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    Mostly I have ignored "pure cab" as my first snap judgement was not that helpful plus it just seemed something else to throw in that may be unnecessary. Just trying a few different things to get the "top end" of my sound that last .5% I was messing with it and liked what I was doing with it around 2. For a quick assessment it seemed to "soften" the high end in a good way and "naturalized" it a bit. I would like to know some opinions on it from users that have really listened to it. What do you find it to do to profiles?

    Never truer words have been wrote than "The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do "-- like make a good cup of Frappuccino or hook up Sony/Phillips direct interface to a sonar sonic sp3 remote console via iOS and Midi etc. Comparing a Kemper to the gear of the era of greatest rock music ever made, If you cannot get there with a Kemper, It's not the Kemper holding you back.

    Get a good clean sound- turn amp off and use acoustic sim, dial up the CE-1 chorus. Play more than a feeling intro. It's pretty darn close. Nobody in the audience will think "Your chorus didn't sound like the album". They'll be listening to the singer and your ability to play it properly.

    All of these are good suggestions. I find the Kemper to be very sensitive to volume and tone knob settings unlike most modelers I've used. A lot of pros will run the volume on like 8 with their tube amps to give them that "something extra" and I often do the same with the Kemper. Sometimes depending on the pickup I might roll down the tone too. That's what they're there for. Distortion sense might do the same though I never mess with that. As I have mentioned countless times clean sense only affects if the sound gets louder or softer or stays the same as you increase/decrease gain on the rig you are on. The way the manual explains it is a bit confusing but there is a video that explains it perfectly. (clean sense)

    There was a thread somewhere where we were talking about this and someone gave their setting for doing this. I think they were using the dual delay.I tried it and thought it was pretty close but then used the stock CE-1 preset and with minor adjustments was getting a very convincing "More than a feeling" chorus sound. If I was playing that song out, I'd use that. At one time I had it saved, and if it's still there, Ill tell you the settings. I can't remember where the post was and couldn't find it with a short search. ( I have terrible luck with search engines) There is a chance I deleted it as I realized the Kemper chorus could get very close.

    Thank you mightypudge !! So good to hear :) I doubted very much whether I should release this amp. After all, it has already been done by so many others. I'm very glad I made the decision to just do it anyway :)

    There are so many packs of plexis and "boutique amps which are pretty good, but I was missing just a straight rocking open sounding JMP/800 type pack that really sounded like the amp and had the tone I was looking for. I'm so glad you did release this it was a missing link for me.

    @Dyno - not trying to push Win 10 onto anybody. Just mentioned a tip for those upgrading as I will soon have to myself and using this thread for info.

    Also, Tony G. mentioned issues with drivers after a Win 10 upgrade. It is possible that a component driver is newer or delivers higher performance but is less compatible with running audio apps on a particular board/bios/set of peripherals. Therefore, see what the manufacturer recommends wrt to drivers for that model and maybe you can get a set of drivers that works fine with Win 10 on your older machine.

    I knew you weren't, I was just being opinionated. I appreciate the help from everybody. Thanks.

    Just on the driver compatibility thing. If you have a machine esp a laptop - that came with Win 7 or 8, the manufacturer would have chosen a set of compatible drivers for that hardware configuration.

    If you are updating to Win10, MS will supply their recommended drivers for your hardware but you might also find that your manufacturer has a set of Win 10 drivers recommended for your specific legacy machine. Eg Toshiba tech support used to have packages of drivers like this available for use with their older models and Win 10 (they sold their laptop division to another company some years back).

    Thanks, but if it ain't broke, I won't likely fix it. Just like I don't need a Kemper II. I do 3D modeling and design as well as run a large prototype shop on a powerful windows 7 computer. Everything works and it's never locked up. If I Change the OS, there's a better chance it will make things worse than better. I have a Win 10 computer at home and I don't see anything I can do on it that I can't do on a 7 computer. Just like with my Kemper, I can make it sound exactly like the profiled amp to the point nobody can tell in a blind test so I'm not changing that either. I will do bug fixes an updates though if it makes improvements.

    I tried to update from 8.1 to 10 and it was free. But be careful, I had some major problems with drivers and compatibility issues. I'm back to windows 8.1 but now its not working ok. Fortunately I can still record and use rig manager lol. I'm not very good with computers so maybe it was my fault. But be careful because it did more bad than good for me.

