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    Ah it wasn't sorting here... until I restarted RM, then my newly added folders decided to sort themselves. Think there are significant and easy improvements to be made here!

    Is there no way to change the order of folders in my library? Alphabetically, or manually, or drag folders into other folders...? Say it ain't so... Basic functionality surely... Or am I missing something?

    hi folks

    Think I'm going to need to take this thing out and about. Please share rack recommendations? Don't want to break the bank ideally but it needs to be sturdy and reliable (obvs) with latches that don't start to go south after a year!

    Thanks in advance

    I'm more of a guitarist but I do need some good bass options too. Any recommendations? Not so bothered about rock, more looking for thick warm bass sounds good for recording and use in hip hop, dub, perhaps vintage sounding stuff too...


    Hi all

    I press Rig and Browse Snapshots and turn the knob... But whether I Load or Autoload it then takes me back to the main screen. If I want to trial my snapshots I have keep pressing Rig and Browse Snapshots in between each one... Would be great if it just stayed on that page like when browsing Rigs?

    Any thoughts folks?


    This is probably a very frequently asked Q, but I'm asking it too! Just got my Kemper. I'm hearing of people deleting all the factory rigs and stocking up on third party. Is there that much difference in quality? And how do I know where to start? Rig Exchange or commercial? Are there some must-haves? Would be grateful for a nod in the right direction to get me going. I'm not much of a hi gain or metal guy, would be more interested in vintage tones and thick creamy cleans which sound great with verb....

    Thanks for any advice!