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    Norwegians don't live in igloos, right? :)

    Only high up in the north. ^^

    Has to be a carpenter, cabinet shop, wood worker nearby you could call. Norwegians don't live in igloos, right? :)

    I don't think a carpenter would bother with cutting a single piece of wood here but there are some shops an hour or so away. I already started asking around for tools as well. That will be the easiest solution.

    Instead of a hole for the jack plate, drill a hole for a 1/4" jack and wire that in.

    Thanks for the advice! I think I could also just drill four bigger holes in each corner and then use a small hand saw to cut out that square. It will work out eventually.

    I'm still wondering what the deal with the previously mentioned gaskets is though.

    As far as leaving the back off, plug it in and try it. Stick a piece of wood over the back to test and see if it does what you want. Sounds like a fun little experiment.

    You're right, I will try to do that. It would give me a good feel for how much wood I need.

    you could even have the lumber yard cut the board(s) to size. Then all you need is to drill holes for the screws and make a cut out for the jackplate.

    See, the problem is buying the tools to do that would cost me more than using the backplate that I already have (cutting it into three pieces can be done with a handsaw but I don't have the tools to make a cutout for the jack plate here). There are also no lumber yards around here since I'm living behind the ice walls that these flat-Earthers talk about (in Norway that is...). But I will ask around and I'm sure some friends have all the tools I need. It might be the most sensible thing to do.

    If you do this, you'll have bare wood showing on the edges and the tolex will almost certainly sustain damage in that process. Sooner or later, the tolex will peal up. Plus, you'll never actually seal the back with the piece you cut out due to the kerf created by the saw blade. A pretty permanent way to get what may end up being a 'meh' change.

    Making a separate piece (or pieces) to swap in and out would be WAY simpler. Even bare wood would look nicer than chopping the existing piece up.

    You'll also have to contend with the jackplate. Either leave that portion installed, or (more simply in my mind) place a new one in the 'open' mod.

    I see what you mean but I don't care so much about the esthetics. Having some visible wood wouldn't bother me since it's the back of the cab. I guess when you wrote about the tolex peeling off you meant the back plate of the Kab, right?

    I don't really use any profiles that require a closed-back. They're all open-backs in "real life". So not being able to revert it 100% might be a non-issue for me. However, I still don't understand what gaskets do here.

    Open back cabs are never really completely open back. Does anyone know if that does a lot to the sound or is open = open? I mean, I could also go a very simple way and do this here: LINK

    But I guess that would kill the bass completely?

    If you choose to DIY, I suggest making no modifications to the original back of the Kabinet. Remove it, and make new back panels. If you do that, you will always have the ability to return it to original condition.

    Best case would be to have only one back but a middle piece that can be taken out. There are cabinet manufacturers who offer that option.

    The trick is to use gaskets, when the cabinet is closed.

    ckemper Do you mean the gaskets have to be taken off when going open back? I'm not 100% sure what your advice meant.

    Couldn't I just saw the back of the Kabinet into 3 pieces and take out the middle one? And for a closed-back, I would put the middle piece back in? I basically would want to make the back look like a Fender.

    I just recorded some tracks in Logic. When I raise the amp or rig volume, the SPDIF signal DOES get louder. However, it doens't get louder when I add drives and raise their volume.

    The Kabinet doesn't behave like that. It gets louder when the drive volumes get louder.

    I find this odd...


    When I listen to the Kemper via studio heaphones (usually connected to my interface which is connected to the Kemper via SPDIF) the volume seems to be capped. By that I mean that if I add drives, boosts of fuzzes they have an effect on sound and distortion but not volume. If I raise the volume of a drive the sound thickens but it doesn't clip.

    However, if I listen to the Kabinet there's a huge volume boost. Especially with the fuzzes.

    Can I change that behavior so that the volume on the Kabinet stays fixed as well???


    Fell in love with a profile that uses a 15“ speaker. The Kone is 12“ and unlike 10“ speakers there are no imprints for this.

    I assume it‘s easier for a 12“ speaker to fake a smaller one than going bigger.

    I never heard a 15“ in person. Will the full range mode make sense (sounds muffled to my ears) as a monitor or can only a real 15“ cab and speaker help here?

    How‘d you handle that if you‘d only use 15“ speaker profiles?

    What I don't get is when people ignore what they are getting for assistance until they get that one magical reply and they throw everyone else that was helping under a bus and say that their input was wrong or incorrect when in fact some were saying the exact same thing as the magical reply.

    You mean you are surprised that after multiple threads with varying opinions I was happy when the CEO of Kemper and the inventor of the machine himself chipped in? Unbelievable...

    they throw everyone else that was helping under a bus

    "Throwing them under the bus", boy what a drama queen you are. I did not throw anyone under the bus nor did I even ignore anyone's reply. And I literally did not tell anyone that they were "wrong". It's the opposite. I even wrote, "I hear you all".

    But glad you found another way to misquote me.

    You don't need a stage. It is really easy to test something like this out. Do a little homework before starting up a thread and roasting people for not saying exactly what you want to hear.