    After posting that I read how to get it for free but I was just wondering for my work computer that is on 7. I don't run RM on it so I'll leave it alone. I don't know what I'd gain going to 10 except possible headaches and incompatibility.

    I went to link and it reads: "To get started, you will first need to have a license to install Windows 10". and:

    "If you don't have a license to install Windows 10 and have not yet previously upgraded to it, you can purchase a copy here:"

    It's not free apparently.

    I've offered to take care of the whole thing and take care of returns shipping etc. It would be pure profit for Kemper without doing anything but saying "OK". I have a good friend that owns a big T shirt printing shop in the Midwest that could make the end product very reasonable. (In the 80's we used to sell our band shirts for $5.00 at the time we made $1.00 each) Our logic was we would rather have 100 people wearing our shirt and make $100.00 than selling them for $20.00 and have 15 people wearing them. It was cheap advertising and it made us very popular. I'll bet lots of people would want a Kemper shirt. I'd take the job on because I think the company and product are great and worth promoting.

    I gotta get the 800 pack. I love his demo

    Having profiled a early 800 a bit myself, I think it has to do with the way he mics it. As I have raved, the profiles have this slightly boxy (I describe as "aunchy") Marshall room tone that I've always tried to get from other Marshall profiles. It's not empty or "boxy" in a bad way, it's big and sits great in a mix. It's the whole reason I've loved 800s, a good one has that great rock sound going on. Not the same tone but when I hear Brian May's guitar recordings some have that boxy aunchy room sound, I think it comes from the slight delay between mics like single digit milliseconds that create a comb filter that makes it sound like you're listening to the amp but goes down on a recording perfect.

    I would seriously trade every pack I've ever bought for His BE pack and this 800 Pack. I actually erased every performance on my Kemper last night after realizing I could use 5 rigs from each of these packs and have 95% of what I would use. All my other profile packs cannot compete with these two for mid to high gain. I have quite a few top profiler's packs that sound very good but none as good as Bert's. At first I passed having so many packs and thinking I'll just tweak what I already have, mainly using the BE pack. I am over the moon with this 800 pack, it re lit my fire to play play play. I can hardly wait to get home from work to play it, I listen to clips I made with it on a playlist and it just kills. All of them are good and could be useful. I don't think there is any "filler". Usually I don't prefer profiles that include a boost pedal but the tubescreamer and H mouth are excellent and keep the essence of the amp in tact and are a welcome plus to the tone and thickness. I have 2 nice 1983 JCM800s one with EL34 and one with 6550s and I can tell you he did a perfect job replicating the amp. Knowing how those amps can sound well, I haven't heard anyone "get it" like this. Best profile money I ever spent for what I'm looking for, I can't wait to use them live, it's gonna be sweet!

    I assume that poeple who ask so prefer a parrallel path with two profiles they can work on separetely with the same parameters we have today to mix precisely what they want.

    Personnaly, i had the Helix before, i've tried all those kind of stuffs (parrallel cabs, parrallel amps, wet/dry/wet, 4CM), at the end i came back to a simple chain with one Amp/cab sim. I really like the versatility of these devices but to have a clean/acoustic sound on the Intro, a crunch on the verse and a solo part.... So no need for me !

    Exactly. I have told the story before how I had this 10 space rack with the ability to channel switch multiple devices, use different tube bias , tube modes and types, split, change speaker modes, use multiple , "x pattern stereo cabs"and tweak about every parameter known to man. We did a gig with a guy with a single channel amp with 3 knobs and 3 pedals and totally kicked ass. I realized at that moment I just need something simple that I turn on, twist a knob or two and sounds killer. Done. Finally arriving at a Kemper that does just that. When people talk of dual amps through an ox box with special cabinets with beam blockers using particular guitar cords and $1000.00 worth of pedals, I think of EVH and Page who made timeless music without all of that crap. If they could do it, I'm going to try too.

    Kemper will do dual amps no problem, It's been done for years. Mix 2 amps together the way you want them and profile them. Bingo, dual amp sound. With the variety of sound I can get from my Kemper I have no need to do that though.

    I just got a new 800 pack for my vintage Kemper. There is no way to improve the sound I'm getting, it's perfect and sounds exactly like the actual amp maybe better. No matter how many bells and whistles or fancy UI, the sound cannot be better.