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    Hi all,

    Sorry for my ignorance but I can't figure out a few of the amps in Pack 2. They are;

    Lil Willie 22 & Lil Willie 50

    Vickie Double D


    The rest I can understand from a quick google or some context clues, but those three I've no clue :?:

    Hey all :)

    Just received my Kemper today - had a quick dig through and I'm very impressed with some of the default rigs so far.

    I set up Rig Manager a few days ago (eager) and imported some rigs that I've downloaded (The Amp Factory, MBritt, etc). I spent a good while organising them all into folders based on amp/author inside Rig Manager.

    When I add these profiles to the Kemper, there are no folders. It just shows up as one long list of 300+ profiles that I have to scroll through all at once. Is there any way to organise these into folders on the Kemper itself? Am I missing something?

    I am only using a USB drive to transfer for now, I don't have a USB printer cable (Assumed it would be included..). So possibly when I connect it up to Rig Manager through my PC properly, I could get that option?

    Thanks ^^^^