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    Every Rig in RIg Manager factory content has a Cabinet already. These can be used with any other rig so there is effectively a few hundred cabinet presets in there already. How would the new presets differ from the current ones?

    well, what you say is correct. I only think in term of "newbie" as i am , but having understood the phylosophy of kemper ( and for this reason i went KPA instead of its best competitor).

    So, KPA offers some official "celestion" presets, but i was thinking about the same thing as "official" cab profile in a similar way TwoNotes does with its Torpedo. Making a sort of "official IR" for a 2x12 or whatever AxB with ...speakers.

    Taking a cabinet from an existing rig of the factory content is definitely a first step, but IMHO it would be great to separate several cabs as own preset (as is said, the example of the torpedo cab M+/live , without the need of moving mic but as single "best of IR").

    Uno4Kemper allows to configure those pedals. It's described in the Uno4kemper manual.

    You could change the Wah Pedal into Morph Pedal and activate Morph Pedal to Wah and Morph Pedal to Pitch in the PROFILER.

    Hi Burkhard, thanks for the info. I know the function, it is well described.

    I would connect an external expr pedal to the KPA and let the FCB work as it is now. so Vol and Wah over the FCB and the external pedal for morphing.

    Hence my request for suggestion of an good and affordable pedal. Maybe not the "master best in class overall". Thank you!

    Hi all, after a first big update in the presets with so many nice overdrive brandnew stomps,

    it would be good if 2021 more presets would be offered....maybe some official 2x12 / 1x12 / 4x12 from famous cab brands combined to specifical set of loudspeakers.

    would it be possible? Why not.....

    Dear kemper mates,

    as youngster with the KPA , i am exploring now the morphing functions.

    I use for control the FCB1010 modded uno4kemper and both expr. pedals are now fixed for wah and volume.

    Can you please suggest a good but affordable pedal to be connected with KPA and exclusively control the morphing ?

    Thanks for your experience!

    if you go for mono it is ok,

    But think about one thing: a "class D" amp would be the best option in term of "cleaness" and linearity. So, cheap whatever it cost, class D is a must IMHO.

    one question on the big hairy profiles with tons of great preamps of the 90s. Are the preamps profiles matched with a power amp too? which one? In many preamp packs description i cannot find the combo with the power amp. thanks a lot for a quick feedback, maybe i am wrong...

    sound interesting. I'll buy some of the profiles very soon after reading all this comments. Don't know the difference between the essential and the bigger packs they offer but I guess the essentials are a good start. thanks for the review

    i bought two "just play" packs some days ago: jpc2 and slo60. Stunning tones, quality is top notch. for what i understood afer mailing them, the essential pack in a first selection from the studio pack. The just play pack is a bigger selection pointing out a quite "plug&play" status of the profiles. The studio one is the biggest pack with all combos (studio and direct profiles) created by them.

    Next choptones purchase from my side will definitely be the merged packs and some 90s-preamps , because i like to customize the sound with IRs too.

    Summary: go for them for a first approach even with the essential packs. The tone will impress you.

    Hi, Enzo.

    That didn't take long (on the calendar). It looks great.

    Thanks for coming back to show us.

    Hi ST,

    thanks for your message, could have been even quicker if the order/delivery for the cones set would have been arranged by me before Christmas. Being honest, the most difficult stuff was the re-tolexing of the MDF box on the back, because it is a set glued back ( the kones are mounted from the front), the rest wasn´t that much complex.

    Personally I think it will be a great unit, but I am not a fan of the waiting list approach.

    My name came up for an FM3. You feel second class already, as North Amercia is prioritised. Then the problem is that after waiting so long, they gave me a date in January that came after Brexit. Now there all sorts of uncertainty about imports.

    I just prefer that a product is available and anyone can order with a reasonable wait.

    Hi Karlic,

    the "waiting list" is the reason why i went for kemper even if i have it only since end nov 2020.

    I was in the FM3 waiting list and the feeling of being 2.class customer compared to others (f.e. bloggers in internet who received it much quicker) was in my humble opinion the decisional move.
    Definitely, the device is a great one, i think the quad cortex will be another good and solid one. Eager to see some valid back to back bench tests

    Welcome Enzo! So much to discover with your new device...