    You just proved that you didn't even get my initial question. How would I at home know whether on-axis or off-axis would be more linear and closer to a PA?

    I'm sorry you don't feel appreciated due to my lack of praise for your replies but I'm done with your anger. Feel free to ignore me in the future (so will I). And enjoy your weekend.

    So one person = Almost Everyone... Got it.

    I guess this is something to keep in mind when trying to help someone with something that they could have figured out in 2 minutes on a stage with the cabinet. I will refrain from trying to help in the future.


    I just explained it to you a minute ago. I had several discussions about this and received different opinions. That's why I opened this thread. And even here people weren't 100% agreeing. No clue what you're trying to do here but you've purposely misquoted me twice now. Sorry that you had a bad day but I won't waste my time on you any longer.

    And sorry that there's no stage and a full PA available right now for me to try it out myself. What an arrogant comment. You don't seem to get the point of why there are forums for people to ask questions in the first place.

    Good riddance!

    Almost everyone told me otherwise, even in this thread.

    I wouldn't say "almost everyone."

    I didn't talk about this thread alone. That's why I wrote, "even in this thread"...

    In fact I didn't see anyone tell you otherwise.

    Let me help you then. First reply:

    If you want to use it as a monitor for the sound that is being sent to the PA, use the Kabinet in Full Range Mode, aimed at your face.

    Last reply:

    The best listening position for the Kabinet and the most linear representation is slightly off-axis.

    The best listening position for the Kabinet and the most linear representation is slightly off-axis.

    That's what I needed to hear. Almost everyone told me otherwise, even in this thread. Will make sure to place the Kabinet off-axis from now on as that was already my instinct.

    So I can understand that someone wants to record that sound

    But you cannot record that sound without adding a mic to the equation (and subtracting the room FROM the equation). And that is what a profile is.

    You know what would happen if you could mic the Kones? Best case scenario is that it sounds exactly like the profile you are already feeding into the Kones. It's pointless.

    The only thing that I also see as a problem is when you find a great imprint for a profile that you love. I've been there. It is annoying that the imprint doesn't go back into the profile. I wish there was an option to select that adds a cab to your profile that is identical to the imprints Kemper uses.

    I hear you all. But I feel this creates a problem for me as a musician. It's important to have a feel for the sound you're creating. By writing 'feel' I want to make clear that I do understand the sound you hear on stage is never exactly the sound the audience hears. But the character of your sound should be more or less the same. The story it tells, if you know what I mean.

    When I listen to a profile it has a certain character. How much distortion sounds good with it, is it a tight or a flabby bass, how shrill are the highs etc. I often feel the Kabinet does not give a good representation of that sound unless I pick an imprint that matches. In a way I believe the imprints can get closer to the story than running the cabinet in fullrange mode.

    Now, I'm someone who plays a lot with the volume and treble knobs on his guitar. That's the way to do it in my opinion. And in order to do so, you need to hear yourself. How much volume until clean turns into crunch, how much treble to take away for a bluesier rhythm until you crank it up for lead parts. With a real guitar cabinet, that's what I would do, hoping much of it translates to FOH.

    I've often read here that the Kabinet is just for fun and doesn't give you a representation of your sound. But then I'm afraid it just doesn't work for me the way I am hoping.

    My question about the beam was about what I described above. In order to know how much I need to adjust the knobs, do I have to be inside or outside of it.

    I think this became more complicated than I intended it to be. All I wanted to know was whether inside or slightly outside the beam would give me the best representation of the profile. I know that the profile sounds good on headphones and assume it will sound good through a PA. I play mainly through the Kabinet because it's the most fun and I don't have monitor speakers here right now. Depending on where I stand in position to the Kabinet the highs sound different. I can teach myself to either listen to the beam or to what's outside of it. This is for practice. If I later use the Kabinet during rehearsal I need to know to which sound I will have to adjust my guitar knobs, beam, or outside of it.

    Besides, if a record producer comes to check you out for a major label then they are usually hiding the the back corner somewhere (something to note in case you need to turn the kab that way). ;)

    This made me chuckle! ^^ I think I'm unfortunately too old for that major label to send someone over, but hey, you never know. 8)

    You need to get some. They really make a difference on how you approach profiles for recording and using a PA live.

    I hear you, trust me. Nonetheless, my questions are about the beam of the Kabinet when used as the monitor. Unlikely I would bring monitor speakers to a rehearsal and unlikely there's another monitor than the Kabinet for me.

    You can mimic a stage setup in your studio. It's how I have mine setup. I have my studio monitors spread out to 10 feet and I place the kabinet in front of me for monitor position and behind for cab feel. When in monitor position I have in on the floor. In cab position I have it stacked on top of another cab (but the lower cab is not connected) so the Kab is level to my pickups to use natural feedback dependably. It's really an incredible full surround sound experience doing a setup at home this way. Makes practicing 100x better plus you pretty much know exactly how it will sound to you on a stage.

    No monitor speakers yet. Only the Kabinet and good headphones.