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    I am a big fan of Lass Lammert. I connected with his profiles early on in my Kemper journey.

    About Randy Rhoads, it appears he did not take delivery of the famous white marshall in time for the recording of Blizzard, the first album with Ozzy. The record was done with a rented stock 100 w JMP, so go figure.

    For the Tribute album, I have heard unsubstantiated claims the sound on the record is not entirely true to his live sound. There are people who claim the guitar was re-amped, but I can’t confirm this one way or another. I think I heard that he was experimenting with load boxes a la EVH, but this is all conjecture. I’ve heard a few video clips of his playing, and seems the Tribute sound is a little darker and fuller, not so midrange-y as the studio albums. Ozzy re-recorded all his vocals, or doubled them, so Tribute is not a 100% live only album, FYI.

    Hey, thanks so much for the input! I can add a few things, I have a large collection of bootleg and soundboard recordings featuring Randy Rhoads. I know Tribute featured songs from 2 or 3 different live shows and although I used to know which ones they escape me at the moment, I do know the bulk was taken from Montreal Qc, Canada on 07-28-81 which I believe was a King Biscuit Flower Hour show. I do have a soundboard recording of this show as well as a reel to reel "demo" of Tribute and I can say the tone is pretty consistent with the Tribute recording. One thing Randy did not have was consistency with his tone, as I write this I've listened to clips of several different nights from that tour and each one is pretty drastically different. What I'm getting at though, is that I don't believe there was any major manipulation of Randy's tone such as reamping, but could certainly see some eq adjustments. I honestly believe he just had a killer tone that evening and on that Montreal recording it sounds massive just as it does on Tribute. Of course Ozzy did redo all the vocals, or at least touched them up quite a bit, I don't think many will dispute that. Even on the After Hours live video featuring Randy, I have 2 versions, one from before and one after Ozzy's vocals were redone.

    I love these profiles! Thank you so much! For anyone interested in finding a good Randy Rhoads Tribute tone, I have a few but one of my favorites is profile I found on RE from LasseLammert it's the RandallRG1503+TS with a Mesa Stiletto cab. Below is a demo of myself playing Crazy Train, the live version from Tribute. I do have to note that the recording does not do the profile justice, it actually sounds much better than is presented in the demo. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I'm always trying to tweak things in search of the ultimate Randy Rhoads Tribute tone. BTW, I'm using a Music Man EVH guitar in the demo, thus no toggle switch for the on/off toggle effect Randy used.

    Crazy Train Live Tribute Demo

    I am assuming Kemper has changed the delay making Quad Chromatic Delay no longer available. I did find a Quad Delay but there are too many parameters that are different so I can't quite get it to work as you described. Am I missing something here or is Quad Chromatic Delay gone from the Kemper? If so, is there anyway you could update this post so that it works with current Kemper delay? I've been looking for a way to capture the Pundcake or For Unlawful C.K. tone for quite some time and really thought I was about to have it when I found your post. It would be so amazing of you if you could update this for me, or point me in the right direction. Thanks!

    Love you guys! I have just about every Kemper Artist Pack and a lot of Artist packs for Headrush also! I've spoke to Thomas via email a few times, extremely nice guy! I wish you all the very best of luck and success with the business! Hey, if any of you see this how about giving us an idea of what Artist packs you plan to be releasing in the coming weeks/months. I'd love to know what you've been working on and what to expect soon, it'd give me something to look forward to!

    The only other comment ( and please take this the right way) is are you sure that the Top Jimi profiles aren't close?

    I know it's been almost a year now but I just noticed this reply. I believe your thinking of the Blizzard of Ozz or Diary studio recordings which are way different from the live tone he had on Tribute. If you're not familiar you should definitely give it a listen as that album changed my whole life! I wouldn't be here, or even have ever picked up guitar otherwise!

    So, I finally got a remote 2 days ago after a few months owning the Kemper. Upon initial boot, I did notice that I was able to cycle through rigs in browser mode, but for some reason suddenly I can't get it cycle up or down through rigs in browser mode. m It seems to work in performance mode, but I've not started to set up anything in performance mode yet as I'm still trying to get comfortable navigating browser mode. Really, clicking through every button the only things that seem to do anything is Tap Tempo, Looper and Tuner. When looper is engaged the corresponding control buttons on bottom for start, stop etc. do work. I have studied the both manuals and searched online but at this point I'm confused on how to get this remote working in a way that will be helpful other than looping or tuning. I'm so far beyond frustrated at this point, any assistance at all would be immensely appreciated! All firmware is up to date btw...

    Well, more than anything I'd really like to get an accurate match to Randy Rhoads tone on the live Ozzy Osbourne Randy Rhoads Tribute album. I know what he was using was basically 2 1980 Marshall JMP 1959 Super Lead MKII 100-watt Non Master Volume heads with a Cascade mod performed at the factory pushed by an MXR Distortion Plus. Now ofcourse I can get very close using a profile of that type of amp but not close enough and I don't know if it's because it's missing the MXR Distortion + or because it's missing the Cascade mod, probably both. I have tried a few Kemper stomps such as the Green Scream but haven't been able to recreate that tone. I have tried the tone matches of Tribute done by Pete's Profiles and Top Jimmy and altough those aren't bad, to my ears they are still a world away from the iconic tone on that live album. I've tried tweaking both of those and gotten a little closer but I guess I just dont have the time, patience or ear needed to nail it down as much as I'd like to. I was able to do a tone match of Tribute using Bias FX 2 with their automated matching process that I am very happy with but that's only usable with Bias FX and I need it for the Kemper

    I'm having the same issue and figured it's solved I just need to get the 4 release... Wrong, I can't seem to find a 4 release, on the kemper site the newest release seems to be 3.2 (3.2.57). Please tell me, am I missing something here? Thanks!

    I have tried to figure out how to tone match with the kemper for over a year and havent been able to do it yet. I have read all the posts here and researched elsewhere and maybe I'm a little dim but it's really confusing. I really wish someone would do a step by step walkthrough of some sort explaining things in layman's terms. That would be so helpful!

    And if you don't have luck :

    take a look at the Rig Exchange.;)

    Hey, thanks for looking into that and pointing me in the right direction. Unfortunately I'm a new kemper owner and I'm not sure how to get that cab from the profile on RigExchange and into this other TopJimi profile described above. Any pointers?

    So what equipment does tone matching like you said?

    I've always done it through Bias Amp 2, it's pretty amazing to load in a track and have it give you an extremely close tone for that track seconds later! I would much rather have these tones in the Kemper though, so I guess I'm willing to go through all the extra trouble of doing it manually then loading it into the Kemper, I just have to figure out how exactly to go about doing that.

    I have been racking my brain trying to understand how to best go about making profiles from my favorite songs/artists. I have studied the one and only video I've found about this, but it's kinda old now and isn't exactly intuitive. It seems to rush over the important info. I have all the software, plug ins etc, but now can't figure out how to put it all to use. Any help would be so greatly appreciated!