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    Effects after the stack section can all be stereo. Ping pong delays, choruses, reverbs etc. Does that help?

    So, that is only reason, why should we record in line stereo? If I don't use any of this effects, I will not have any differences between stereo or mono recordings. Right?


    Kemper offers to record instrument in line stereo or mono for your choice. But. What the reason to record stereo in line?

    If I'm not wrong, the reason to record stereo it's, for example, different mics, different location of mics, some natural delay of recording sound, wich is desirable, etc.

    And if I will record stereo in line, won't it be the same 2 tracks with no difference?

    So, again. What the reason to record stereo with Kemper? :)

    Check which output you really connected for recording and what its Output Source really is.

    The default purpose of the DIRECT OUTPUT is to record the dry guitar signal. Therefor it's default Output Source is "Git Analog". Which is exactly in line with what you experience.

    The first choice for recordings of the processed signal including effects is MAIN OUTPUT (analog, has XLR sockets and is stereo) or S/PDIF. Their default Output Source is "Master Stereo".

    So, I can't record with effects with mono cabel ?


    I set up my rig, for example, with delay, reverb, and when I'm recording there are not effects in the track.

    My set up:

    Guitar - main input - mono cabel direct output - 1 input focusrite scarlett 2i2. I record in Ableton Live 10.

    When I do it this way there are not any effects in my recorded tracks. Even when I change set-ups in EQ there isn't any difference.

    Do I do something wrong?