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    Dear kemper-friends,

    after my first 2 1/2 Months with the Kemper i feel that the EQ versions (i mean the EQ effect stomp) has a massive role in the quality shaping of the rig.

    Are there tutorials / workshop videos regarding how to enhance and optimize the rigs with the EQ options and how it exactly works?

    In term of "presets" the EQ has only a couple of them , hence there is not the big "choice per default" to seek for some references.

    If tutorials/workshops videos are there, please can you please indicate where to find?

    If not, can maybe Kemper do a great tutorial video on the EQ with some professional users?

    Thanks in advance!

    If you're looking for some great free IR packs Check out Seacow Cab Impulses at There are literally dozens of free Impulse Response packs of a bunch of different Cabs and they're all free! I was able to find a lot of really great ones from that website. Another great free IR pack can be found if you search Zeta IR Pack on YouTube and click the first video that comes up that was posted by Frederico Ascari.

    Hope those help :)

    Which sample rate is the Zeta IR Pack using?

    I haven´t found any info . Thank you!

    Dear users,

    i don´t know if the topic has been already discussed (in this case please send the topic ID here as reply).

    The Kemper has a headphone output with 33 Ohm impedance.

    1- is a headphone with 80 or 250 Ohm a problem with the kemper ? Problem means: do i cope with a very low level in the headphones? Do the kemper push at least volume at higher level? Do i need a headphone amp?

    Whoever uses headphones with such levels of impedance, well, thanks in advance for your feedback!

    2- based on your experience, is a closed-headphone or an open headphone layout more effective ?

    Cheers and have a nice weekend!

    the first time with kemper i tried it with a bogner 2x12 with V30 and it was impressive.

    Then i had a 4x12 1960 with G12_T75. hmmm, no, definitely not the level of juicyness and beefy response of the V30 even with the kemper.

    At the end i built my own 4x12 with 4 kones. And that was the best choice ( for me and my ears).

    Parallely i run it in studio over 2 x Presonus Eris E5 XT as studio monitors. It is "ok", not FRFR but for studio monitors + kemper , the solution is acceptable. Alternative: some 8 inches FRFR coax monitors. Redsound ELIS are at the moment the best i have got as "hidden suggestion".

    Hi Jenfi,

    i have my 4x12 DIY Kemper Kone "bigbeast" from a MDF case. Due to the fact that the kone is a speaker simulation and not a "cab simulation", the best way is to have a stiffer/heavier box setup. Go for a stiff MDF case, if you want to build your own DIY-case., you will avoid/mild the possible resonance "colour" of the structure itself

    I actually downloaded Mikko after our previous discussion. I still haven’t tried yet it but it looks like it only offers the mic position flexibility etc if you are using their own proprietary IRs even though these can then be exported for use in other systems such as Kemper. Is that correct?

    I’m all for flexibility and allowing people to make their own decisions but for me personally this all seems like too much hassle when the in built cabs sound so good already. Not saying others should use it just that I can’t be bothered with the hassle ?

    If torpedo / WOS would allow the same function as Mikko, i think we wouldn´t still write this topic :)

    yes, it seems that using their IR products, you have the files in the format / device you need.

    Regarding the cab sound, you are absolutely right. There is however a group of musicians who are audiophile-addicted. I am one of them and i have no fear and regret to say. And the KPA is a tool who satisfies the audiophile musicians too.

    Coming back to the Mikko, it is a potential valid tool, but i don´t see so many cab/speakers choices compared to the torpedos. For the price of a Mikko pack i know a couple of valid professional hifi IRs vendor with a huge choice of cabs, mics and speakers options.

    why would you use a IR mixer to create Merged Profiles?

    Hi Don, a merged profile is IMHO the best pairing workflow in KPA.

    In order to create a similar philosophy ( i not the same technique..) just the torpedo / two notes blends the impact of 2 microphones or just having f.e. a "wished box" in which you can mount 2 different speakers families. In this way i match (logically for my best of acoustic impact) the best amp profile with the for-me-best-of IR/cab configuration.

    I make it simple and simplicity: if i could extract the for-my-ears best Wav. file from the wall of sound / torpedo products and then convert with the cab manager in my KPA and feed with it the KPA, i would go for it. This is not possible because torpedo doesn´t allow it. Hence Mikko would be a good option for this.

