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    Thanks for the reply. Why on earth would there be an option in the settings to enable email notifications then? I just made a post in the help settings, which was resolved, and I went about my merry way for a couple of days. When I logged in a few days later I found that I had been chastised for not engaging in the discussion after my problem was solved. Virtually every other forum will notify you if your thread has been replied to, you have been quoted, you have a PM, etc.

    Hopefully the new firmware is a permanent fix. I just went through this and this is what support had me do which totally fixed it:

    Downgrade to 8.5, reset Init Globals, reupdate to current firmware, done.

    Thanks. We have unplugged everything from the unit, reset the I/O settings, power is coming from a Furman power conditioner and the clicking is there in any analog output. OTOH, my personal unit has a Freqout with an AC adaptor plugged into the same crappy power strip as my Stage and it is dead silent. My bandmate is quickly losing his enthusiasm.


    I was wondering if anyone has any insight on this problem. Perhaps it is a hardware issue or else we have overlooked or messed something up in the setup/settings. Here is the situation:

    I have been using a Kemper Stage for a year or so now and use almost exclusively high quality MBritt profiles. I use it in the studio utilizing the main XLR out in stereo and at home via SPDIF with no issues whatsoever. I have learned a great deal from this forum and I thank you all very much for your contributions.

    My bandmate liked my sound and purchased a Stage for himself from Sweetwater. When it arrived, we set it up with similar profiles and output settings of -20db in Master Mono. Utilizing a high quality XLR cable direct to a Behringer X32 mixer into 4 powered Bose towers there were audible, non periodic pops with various degrees of loudness coming from his Stage. All firmware is current and we also did a factory reset. We tried every combination of ground lifts with and without the "Main XLR Lift" checked. The popping continued and we just figured it was a defective unit and exchanged it for another from Sweetwater. Unfortunately the identical problem persisted with the second unit. Did another firmware update and factory reset with no change.

    At this point Occam's razor would suggest an external variable in the studio being the culprit so after rehearsal last night I brought his unit home with me and left mine there. I hooked it up via SPDIF and zero issues. I then tried the main XLR outs, monitor outs, and headphone outs through an Audient iD14 and sure enough the popping was clearly evident. This happens with or without anything plugged into the input jack and with any analog setting of output source. So basically the digital output is good but all analog outs have the popping issue - on two consecutive units! Perhaps I am missing something but I believe the pertinent settings are equivalent between my functional unit and his so I am somewhat at a loss. Here is a YouTube video of it happening along with the input and output settings:

    Is this a known issue with a current batch of units?


    What a great post, thank you so much.