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    Frank Zappa faces are fine. The guy in the original video needs to work on his guitar face. I can't unsee that.

    Yes. Sometimes video recording yourself will produce horrifying but helpful revelations about how you look onstage to everyone. I learned A LOT about what not to do by watching myself do stupid looking things. I still do but I'm working on it!

    I'm just having fun with the faces thing. One of my top 3 favorite guitar players (Alex) used to make all kinds of great faces, it's OK. I also like guitarists like Orianthi who barely make any faces but when she makes the slightest one you really feel it. Kinda like if someone cusses all the time it has less effect than when someone rarely cusses and then does.

    But seriously, to answer the question, It sounds like a flanger. If you needed help with parameters I could probably send you some. I really feel like I could dial this tone up in seconds with the Kemper.

    I was messing with a sound from the rig packs (I think it was Author "Gundy "and a Gilmore rig) and it was a very cool, complicated (to me) effect setup. The player on this video's tone would be much easier to achieve, I don't think you'd need the complicated stacking just a flanger set right. Mess with it and turn the speed up where it sounds right and mix level to start.

    Sorry to jump onto this thread and ask a question

    I can no longer copy & paste from RE into Performance. KPA and RM are updated to the latest software.

    Thank you

    Did you try click/dragging it where you want it from a "new window"? The method I explained above should work there as well.

    My method:

    1) select performance mode on KPA

    2) select the performance and slot on RM (make sure it's the active one)

    3) open a new window

    4) find the rig I want

    4) double click rig

    5) See performance loaded in original window (sometimes you need to activate (set slot to rig name)

    6) Save performance

    I've found that most people don't know what clean sense really does. The manual doesn't do the best job of explaining it and many people get the wrong Idea from that. As I have wrote many times, there is a video that explains it crystal clear.

    In many amps when you turn up the gain, the volume often comes up with it, or if it doesn't, sometimes needs to. (Distortion sounds generally need to be much louder because of compression) Clean sense adjusts how the gain knob changes the way volume increases/decreases throughout the sweep of the knob so when you use the gain knob you can have the volume where you want it throughout the knob's range (very cool). If you were using a rig and not changing the gain on that rig clean sense wouldn't matter. I'd just leave it alone. Now if I was using a rig in multiple instances in multiple slots with different gain, I would possibly be adjusting it but you would still have to work on it to get it just right so in a mix gain up, (more compressed) or gain down, (less compressed) would be just right to have the volume you wanted as you move the knob. I think the Performance master volume would be a more powerful tool getting performances matched. Then all you have to do is get each song / performance right.

    When I create a performance I paste a normalized profile(amp and cab) into the performance slot and add effects from there. Is this what you do?

    No but that is a good idea although would take a lot of time as well to go back through everything on my profiler and normalize them all.

    I agree that normalizing between slots and performances is a pain. This is perhaps the biggest drawback of the Kemper for live use.

    For sure and is exactly why I requested this. It is the biggest drawback of the unit IMO.

    I have no issues getting killer sounds from my Profiler, It's everything I would ever need. IMO the hardest thing to do is getting performances "even" for live consumption.

    It isn't too much trouble getting a single performance "leveled" by using the volume in the amp module or rig volume. What becomes more difficult is once I get 5 rigs perfect and then go to another performance that is leveled as well there might be some volume discrepancy between the two. Then I have to go and change 5 or more rigs to match and takes a lot of time bouncing back and forth seeing if I have it right. If it isn't, I have to go back and re-adjust 5 or more profiles. This can be time consuming and difficult.

    My request is to be able to have a Master volume for each performance to easily level a performance with the rest of my performances. Then once I have a performance the way I want it within itself, (Which is easy to do when taking rigs from the same pack or string of profiles) I can throw it in there and quickly get the whole thing up to speed with the rest of my performances in my profiler at the time. A Master like this would be a powerful editing tool and a greater level of control. Just like Mastering tracks for an album that were recorded in different studios etc. you want all the songs to be the same level. This would also be handy for songs you have dropped from the set but then pick up again later. You could throw it back in and quickly get it leveled with everything else you currently have on the Profiler. I beg of you to do this if it would be somehow possible, I think everyone using it live would benefit.

    I have a Gibson LP and it's hard to get a really clean and clear sound like a Rickenbacker, having enough volume without clipping. Is there such a rig? I'm looking for something like in Talking in your sleep (Romantics). When I have found one it's not really clear with enough high

    I can tell you the tone on that album is difficult to get. Live I use a MB profile that comes with the Kemper as it is the closet thing I've used and found easily. (One of the cleanest /13) On the album he used a Rickenbacker and a HiWatt. It sounded real thin so they triple tracked it. I love the clean sounds on "In Heat" and I've spent a lot of time attempting to mimic them.I consider those sounds somewhat of a goal to achive and a prime example of perfect clean sound. Sometimes I play some songs on that album with a Les paul custom with 498s. With that profile and a little compression & delay doubler I can get about as close as I feel I can with that guitar. Single coils MUCH better but sometimes our set clicks off so fast, I don't have time to switch guitars in certain situations so I just have to make do. If I had my way, I would use a tele or a guitar that splits the bridge pickup but I don't let that dictate what guitar I'm using . I hear people using distorted sounds for those songs sometimes and it irritates me knowing that to me so well. I get WAY closer than that using that profile tweaked. It's not the "super clean" that makes that tone, it's the punch,compression and stacking. Sometimes super clean can be very anemic, and there is a big area to experiment between ultra clean and light crunch tones.

    As a total aside, and way off-topic: You can say anything negative you want about the band KISS. There's a lot to choose from.

    Love 'em or hate 'em......They worked *hard* to make sure people got their money's worth. The number of Rock musicians they influenced is absurd.

    Were it not for KISS, Rush (far and away my favorite band, ever) may never have been who they became. KISS were the first to bring them on tour in the states. Geddy and Alex credit KISS' work-ethic with teaching them how its done.

    I have a cool Rush story. I Saw the first night of the Permanent waves tour (August 17, 1979) I think Hot Mama Silver opened. We were hanging around backstage and up to that point I knew every Rush song on every album. I heard them rehearsing a song they played 2nd song that night. I nudged my buddy, "Hey this is a new tune". I thought Geddy was singing "freewheel". (freewill) So I was the first to ever hear it live. That concert was amazing, Alex with his 355 & red shirt made all kinds of faces, just feeling every note(he quit doing that for some reason). I'll never forget when he went into the solo on 2112, the crowd went wild. That concert had a HUGE effect on me.

    Either the OP disappeared thinking we're all a bunch of idiots (he hasn't been on since Saturday)......or he's going to come back to....this....

    .....and see proof that we *are* a bunch of idiots..

    His question was answered. Then we were unsupervised.

    Q: What's black and white, and red all over?

    A: This thread that has gone off the color wheel.


    Indeed. And going off the color wheel is what keeps thing interesting. My father had two Masters degrees in engineering. He Taught me not to act too serious because if you know what you're doing you don't need to pretend to be stiff and "professional". He was not afraid to be silly, (like me), was not stiff and pretentious. Forums like this wouldn't exist if there wasn't a little fun involved too. I love it when things go off the wheel a bit. Then you see personality. This forum has the greatest bunch, an the answers are almost always delivered by people that know what they're talking about. After that, it can certainly "go off the color wheel". Perfect.