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    Thanks for all the good replies here! I think I will then use only one XLR mono signal from the kemper. As for monitoring, I was thinking they probably have some on-stage monitors that are connected to the table, thus not much for me to think about other then adjusting the levels correctly.

    Also, how are you monitoring? Are you using any cabs? As yours in unpowered, do you have a powered cab at all? I would not rely on an in house monitor if you can avoid it.

    Why would you avoid in house monitors?

    I recently bought the Kemper Profiler (without powerhead) + remote, and have so far only used it with headphones. However, I'm soon doing a live gig with it, but I'm not really sure what to tell the sound engineer and what the best way to hook it up is. Is running two XLR-cables from main output straight into the mix table a good option?

    Other than that, what are some things to keep in mind when using the Kemper for live gigs, any important settings etc.?



    you might be clipping the inputs of your audio interface. Try a standard TS cable to connect the Profiler to the input of your audio interface and make sure to set the interface input to line level sensitivity. Set the volume for the output you are using to something between -10 and -15 dB.

    I just checked the manual of your interface and the XLR inputs are for microphones. You need to use the TS inputs for a line level device like the Profiler and make sure to set the TS inputs to line level and not instrument level.

    I definetly doesn't sound like it's clipping, and I've tried to adjust it to make sure it isn't.

    I just tried connecting the TS cable like you said from direct output to my interface, but it sounds exactly the same, dull way. It sounds like I'm loosing a lot of clarity and the reverb sounds absolutely shit!

    I just bought a Kemper Profiler and I am now trying trying to record some stuff with the following configuration:

    Audio interface: Presonus Audiobox itwo

    XLR cable from "Main Out R" on the Kemper --> "Input 1" on the interface.

    Main output set to "Master mono", Monitor output off, direct output off, SPDIF output off.

    I have my interface connected to my PC using a USB cable, and use headphones connected to the audiobox for listening. However, when i have my headphones connected to the audiobox, it sounds a lot more muddy and digital, whereas if i connect the headphones straight into the kemper, the sound is much more crisp, clear, and pleasent. Am i doing things correctly?

    Needless to say im new to this, and appreciate any help!