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    Ok, German brew it is... But the Czech beer is up there, trust me!

    Thanks a bunch for the post sir! really appreciated too.

    Hi Team:

    Some years ago, as I could find in the forum, a user called da247b1c195a50ff252c636fd3781705e7f5820e (yes, that is the username) gave away some these profiles:

    Welagen SSS 1

    Welagen SSS 1 Rev

    Welagen SSS 2

    Welagen SSS 2 Rev

    Welagen SSS 2 LG

    Original post:

    Welagen Steel String Singer Profiles

    I cannot find them anywhere or get in touch with the OP, who has misteriously been absent for quite some time. One other teammate posted some soundcloud files recorded with them that came out spectacular. Does anyone know where can I get/purchase these? Thanks in advance

    Hi Team: I see some maybe outdated posts about it:

    -Are there effects, presets that will help me get the ¨big Sky¨ kind of shimmer reverb effect, that has octave above and remains for long time, with adjustable mix of effect vs dry signal?

    I know this sound a bit too much to ask but I have spent some time fumbling around with reverb settings and Crystal Delay but I cannot get it right. Any recommendations?

    As alternative, I own a cheap TC Electronics Hall of Fame 2 which I bought for this purpose. It is however harsh sounding and, correct me if I am wrong, Kemper profiles are not designed to receive pedals up front thru the main input.

    Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.

    I totally hear you sir. I am also an old school guy myself, I just got mine a week ago and happen to not be able to turn off this Kemper thing since!

    Granted: we need to shift our paradigms and get used to listen to the fully finished audio chain, including mic sounds. I guess I could understand this easily because I used Amplitube and other emulations for years.

    Once you understand this, It is true: there is no way to tell between a profile and a real amp. All the sound, none of the hassle in your recordings.

    So welcome and get working on that sound.


    Wow, just wow. I am just pluged in directly, only left channel (because I have an Audient ID14) with my Telecaster bridge pickup into Fender 62 profiles... Already hearing awesome results and potential. How is anyone not getting good sounds out of them?

    This is fabulous. Thanks all

    PD Any suggestion on how to connect Audient ID14 in stereo with the Kemper is really appreciated.

    Hello Kemper People!

    I have been making music as a hobby for the better part of the last 20 years, I am what I like to call a "seasoned amateur". I have been playing guitar for quite a long time (without becoming profficient, must admit) but always kept music as my real passion.

    You know as well as I do that no matter what path life sends you down to, music is a flame inside that sometimes shrinks small or burns wildly.... but never goes away. Thanks to new technologies now the posibilities are endless, that is where Kemper comes into the picture for me.

    I not only believe in this product, which is the best sounding I have heard until now, period, but also in the product philosophy, which is not about making products that become obsolete every 3 years and force you to keep spending money, but more about innovation and small companies still being able to make a difference and really change the world. I am already pleased with this sample of german manufacturing. The quality is amazing... and I haven't even turned it on yet. I also understand that I will need to educate my hearing and shift some of my own paradigms to fully take advantage of this amp profiler. I am ready and willing to do so.

    Salutes to you all and best of luck in your musical journey.