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    before joining the kemper family i had a marshall jvm410h with a Palmer PDI 06 attenuator. Pretty good stuff if you want to attenuate or complete drain the output. It means: no IR loader but pure attenuation for amp in the room with the 4x12 connected too.

    I can only refer good. The device is solid and reliable without "deep colouring" the sound for attenuation. Acceptable result.

    Dear community,

    i started my kemper today evening ( i installed the latest update firmware 1 week seemed without any issues) switching the system i get the message "updating analogboard firmware" took 15 mins ....

    What is that? never happened till today.

    The device is 11 months "young"........

    suggestions? Support?

    Thanks and cheers!

    also, gefunden: meine dB/Freq Quellle war die Seite

    Da kann man die 770pro/880pro/990Pro (und prüfen dass die Modelle die pro mit 250ohm gibt 770/990 mit anderen Ohm-Werten) vergleichen und es kommt als Ergebnis dass der 880pro unter o.g. Modellen am "neutralsten/linearsten" ist. Ich hab das wohl sehr "grob/halbwissend" formuliert. Du hast es detailliert schön geschrieben. Danke nochmals, und ich hoffe , die Beiträge helfen den Kemper-Freunden hier weiter.

    Hi Torsten,

    Danke für dein Feedback.

    Klingt krass aber ich verwende die DT880 nicht zum Mixen / Soundsaufbau, sondern tatsächlich als "Spielen über Kopfhörer".

    Die half-open /half-closed Struktur macht die Ohren beim Spielen definitiv nicht "müde" oder "taub".

    Ich muss gucken was für Diagrammen ich damals bekommen habe ( Vergleich 770/880/990), der Vergleich war definitiv nicht als "Perceived/ Empfundene dB/Frequenz" sondern als rein gemessen.

    Wie gesagt, hier geht es um "Kopfhörer zum Spielen mit dem Kemper.

    Als 100% Mixen und Soundsaufbau dann hätte ich definitiv eine voll geschlossene Struktur ausgewählt.

    die linearsten KH von Beyerdynamic sind die DT880.

    Aufpassen aber bitte im Allgemeinen mit der Impedanz, egal welche KH man meint. von 32 Ohm bis 250Ohm ist ein Riesenunterschied dann mit der Lautstärke zu erwarten.

    Eine gute Alternativ zu o.g. Beyerdynamic sind die AudioTechnica ATH M50.

    Also, nochmal, bitte prüfen das Thema Impedanz und das Thema Linearität: es gibt bei den größten KH-Internetseiten genau solche Diagrammen zum Vergleich und ich kann zB aus eigener Erfahrung sprechen: ein linearer KH ist viel effizienter mit dem Kemper als ein super KH , aber ohne ausgeprägte Linearität: vor dem DT880 hatte ich noch die AKG 240 MKII: völlig umpassend mit dem Kemper und im allgemeinen als KH zu solchen Zwecken, da zu schwach in Mittelfrequenzbereich.

    Hello Mtmartin,

    as you can see in my avatar i built a 4x12 kone cab "on my pleasure" to combine the flexibility of the kone properties and the "pump air" of the 4x12.

    The kone is the most flexible solution you can have by using the kone imprints. You can have a great amp in the room effect with them or with the pure cabinet option by using them as FRFR. They are not the standard FRFR coax but a very good "compensation" to it.

    I can speak for my humble opinion and experience: it is a great option, the imprints are valuable.

    It would be great to have the Looper Function directly activable in Rig Manager and triggered by "buttons" from pc keyboard:

    F.E.: Letter G starts the Loop
    Letter S stops the Loop

    Letter P plays the loop

    Letter R records over the existing loop
    Letter E erases the loop

    The letters / knobs / icons on screen can be different, no issue. I hope the basic principle is then clear

    The message is done especially for mods and tech developers:

    the latest Rig Manager is available for MacOS 10.13 and above.

    Do you plan to enhance the availability even for the MacOS 10.12 ?

    Thanks and regards!

    p.s. having MacOS 10.12.x (Sierra) i have no chance to update the latest rig manager and hence the Kemper OS 8.2

    Hi Roland,

    i am figuring out the same situation since the latest update. Eager to understand what the hell is happening there :)

    it is not a big drama, especially if you work from remote with the rig manager on PC, but when you noodle on the device in browser mode, before the rig manager is on, yes, it is a strange situation.

    Hi, my two cents on the topic, based on the experience in the last months.

    I had 2 x AKG K271 MkII (closed) due to previous mixing and modeling stuffs. And they drove me crazy because it was really difficult to manage the sound tweaking. Then with the KPA the result was worse than ever. A simple dB/Freq diagram oh that headphone helped me to understand that the purchase was a mess. Not for the headphone itself, but for the application.

    After several tests and comparisons, including dB/freq diagrams i switched to a BeyerDynamic DT880 Pro. Such a phenomenal linear headphone, specifically done for mixing/modeling. It is such a great balanced object. The next big feature is that the DT880 is "half closed" , so it is perfect if you play KPA per headphone for long sessions. A full closed is definitely more "fatigue" for the ears.

    As mentioned. i have a small headphone amp too to optimize the DT880 performance. Thomann sells small headphone amps for small money and they are valid and good.

    The 2 AKGs? One was sold for "partial financing" the DT880, and the other one is used by my drummer as "his session monitoring" headphone.

    Thanks mate! it sounds clear now!

    Thanks Paul. Totally forgot about the dual Path . That's a fantastic idea. This would let me choose if clean signal is there or not from the guitar. Still would like to figure out a way to switch between the two still though as well.

    hi, i have a JP6 with the same scenario, can you please explain the dual path scenario ? at the moment i have a clean mesa profile in which i let both signals (magn/piezo) coming out from the common output jack (common mixed signal from the guitar). Glad to hear if there is a much powerful and clever solution with both "indipendent" signals into the kemper. Thanks in advance!

    my experience with the acoustic sim is exactly what described just now.

    I have a JP6 with piezo and trying the piezo signal in the rig , it generates a big mess of hiss if the amp stack ( especially the cab block!) is not shut down.

    Same impact with the acoustic simulation put in a normal rig chain whatever signal you want to simulate.

    Best results i achieve are the blending with parallel signal ( as described by Wheresthedug), putting the AS in block A , B with reverb or a smooth chorus, then the rest of the chain with a pristine clean amp sound

    The preview videos lead me to believe this pack slants toward modern harder/heavier distortion and clean profiles for higher output pickups. Does the spectrum of tones extend beyond this?

    I had some chats with the choptones guys ( you can ask them for details), they promptly answered my questions. They will definitely answer the quetsion too. I use the pack with a JP6 guitar too , i have no references with other pickups.
    If you need the full spectrum of all possible settings and tones they suggest to go with the "full studio" pack ( more the 100 profiles).