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    Speaker imprints are not like impulse responses because unlike impulse responses they recreate the sound of the pure speaker and not the sound of the speaker as it was run through a microphone. Speaker imprints only work as intended when they are being monitored through a Kone speaker.

    In other words, sending a speaker imprint signal to a PA speaker will not give you the same sound that you are hearing from the Kemper Kabinet.

    so now that you have the tech and algorithms, it’s time for a kemper mkII that emulate that as well 😬

    Well, the question is, if a Kemper generated IR of a certain speaker that you might upload in a rig is in any way comparable to the one that is used for the Kemper Kone. May be it is tweaked for this purpose. Then a use of such IR in the signal path for the FOH outputs would make no sense. But if they are the same, what is the problem to offer them to interested users?

    even if it’s tweaked especially for one purpose, I don’t see why we just can’t access it.
    what can works on kone can work more or less on monitors.
    could be great for home use.

    You can put 8 drives with no amp and no cab if you want but I don’t think it ways to way to be used. ;)

    I had this thing too.
    Seems that rolling a little down the volume helped to get rid of some nasty high frequencies.

    Never had to do that on a amp and then realized that the kemper’s input does not react at all like an amp.

    I resolved the problem by adjusting the height of my pickups according to the way kemper reacts.

    I’m a HS /HSS player, so I had to raise the single coils (a lot) and lower the bridge HB to get a kind of standard tone.

    We actually agree... this comparison I think used a sample and on that basis very little difference in the audio. I also think psychology plays a massive part which is why I struggled moving from brain would not accept digital could be as good, so by definition for me, it wasn't...

    In other words, it's more about how you react than the actual sound coming out...which is why blind tests can be more revealing as it removes bias.

    we are guitar players, not sound engineer or producer.

    There’s absolutely no bias saying « this one sounds better ».
    some people like me could never play well on mesa boogie. That does not mean it’s not good

    I also wish kemper could remove that « Kemper compression » of the profiles.

    that’s really what bothering me and make me wanna try a fractal.

    When I first bought my Profiler in 2013, there was only one person offering Commercial Rigs for sale. A second soon followed, and then many more. I have since bought many Rigs from many sources, to use when recording genre-specific music intended for film/tv/commercial use.

    Most of the sounds I use live are Profiles of my own Marshall and Fender amps, Factory Content Rigs, several favorites from the Rig Exchange, and Commercial Rigs. My main gig has been being in the same band since before I bought the Profiler, and I'm still using most of those same rigs from the 20teens.

    So, another tip comes to mind: Those older Rigs on the Rig Exchange are still worth a listen :)

    can we get our ears on your own profiles ? :-)

    I’m not that kind of customer, but I think a little box just to load amp and cab block will sell a lot

    I don’t think kemper will sell more with dual amps dual cabs etc. I think the kemper weak point is flexibility. 8 slots 4 before 4 after that’s not enough in 2022 for a lot of people.

    I agree that the consistency of the Kemper EQ is a fantastic feature which many underestimate. There is and increasing number of younger players who have never actually played a real valve amp cranked or if they have they have only experienced one or two different models. Therefore, they don’t actually know how the tonestack on a Fender style amp works compared to a Marshall or Vox. They are wildly different beasts and the tone controls are heavily interactive. Turning up the treble typically also reduces the amount of signal that makes it through to the Bass and Mid controls. The frequency ranges of the individual controls vary from amp to amp.

    The Kemper gives us a consistent experience whereby if we reach for the Treble control we always know what it is going to do - it does the same thing every time and doesn’t affect other frequencies in strange unpredictable ways. I find it funny hearing the love for traditional tonestacks now as I got into amps in the 80’s and 90’s when we all used to complain about how “interacive” the controls were on Boogies as nobody could understand them so getting a sound was total trial and error.

    Although there are thousands of different variations on tone stacks there are really only 3 generic types in common use Fender/Marshall/Vox. HiWatt use a different style but other than that nearly everything is a minor variation on FMV.

    It would be a nice feature to have access to those but I definitely would NOt want to lose the consistency of the current Kemper tonestack - I can still remember learning to use a Boogie 🤣

    what could be great would be to have some pre set eq type templates in the amp block.
    like - original eq - mars eq - etc. Not replicating the complète eq circuit but just mimicking those.

    It’s only a matter of frequencies, range and peak after all.

    Why the hate of the guy?

    He said he used the kemper a lot, that it was the most used unit in the pro world and said it was a really good unit.

    He also pointed that the kemper has a sound’ signature and that using the gain and eq knob is something very special to kemper and I think he’s right.

    Can you profile the H&K tubeman II preamp that you do like? If that profile still worked for you, then you probably just aren't finding rigs that respond as you like.

    For me, it's mostly in finding cabs that I like from other rigs. As I find ones that I particularly like, I find that I can then use them in just about any rig, even those that I normally didn't like at all. Real easy to try out. Find something close to what you want. Lock the speaker and go through other rigs to see if they seem improved.

    I tried one time but didn’t manage to do it. Was getting an oversatured profile, didn’t have much time so I stopped lol. But gonna take the time to do it again.

    I’m gonna try to swap cabs!

    Hi to all,

    sorry I’ve been very busy and the kemper is back home so I can make some samples for to you hear what I’m talking about :)

    All I can say is that it’s not a monitoring problem, on monitors or in ears it’s the same problem for me.
    And i also think that the point of the kemper is to have miced amps without the amps so plugging it into a power amp and a 4x12 makes no sense to me.


    Thanks a lot really for trying to help me, gonna try this rig tomorrow morning and get back to you!

    Have you tried the kone on a big cab ? sounds as good if not better than most tube amps I had, attack-wise. On monitors it's less impressive.

    nop didn’t try the kone or cab as I’m touring only on silent stage with in ears.

    Hi there,

    Been touring almost all day of summer with the kemper.
    And I’m not really happy with it…

    I use M Britt 69 profiles, that I’ve found are the best for live use, they do the job for foh (our foh is a big one like 15kw or something with a really great sound engineer), no problem they do the job, just like any other unit in fact.

    But It’s not been a blast playing it at all.

    There’s something strange with the attack that really doesn’t react like an amp, like an over exaggerated behavior despite an also exaggerated compression in the mids that seems to happen with every rig I played (and I played and bought a lot, really a lot).

    I started to think it was my main guitar so I tested it with a simple H&K tubeman II preamp (which is my backup rig) into a two notes torpedo live and boom everything sounded like it should do, much easier to play and amp like feel it should, no problem with attack or compression. Clean, crunch or mid/high gain tones.

    So I’m started to think that even if I really wanted really strong the kemper to be full satisfaction for me it’s not…

    So, before selling it I want to try the direct profile + Ir way, cause I really love the form factor of the stage (easy to use live).

    Who here use it that way going direct to foh?

    Do you have any good direct profiles and irs that work well?
    I’m a Marshall guy but I don’t care about names, I just need clean - breakup - crunch - mid/high gain - lead that can cover every major styles (not metal).

    If some here can tell what are they « tour-approved » direct profile + ir rigs I would be very happy, cause I know that’s a real deep rabbit hole ^^.

    Thanks for reading.