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    Had the same experience, sold my stage and moved to another brand.

    The kemper never worked for me and my playing.

    I’m sure kemper are awesome units to profile your own gear but otherwise there’s too much to parameters for me to find a sound I like.

    Finding the amp I wanted, profiled with the settings I wanted, the cab I wanted and with a guitar close to what I use was an endless rabbit hole and never found a tone that fully satisfied me.

    Still a great piece of gear f gear though.

    Last night I turned it off and lowered the LPF in the output to about 7K. Sounded great and closer to what I hear standing by a regular amp/cab setup for "amp in room" sound. There's not much above there that makes a difference.

    Plug your Kemper into a regular guitar speaker (cab off) and slowly turn down the LPF until you notice it taking off top end. I don't hear it affecting anything much until it gets lower than 7-8K and that's how I have been finding my "real cab" sound setting. The guitar speakers we've been used to for so many years don't produce much highs above that so it makes sense to me not to put those frequencies into the speaker if you want it to sound "natural". Greenback speakers only go up to 5K and I've heard them produce more highs than I wanted before so cutting off at 7K shouldn't have a negative effect.

    a drastic high cut it the only way.

    Don’t’ be afraid to cut at 6.5/7.

    if you feel you loose too much high end, put more with eq. Works 100%

    I never use to pure cab, it change too much the character of the profile.

    There’s a lot of way to get rid of those nasty highs.

    First in the output set the high cut about 6.5/7k.

    Note that you have to play some times to have your ears used to each tweaking. Especially the high and low cuts if you’re not used to that.

    In the cab you can also play with the Character.
    high shift and low shift are also great but be careful, they are really powerful. Try to tweak by 0.1 each time.

    In general when I find a profile i like I set all the eqs everywhere at zero in the amp.
    the true sound of the profile is just the amp/cab with no eq.
    then instead of tweaking the post eq, I set it to pre.
    it’s a lot easier to remove the muddy bass and piercing highs with the presence.

    Had a eq in x slot if really you have to tweak frequencies.

    Also don’t underestimate the power of booster/overdrive/distortion/shaper in front of the amp. They are really tweak able and can give you exactly the tone you want.

    And always tweak your tones dry. No reverb no delay no Space, nothing


    you have to get a good balance of volume in your in ears.
    learn to play « in the mix ».
    set drums volume then bass.
    next set your guitar volume just to fit the mix.

    Then add the rest.

    If you want to hear more your guitar, mix down the vocals.

    - I find a profile with a tone/feel a like

    - first thing I do is going to the amp block and put all eq at 0 to have the sound of the profile as it was profiled.
    - then I always set the amp eq to pre and remove some bass as I always found nearly 100% profiles have way too much muddy/unwanted bass.

    - I put an eq on X generally just to find the « cocked wav » frequencies that is always too much for my taste.

    - if I want to adjust the tone I prefer to use boost and drives in front of the amp, you can really tweak the tone with them.

    And I have my output cuts at about 90 and 6.5/7k

    Speaker imprints are not like impulse responses because unlike impulse responses they recreate the sound of the pure speaker and not the sound of the speaker as it was run through a microphone. Speaker imprints only work as intended when they are being monitored through a Kone speaker.

    In other words, sending a speaker imprint signal to a PA speaker will not give you the same sound that you are hearing from the Kemper Kabinet.

    so now that you have the tech and algorithms, it’s time for a kemper mkII that emulate that as well 😬

    Well, the question is, if a Kemper generated IR of a certain speaker that you might upload in a rig is in any way comparable to the one that is used for the Kemper Kone. May be it is tweaked for this purpose. Then a use of such IR in the signal path for the FOH outputs would make no sense. But if they are the same, what is the problem to offer them to interested users?

    even if it’s tweaked especially for one purpose, I don’t see why we just can’t access it.
    what can works on kone can work more or less on monitors.
    could be great for home use.

    You can put 8 drives with no amp and no cab if you want but I don’t think it ways to way to be used. ;)

    I had this thing too.
    Seems that rolling a little down the volume helped to get rid of some nasty high frequencies.

    Never had to do that on a amp and then realized that the kemper’s input does not react at all like an amp.

    I resolved the problem by adjusting the height of my pickups according to the way kemper reacts.

    I’m a HS /HSS player, so I had to raise the single coils (a lot) and lower the bridge HB to get a kind of standard tone.

    We actually agree... this comparison I think used a sample and on that basis very little difference in the audio. I also think psychology plays a massive part which is why I struggled moving from brain would not accept digital could be as good, so by definition for me, it wasn't...

    In other words, it's more about how you react than the actual sound coming out...which is why blind tests can be more revealing as it removes bias.

    we are guitar players, not sound engineer or producer.

    There’s absolutely no bias saying « this one sounds better ».
    some people like me could never play well on mesa boogie. That does not mean it’s not good

    I also wish kemper could remove that « Kemper compression » of the profiles.

    that’s really what bothering me and make me wanna try a fractal.