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    Kemper brought to the market innovative product that lasts. If anybody wants the new shiny stuff, there is always ver. 3 of main competitor, which is the best of the best. Just look all these reviews on YouTube, these guys telling that it is so mych better than ver. 2 XL MKII (which was best of the best back then). It has big screen LCD screen and powerful processors. It is shiny, colorful and people want it. Until version 4. Then they will find ver. 3 legacy and will be selling it to get ver. 4 - I always wondered if not better to wait for ver. 5 though.

    that’s’ not a comment but fanboy service…

    Before buying a kemper stage, I heard a lot about how the kemper community was different bla-bla-bla.

    Finally it’s not.

    I don’t understand that. I mean really.

    Fractal or kemper are just TOOLS! Not amps or guitars or whatever.

    Why do you Have to turn it into a cult?

    I’m a pro player, been touring for 25 years 60-100 gigs a year, always used tube amps.

    Professionally speaking there’s a lot more pressure by having a silent stage and everything going foh if you want to gig and make a living.

    I don’t know one guitarist that would not prefer to bring and cranck his amp on stage…

    But it’s impossible now, so people like me buy « tools » and have to make compromises with those new digital toys.
    Profiling or modeling or whatever, I just don’t care, it just have to do his job and for live use if you don’t profile your amps kemper has a lot of room to be better!

    Why do you have to hate others company???

    Why do some people bash others because « nO KeMPer Is So GREaT blabla »

    if it’s great for you, that’s cool, really!

    But others may think different for their own use and ask for upgrades.

    We’re talking about a product that start at 1500€ And pretend to be top of the game not a f*** 199€ AliExpress toy

    for the price we can have expectations

    Funny how we’re so different in the way we experience stuff. I, on the other hand, love everything about the iPhone touch experience. In fact so much that I detect the smallest difference in touch feedback, when trying out a Samsung phone. I instantly feel that Apple’s touch are light years ahead regarding feeling. It’s so responsive.

    And….the whole dumping a beer onto the Kemper at gigs is the worst argument ever. The smartphones of today are waterproof. So it’s no big deal really. And if you’re a pro and like you state, would have a rig without touchscreen, because it’s more “pro”, you would probably have a setup with a big flight case on wheels for your gear. Who is gonna dump a beer onto that?

    iPhone are not magically waterproof it takes a lot of R&D tu accomplish that.

    I play big outdoor shows on summer, touchscreen when it’s 40•Celsius with the sun simply burning everything and the change of humidity when the night is here is a no go for a touchscreen.

    Why do you need a touchscreen?

    I’m gonna use SPACE as a global option for my next rehearsal (straight to FOH).

    As I’m not a fan of reverbs for live use (except where the songs really need it of course) I’m gonna try it at a low level (3.5 or less if I remember well) to just the rigs a little « room » without having to sacrifice a block for a really small reverb.

    Anyone tried that?

    I don’t understand the need of a touchscreen for a kemper.

    Honestly, I think the units are really well thought and designed. Everything can be accessed really quickly, there’s tons of shortcuts everywhere.

    All the kemper products have been designed to edit parameters directly on the unit, how many clicks a touchscreen will save?

    Explain how much time a touchscreen will save compared to physical controls?

    A touchscreen will only add problems, will raise the price for nothing.

    I would understand the need of a touchscreen for units like fractal with 200 options for any effects or amps but on a profiler with 4 stomps, one amp, one cab and 4 effects, that’s not necessary at all.

    Touchscreen is also a no go for live use, humidity, sun, rain etc.

    I would rather see kemper spend some time and money m giving more clarity and separations on the frequencies that spending money on a touchscreen.

    I really hope we don't get a touch screen. A touch screen belongs in my hands because every touch screen I've tried that isn't on my phone feels clunky and horrible. I must be in the minority who actually thinks that the Kemper UI is well thought out and very good. And as a UX designer, perhaps I should be worried!


    And above all what’s the point of the touchscreen when there’s an iPad app. :-)

    more eq's in more places without having to sacrifice our precious blocks is a common recurrence I'm seeing.

    that’s the problem when you upgrade your products with tons of new options but still give no more than 8 blocks…

    4 pre is not much, just a wha, a compressor, a distortion and a gate or octaver.
    4 post is really not too, reverb, delay, eq, chorus… where do I put a double tracker for exemple?

    I personally think that dual amping is a bit old now. A good option to have though. I feel that a choice to be able to mic up an amp like you would do in the studio, would be a lot more realistic. And I mean internally with Kemper possessing 2 or 3 mic inputs that can do a profile each and then you can mix between the different mics or cabs if needed. And each profile should be able to recall all three of these profiles within one profile, so you can adjust on the go if one mic number is too dominant.

    USB instead of s/pdif is of course a must. Backward compatibility would be very cool. There might be a slight change in sound. Who knows. The display and UI could use an upgrade. I agree. I only use the RM though.

    that would be an awesome upgrade!

    So what is it you find that needs to be improved with the mids?

    mids sounds restrained and not open (don’t know how to say it).
    There’s persistent vocal/wha frequencies that are a little bit annoying to me.

    I’m sure there’s a lot of room for improvement. 10 years later there’s must be a change to be made to get more « depth » to the profiled tones.

    I don’t say the kemper sucks, it’s an awesome tool, but i sometimes, especially live, have the feeling not to play an amp but to play an kind of image of it. Hard to describe the feeling but I miss that « depth » and frequencies séparation that you get from a real amp.

    It’s also really really hard to get a typical Marshall plexi that sounds realistic and full for live situations.

    since completely authentic results already can be achieved, it's really more about the profiling setup (complete separation from the cabinet to be able to compare the mic'ed sound to the Profile) and possibly refining


    So kemper can be authentic if you have your own studio, a sound engineer and 10k of amps….

    i know it’s a little bit provocative but that’s not what the kemper is selling and this video represent 0,5% of the kemper users, even with those (like me) who are professional players.

    I just want to say that it’s time for a kemper 2 that will eliminate at least the problem of the guitar used in profiling.

    Make the kemper send a signal from the kemper to the amp that really profile amp and cab (or amp itself) and not making the profiles.
    not an engineer but could be great to really profile the amp and not the player of the amp.