How can you "improve" on that using IR's ? Just play it!

    Many times I will find a rig that has an amazing sounding reverb and when I check, it's the Legacy reverb. In the manual it suggests not using them if you have a choice. When I try to duplicate the sound using the same perimeters using say a natural reverb or simple reverb, I never know what to do with the "extra" controls or I just can't replicate it as well.

    Does anybody else find the legacy reverb to be good as well and use it instead of the "new and better" reverbs? I'm guessing many of these rigs were using the legacy because there wasn't the choices then and I always feel when I use them that I'm missing something instead of just using my ears and saying "that's good".

    I use only merged profiles. I'm sure it's just in my head but If it's a Michael Britt profile I'll only use one of his cabs, Same for Top Jimi, or Bert Meulendijk stuff. I've tried mix and matching but most packs usually have a couple options that get me what I want. If it's farther out than that, I'm trying the wrong profile. I don't have a need for fancy 3rd party IR's as I don't have a problem getting amazing sounds using the cabs the profiles come with.

    What if I don't want to impact everything with a global low pass filter? If I have several profiles that are perfect and one that's a bit bright, and I want to switch between profiles in a set, what would you recommend

    "The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do" This is very accurate.

    I thought you wanted to tame it overall. If individual rigs are giving you problems, I'd just go for the EQ knobs or studio EQ. Fix and save. You might save the EQ as well if you want to copy it elsewhere or lock and copy. The EQ knobs on front are very powerful normally it doesn't take more than a couple "lights" on a toaster. If that isn't doing it, I'd blame the profile.

    The top case holds the toaster, the bottom holds the remote, cables and 3 expression pedals.I added a little padding. Hauls Ass for $25.00

    Wow this is awesome! I was thinking about looking for a luggage type case that would hold it all but this is great if it works good without damaging for light use!

    Try the Definition in the Amp section. 8)

    I don't find that the definition control affects the highs as much as many make it out to. I mean it does, but it seems to affect the feel too. The cab controls, EQ or LPF would be my go to. I'll use the global LPF. That way I can shift the top end on everything, save it as an output preset then go back to "normal" with a less bright EQ'd P.A. And it's a quick fix.

    If this was just a button thing, I would expect something similar in Browser Mode for example stepping through the characters of Sorted by Name.

    If it also had a "hold to scroll" function there also, presumably yes unless there was a difference in the time in browse the unit takes to go into scrolling mode. It seemed very fast in performance mode as I recall but will confirm. I still have a hunch that is the issue.

    Thank you. I will check it out better tonight and do a more detailed study as well send in a backup along with the exact problem.

    When I was first seeing this I was trying to get some work done so I really wasn't concentrating on exactly when or what was causing the skip, I just kept working around it. Like I said if I recall, if I pecked it VERY fast, it didn't skip but I need to verify that. Anything longer than a very fast peck skipped one, and I'm pretty quick with the fingers8).

    I just noticed that when it skipped down, I only had to press up once and it went to where I wanted in the first place thus the comment that it worked OK up and not down. Either way, sounds like nobody else sees it and it's not that big of deal, but I assure you I am not imagining it. I'd be glad to do a video.

    Before the "fix" you wrote "I cannot reproduce such behavior with current OS and my data at all" when many users were having the problem so you could be drawing conclusions that it was actually fixed this time. Everybody makes mistakes. Just saying.

    Surely you get close enough by just profiling your amp and cab, maybe as a merged profile, then monitor out to cab with ‘cab off’ in the output menu, with main out going to the desk.

    Isn’t that what this method is basically designed for?

    Yes but the "amp and cab" I want to replicate is the sound of my cab with the Kemper. So my Kemper is the amp.

    I haven’t really experimented with cab changes. What happens if you change a cab on a non-merged profile?

    It sounds different ;). Experiment. As long as you don't hit save you can go nuts. Find a cab or profile you like the cab in and lock it. Now call up another rig and listen. Or if you know which rig has the cab you want to try, select the cab block and the cab from "from rigs" tab. Cab driver makes you wonder how it can do what it does but it works amazing. When playing through a live cab, if I switch merged profiles with different cabs, the live cab remains the same but changes the direct out to board. I only use merged profiles and rely on cab driver to split it out. If anything stays "baked in", It doesn't have any negative effects and I actually feel like it makes it better somehow. Experiment. You'll be amazed at what difference cabs make and it'll open up a gigantic new rabbit hole of tones.

    I'm just wondering, if I send a backup, how is that going to help? Can the problem be in the file I send? I'll bet others are having this problem too, just like before. As I said, I'd look into the time the unit takes to decide to scroll. right now it seems like .1 second!

    I did the most recent update just before this was happening. It is specifically and (for me) isolated to the rig navigation cross going down mostly. My belief is the unit goes into scrolling too quickly so a normal press get seen as a scroll request and it jumps one. I'll check it again to be sure but it didn't seem to skip if I pecked the button super fast, that's why I think that it goes into scroll mode too fast. I'll open a ticket and send a backup but I don't really understand how that will help if the unit goes to scroll too fast. That is the problem, not my rigs and performances.