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    Thanks guys

    And believe me.... money is always an issue

    Especially since I’m not a pro playing out

    I’m just starting research and reading back-posts
    I can get some great tones out of my tube amps and pedal combinations....

    But it would be kind of cool to have a set-up where I go downstairs at the end of a day.... punch a vintage jimmy page tone, Switch to Metallica or pantera....

    Go back to a bb king.... and have it sound real close to the actual artist...

    maybe I’m just being lazy

    Internet/YouTube is so full of info, it can be hard to sift through. Could use your thoughts

    older guy here

    Not gigging out anymore
    I’m REALLY bad with computers/ digital solutions

    Just not me

    I have some great tube amps / lots of great pedals

    So with some fooling around and switching, I can go between tones.

    what I’d really like, is to go into my basement studio space, plug in a guitar, and have quick access to great guitar tones. Sit down and have a jimmy page tone at my fingers, Stevie, sabbath... whatever

    I have a few great cabinets

    One is a super clean fender bandmaster( it’s way oversized for a 2x12). Also a Marshall 4x12

    Both have greenbacks

    would a profiler powered head be a good choice?

    Or should I stick with a much lower end spark type amp?

    I realize the huge price difference....

    I’d like to sit down and quickly switch between tones

    YouTube videos make both Kemper and sparks sound pretty awesome

    bear with me if this is a bad question , I just registered on this forum, and maybe my answer is in all the back posts that I’m wading through