    HI Alan,

    as you see, another User trying to enhance the kemper through an external IR optimiser/IR mixer reminds to the enhancements discussion started by me some days ago :)

    High time to let the cab maker in KPA to work as the device here :) or to use such a potential joint venture :)

    Cheers, Enzo


    Wow! Great suggestion regarding the Palmer Macht.
    This is now one of my options.

    By the way, have I said how great these Kemper Forums are?

    the macht is rack, i discovered some minutes ago that SD has a "powerstage 700" which is stereo too, but not rack.

    Here in germany the SD 700 is more than twice more expensive than the palmer.

    I miss a comparison about the two devices indeed.

    you can go for the palmer Macht402, a class D stereo power amp in rack format, instead of 2 SD powerstages. I miss a stereo SD device.....

    the macht402 can be switched into mono too.

    I have 10 Marshall 4x12’s here in my live room as well as all my favourite mic’s (57’s, AKG 451’s, AKG 414’s, Sennheiser 421’s etc)

    Then you can start to be the first beta-generator of this "KPA-sort of IR-cabs-presets" i was speaking about :) :) :)

    and try to buy a AKG D202.....such a massive beefy surprise for the mic´s .... :)

    Hi Vinny,

    hi Alan,

    i think we three are Torpedo fans :) but KPA-over-the-top lovers :)

    Let s say, if Kemper would enhance the software "CAB maker" into a "CAB manager wall-of-sound-kemper" , it can be another good idea too.....

    so Alan,

    thanks for the reply, i think now we have closed the gap and we have matched the opinions. I appreciate!

    - the focus of my observation is exclusively on the merged and DI.

    - For me the KPA experience with studio is different "for the ears" and for the "sound setup" than merged/DI.
    - Maybe a support of a great profiler expert , just a MBritt or even a professional IR studio can be a good joint venture to explore this field. On a simple point of view: with torpedo, with the FM3 / Axe and with the QuadCortex you have a big sound control and hence a huge "sound quality" leverage effect with the cabs in term of presets. The same can be enhanced then in our lovely KPA.....

    That s all , and even if we think in the sound chain - guitar- pre amp - power amp - cab/mic, the sound quality chain effect is dominated by the latest chain element..... :-)

    Hi Alan, thanks for the kind explaining, i think we are on parallel path and i hope that we "cross" the mindset.

    My answer here will be maybe long....but i try to explain all:

    I read and i agree with what Mr. Kemper told some days ago regarding IRs, EQ curves etc. I am not Mr. Kemper, i am not meant to be Mr. Kemper :) or a competitor of Mr. Kemper :) even if i am engineer and with a background in acoustics too: if i profile a cab of Label X with Cones Y and Mic Z in the position W i have a "unique" dB-Freq curve, which can be transposed in term of EQ curve.

    Let s not confuse the minds with the Torpedo workflow ( it is definitely a blending mathematical option by moving the mics), we think about a unique configuration X/Y/W/Z as said before.

    I try to go one step beyond in deepdiving my idea, especially now, when i come from a noodling session with only merged profiles in the rig manager (the merged profiles pack) and some well done IRs of known cabs from a professional studio/vendor.

    The IRs were given as demo-pack and converted in KPA files. So, this is the experience:

    - using the studio profiles and then playing: The studio profiles sounded great as they were created, but a mess with the IR. Means , i experienced the same as many users say: a studio profile is a unique chain and sounds great as it is.

    - then i went for merged profiles of the rig manager: BOOM! The impact of the IRs was magic. the TripleRect merged profile together with the MeBo IRs / KPA converted was so gorgeous and much much massive and detailled than the cab of the original merged profile.

    - same feeling of great quality and dynamic sound happened with the test IRs and the direct profiles together.

    - The obvservations were made with studio monitors

    - i repeated the cases with my 4x12 DIY big cab with the 4x kemper kones in stereo format ( my avatar...), and run the system with activated kones in full range modality: results were exactly comparable as before with the studio monitors.

    So, huge story of the evening to tell that a nice of well-done "kemper selected" Cabs of famous marks with selected speakers and mic position "official as presets" and specifically for a use with merged and direct profiles would be a great great enhancement: torpedo has in their last update for the CAB M+ official Mesa Boxes, official Orange Boxes, official Engl Boxes, official Suhr Boxes, official Revv Boxes and even Zilla and Soldano Boxes, FOR FREE. Why torpedo yes, and our holy Kemper (still) not?

    I hope it is clear now what is my wish :) even if the message here is huuuuge

    Regards, Enzo