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    Thanks for the tips to try! I haven't systematically played with: bass boost, sweetening, or comparing monitor EQ vs. headphone EQ.

    These seem like very logical things to try, thanks!

    Beginner Kemper user (had it for 6 months but with a 3 month hiatus in there). I've now got a GREAT sound going through my headphones ... like, really loving it.

    I recently got a Kabinet and it sounds very very different through the cabinet, even when using the it in quasi-FRFR mode. I know this is "obvious" and the whole point is it is *supposed* to sound different through the Kabinet.

    But to me it is different worse: I'm hearing WAY more treble and also less gain. I'm a fusion/blues/soul/jazz guy so my profiles are usually in the 2-3 gain level, which I'll boost with a mouse or TS. And it sounds great through the headphones ... but gain feels a solid "1 gain level" lower through the Kabinet.

    Any ideas? I've started to play around with EQ but before I experiment too deeply there I'm wondering if there is anything obvious I'm missing.

    I'm a new user to ... that said, no I don't think you can use the effects loop while also using ipad, since it requires one of the effect loop inputs.

    That said, if your use-case is a looper, the kemper remote has a GREAT looper. So you should just use that!

    I was creating some Performances in Rig Manager, but I was in Browse mode. Everything seemed like it was working - I copied in some Rigs into the Performances, on My Profiler (not local library).

    Then when I switched to Performance Mode they vanished.

    When I did the same thing while in Performance Mode, I saw the option in Rig Manager to save the performance.

    So the lesson I learned was "don't work on Performances in Rig Manager unless you are in Performance mode."

    Is that the right lesson, or am I missing something?

    Your interpretation is excellent.

    Personally, I have always had excellent results using studio profiles with monitor cab off, and that's why it's my preference.

    Gotcha thanks! Cool, glad I got that right.

    Sounds good RE: your preference. I'm glad this is the case because, as I'm sure you know, there are many awesome 3rd party profiles that are only Studio and that don't have a Direct or Merged profile also available. So I'm glad that Studio + monitor cab off is considered a good option. (I wasn't sure if there was a school of thought that would say "better to not have to add the algorithmic subtraction step" before getting the Kabinet + Kone incorporated.)

    Noob'ish poster here. Got my Kemper about 6 months ago (but only really had 2 good months with it) and just got a Kabinet a couple weeks ago.

    Is there any consensus on what would be the best option for "amp in the room" sound?

    (A) Studio profile (so, profiled with amp and cabinet) and with monitor cabinet ON (which as I understand it, would be kind of like an FRFR right? Like, we are using the studio profiled sound for the cabinet.)

    (B) Studio profile but turning monitor cabinet OFF (which, as I understand it, would be Kemper subtracting it's interpretation of what the profile's impact of the cabinet is, and then using the Kabinet + Kone's to replace that part of the sound).

    (C) Direct profile with monitor cabinet OFF (which as I understand it is a profile with only the amp, not cabinet, and then the Kabinet + Kone filling in that part of the sound).

    First of all, is my interpretation of those different options correct?

    Second, anyone have strong opinions on which is the best, if your goal is "amp in the room?"

    Hi - quick noob question. I'm trying to manage my effects presets within Rig Manager. I know how to add presets from unit into Rig Manager, how to add them to Local Library, how to make custom folders in Local Library, and how to get those presets (or others) onto my Rigs.

    My question is - how do I rename the "Name" field on the presets? They load it with a very generic name of the Rig itself but I'd like to give it a name to better remember what it actually is (e.g. "SwirlyRoto" or whatever).

    There is no Right Click menu for this, double clicking on the Name does nothing, and so far I dont' see any way to do this. It must be possible cause I see all kinds of custom names on Presets that are downloaded from 3rd parties.

    But how to do that myself?

    yes i would love to hear your update!

    I was looking at some Tannoy Gold 7. Read some good reviews from guitar players

    So I just set up my pair of ADAM A7x's (on Rockville monitor stands). As mentioned, I've owned the Kemper for about 10 days now ... up until tonight I've only played them through headphones.

    The ADAM A7x's sound great! As to the question of the thread: I think this is a brilliant solution for at home, bedroom level playing. I actually only have played the ADAM's very quiet, since kids are asleep. But it sounded great. I'm sure it would sound better turned up a bit, but the point is: I can easily get bedroom volumes in a way that has not been easy with my tube amps (which was the whole reason I bought the Kemper).

    I don't have a ton on which to make a comparison - all I know is running the Kemper mains into the ADAM A7x's produced a great sound instantly. They definitely aren't cheap and I'm positive that great results could be had with cheaper nearfields. But I can vouch for the A7x's being awesome and noob-proof!

    Thank you all for replying, it was very helpful. So im going for the Studiomonitors then.

    Next question, which one is favourited aming Kemper players?

    I'm also a new Kemper user, and bedroom volumes are my game right now (w/ 2 very young kids at home).

    I did a fair amount of research on studio nearfield monitors. What I bought, and you'll see most people rate very highly, is a pair of ADAM A7x's. They are about $750 each new, so a pair will be $1500. Got some monitor stands and then I'll be ready to go.

    They arrive Friday - I'll post an update!

    It's nothing but an indication from the person who made the profile that the tonal sweet spot of the amp had been found using that specific pickup setting. Also, some take into account the output difference between HB/SC and adjust the volume of the rig accordingly so that their pack is balanced volume-wise. By all means, you can feel free to disregard if you want (but might need to compensate with some tweaks - ie: a profile labelled for single coils could appear too loud if used with a humbucker guitar, etc.) I personally just follow the creator's recommendation just for the sake of saving time tweaking.

    Cool, that makes sense - thanks!

    I am a new Kemper user (had it just a week!) Only using headphones so far - a pair of ADAM A7x, as well as a Kabinet are all in the mail and coming soon.

    I'm just about to start purchasing some profiles (going to figure out Rig Manager tonight!)

    So here are my questions on this:

    1) What does it even mean to specify a profile as HB vs. single coil? I thought a profile was amp/cab/mic, so I don't see how the guitar factors in?

    2) Does it mean that the amp settings were just set in a way that the person who made the profile thought was optimized for HB or SC?

    3) How much do people find that this matters? Are people able to tweak to get good tones when using the 'opposite' type of guitar? Or is it recommended to get HB profiles if you are playing with ab HB? I know the answer is 'let your ears decide.' But just want to know what the general recommendation is.


    Naw they've been out of stock at least a week at Guitar Sanctuary ... along with everywhere else.

    I was actually just going to post the same question - I just bought a Profiler and was psyched to get a Kabinet. But out of stock everywhere.

    Does anyone know when more are coming in to the US?