    And let us see your 4x12 when it's ready

    Gutsy move selling your JVM, man. Been trying to get my brother to part with his and replace it with a Kemper, which he said he'd do... 5 1/2 years ago.

    Welcome to the forum, Enzo! Congrats on your new KPA, and as Ibot39 said, show us your 4x12 cab when you've finished putting the Kones in it, eh? 8)

    hello both :)

    as promised , now it is time to show the final stage of the opera: here my 4x12 box with 4 x kemper kone and "customized by myself" creation. From a Behringer 4x12 now we have a "big kemper cab" , tolex in green elefant , a black mesh front and back to it the 2 mini kemper sticker and central the kemper logo "sprayed".

    It runs in stereo L/R 2 x 2x8ohm. If Kemper wants to go hard & harder, i have no problem if my box can be the idea for an official 4x12 big beast from Kemper.....and there is on the back of the 4x12 box enough place for a class D amp module to be inserted.

    I drive the system at the moment with a FCB1010 modded with Uno4kemper 1.4 (the neighborhood here is so gentle that i found a FCB brand new still in guarantee for only 70 bucks....). When i get big money , i will go one day for the kemper remote :)

    I hope it is ok :) the device makes soooooo much fun!

    Greets from BaWü-Germany, Enzo

    Dear Choptones guys, i am a newbie in the digital amp/profiling world and IRs. Do you offer a couple of samples of your kemper profiles or IRs for demo reasons? I am massively impressed by the quality of the sound in your videos. It sounds fantastic.Thanks and regards, Enzo

    Hallo Burkhard,

    besten Dank für Deine umfassende und lückenlose Erklärung! top!

    Hallo zusammen,

    seit paar Wochen bin ich stolzer Kemper Besitzer.

    Ich hab die ersten Schritte schon hinter mir, jetzt bin ich mit dem Thema CAB & IR in Kemper beschäftigt.

    Frage: wie erkenne ich aus einem Profil ( zum Beispiel in den Presets ab Werk) ob es Direct / Studio / Merged sind?

    Danke für die Unterstützung, sorry wenn die Frage vielleicht für euch dumm&dämlich klingt!

    bleibt gesund und Grüße aus BaWü, Enzo

    Gutsy move selling your JVM, man. Been trying to get my brother to part with his and replace it with a Kemper, which he said he'd do... 5 1/2 years ago.

    Welcome to the forum, Enzo! Congrats on your new KPA, and as Ibot39 said, show us your 4x12 cab when you've finished putting the Kones in it, eh? 8)

    The JVM is a fantastic stuff, dear Monkey_Man. Only with a huuuuuuuuge negative point: the noise and hiss in the OD Channels is immense. I don´t know what your brother plays, but , making as we in Germany say "milk-maid-calculation" (Milchmädchenkalulation), buying a very good NoiseGate (not a silly pedal) , you pay the amount of a big portion of the Kemper money price. The fact that i find in the Kemper the same JVM in a "purified" form from hiss and noise, is the money value of it.

    Welcome and congrats! ?

    I suggest you consider making two 2x12 cabs so you can get some stereo separation.

    Hi finally, it was my first intention. But.....i got here in my closed neighborhood a 4x12 Behringer BG412H in a fantastic status for only 50! bucks. Today i receive the new tolex,(green levant), over the weekend the 4 kones will arrive. Cleaning / removing the old tolex was a battle (BG412H glue was monstrously hard to remove) but i did it.

    The cab has an own wiring for stereo 2 x 2x12. The old jensen speakers are exactly 4Ohm too hence the replacement will be easygoing.

    It will be a nice alternative acoustic impact to the audio over the studio monitors.

    As soon as the bigboy will be finished, i will definitely make a couple of pics for you all. Thanks and stay healthy you all!

    hello Kemper-World!

    After a couple of years of "desire" i am finally owner of a kemper rack :) proud of it.

    I have sold my previous Marshall Stack ( JVM & 4x12 cab) and the Boss GT-10.

    Now it is just being in a new dimension!

    I play at the moment to 2 Studio Monitors over the audio interface but i am building an own 4x12 Box with 4x12 Kemper Kones pack (together with a power amp stereo).

    Eager to be part of this official forum, to share with you the experience of this gorgeous device and to learn more and more thanks your experience!

    Best regards from Germany, Enzo