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    I'm new to Kemper and this forum so I do apologise if this is in the wrong place.

    I've had my Kemper rack for a few days now and have just started playing with creating a performance. I've loaded in the profiles that I like for each slot of my performance but I am now struggling to add in any stomps. For example my main high gain rig is a Mesa Boogie Dual Rec, in the stomps section it has a tube screamer that automatically is "on" when loading the profile but I would like to add in the ability to have a reverb stomp or perhaps a whammy pedal. I have tried to add these in by selecting the empty stomp slots and then use the browse control as I would normally for looking up profiles. When doing this, no stomps are found despite it being my understanding that there are at least a few that come with the Kemper as stock? Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong section, any help would be appreciated.