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    I’m on a profile on a local folder, the rig is name « amp blabla whatever » > save to profiler

    when I go the profiler section in rm I have a duplicate that didn’t exist before.

    Can’t see what I’m doing wrong.

    Sometimes I get a similar thing.

    I save a profile from a local folder into the profiler with RM and it erase/duplicate a random one.

    So scary.

    I have to turn off rig manager, unplug the Stage, reboot the stage to get it back…

    Resurecting the thread. Had another gig in a club and had the same problem...kinda. At soundcheck the sound from the PA was like comming from the back room of the stage. Just like you would have a cabinet in the other room behind the opened door. The tone was lifeless, bassy and trebly, so as the other guitarists tone. Got my high cut at 6500 and low at 90 but from the desk it was added another 6500 and another 110. At an outdoor gig the sound guy told me that he boosted a little 800 and that was was good as he told me. I don't get it how different from venue to venue can this loose all the control of your tone. How should eq my tone in order to have at least 50% of it everywhere?

    depending on your rig, maybe a cut at 6500 is a bit too much. I tried those values and now I tend to set it up more to 7k5-8.
    for the low cut, I set it at 95 minimum just to give more bass if our sound engineer need it but the cut is also set around 110.

    the « secret sauce » if you want a fat tone is the mid, M Britt profiles are perfectly setup for that at really high volume.

    also reverb that sounds great at home can mess everything live at high volumes, I just apply a really small amount of reverb just to give a little less raw tone.

    My conclusion also is that when you use units like kemper or modelers you have to do some compromise between what tone you like to play and what works 99% of time straight to foh.

    I use 69 Marshall m Britt profiles exclusively live (all styles possible expect i don’t play jazz) I don’t like them that much when I play them but I gotta to admit they are really tailored for live use and are some kind of no brainer.

    I wish i could find some profiles that I like to play and work well live.

    Are you asking why your tiny BA drivers in your Iem's sound different from a live 4x12 cab? My kemper sounds the same through my Iem's(Wireless through M32c/DL32) as it does through my UAD Apollo through Adam studio monitors or over the ear athm50 headphones or the same IEM's that I use live. If I play through my Kemper cab it sounds different because the cabinet and the room now become speakers.

    which iem do you use live?

    The « Volume knob trick » can be done with a real amp.

    I’ve done this for years, I was used to play HS or HSS guitars, tone could come from breakup to huge gain and volume boost with only volume pot and pickup switching.

    But it’s just impossible to do that with the kemper.

    I tried but even when switching from single coil neck pickup to bridge humbucker there’s absolutely no boost in volume just more gain and compression. Not the same at all as a tube amp.

    And I miss that a lot, really a lot

    Curious to know Wich profiles are you using live? And what kind of tweak to you make?

    Could be great to know from guy like you :)

    I am having problems too. Over a second when switching between performances. And add to that, strange things happen. It’s like some parts of the rig switches faster than other parts, so the sound becomes really strange for a second. Quite unacceptable, might need to go back to browse mode.

    I’m glad I didn’t update.

    saw the update notification and as I had painfully spend some much hours preparing my performances and programme change for the summer tour, this time I said « no not this time boy, play safe »

    that kind of bug and behavior is also quite unacceptable for that kind of « pro » unit. Every update don’t really solve the previous problems and bring some more.

    The kemper can produce great tones but I definitely don’t trust the dev team anymore.

    It’s a shame but I always work with folders.

    All my prfiles are stored in folders . I then make subfolders to organize more and copy them leaving the previous original folder untouched.

    Then if I tweak anything I start by duplicate the rig tweak it and then move it to another folder…

    BUT even with all those painful steps, sometimes if I press store in profiler, it duplicate one random rig or replace it 😤.

    I have to close rm and restart the Stage to get back the previous rig.

    Use to play 11-49 elixir for years, not for the tone but for the feel.

    Now I have some cervical nerves problems, so I play with Elixir 9-42.

    9-42 got better balanced tones but I really don’t like the feel.

    Elixir is the only brand I use. I got sweaty hands and acidic sweat, if I use non elixir strings they are deadly dead within half an hour. Elixir is a gift from the gods for me lol.

    I know, that is your favorite solution for world hunger.

    I suggested the logical approach above. Please don't ignore it. With your suggestion the exported version would carry another name while the source in the Performance would still have the old name and therefor reference to the former original.

    What about an « option » for those like me who likes simple and more common things?

    Performance mode : press rig -> press export to browse library -> save as


    That’s exactly how files are saved on a computer since … a long time.

    Exactly the same as but easier no?

    You Export Rig to Pool first, then load that Rig in Browser Mode, open Rig Settings, Rig Tags and edit Rig Name, then store

    I agree, a « normal » behavior would be very great.
    for the moment the solutions are morphing with raising amp volum or rig volume, sacrifice X slot for boost or eq just for that.

    It is also a problem for me, maybe it’s the normal behavior but I’m used to plays with Hss or hs pickups configurations. With an amp the Humbuckers gives a boost in volume and impact to the tone. With the kemper it just gives more gain and compression…


    I was browsing the rig exchange and found some really great plexi like profiles, just could not stop playing. (Burgera plexi profiles by Steve Senes).

    They are not as big as some MBritt profiles, but I also tried some C Kemper or Kemper amps profiles and they do not sound big at all.

    So for those who play live at high volumes, what do you think. Body or tone in a live mix?

    If you could try those RE profiles and give me your opinion that would be really great.


    A simple « S » on the screen can help you notice that the switches are programmed in « scenes » mode.

    Mine stand still too.

    I’m not talking about mixing those « logics » but having the choice between them not mixing them as I think you’re talking about.

    Having a « scene effect » option in the rig menu that could switch to this logic.

    Of course In my request there’s no way to select 2 effects scenes at once. It’s not multiple on/off at the same time. So telling a switch to engage A-B-mod and the other one A-C-delay does not seem to be a problem.

    It more a matter of « we don’t want to do it » than « it’s not how the system can work »