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    I don't have any specific settings for you, but the clean chorus sound is exactly that. Should not be too hard to dial up as you mentioned you are close. I hear some delay on that sound as well.

    The 'solo' break is a two guitar harmony part that you could easily dial on the Kemper. The tone is pretty hot(switch to higher gain profile or medium distortion) with a longer delay. The delay is key and helps smooth out the sound and also helps to get the transition of the held notes into feedback. Of course, you also need enough volume and gain to get to the feedback point.

    If it were me, I'd start with a couple Vox profiles or possibly a Plexi type for the hotter section.

    We all have different views. I almost never use a compressor for guitar. It robs me of my ability to control the instrument with my hands. I am the best compressor in my system. I dynamically change pick attack from note to note and compression does not work for me. This is true for an electric and even for a non-amplified acoustic. All that said, there are very niche specialty sounds where I might find a compressor useful. YMMV.

    This is exactly what I do on a Windows machine. It works until it doesn't - see the bug I described above. The split screen seems to be different between windows and mac.

    Considering that no audio signal goes through it, must be a hardware grounding issue. Does it happen also if you touch the metal parts on the Kemper?

    Yup, no signal, and the buzz sounds like 60 cycle hum, which is why I think it is a ground issue as well. Don't know about the all the other potential metal parts.

    ...The deal killer, like every all-in-one unit ever created except the KPA, is the need to manually adjust volume after adjusting gain on amps. I don't know why so few people seem to appreciate this, I feel like I'm the only person that ever mentions this. Forget touch screens and editors, there's nothing more time consuming in all-in-ones than having to manually adjust volume after making gain changes.

    I've seen you mention this in other posts and have never understood it? It does not reflect my exprience. Changing rig gain does change volume in my experience. And my sound meter(C or A weighted) agrees with my ears. Perhaps your experience is different due to your comments regarding clean sense, which I admit I don't understand fully. I read many conflicting posts about what exactly clean sense and distortion sense do. I suppose I should go to the Kemper video about this and then work with the unit to finally figure it out.

    The previous comments can help, but I think the issue is related to volume, or lack of. Two, if not all, of those bands are mainly known for cranked, high volume Marshall Plexi type sounds. This is a generalization, don't shoot me because there are cases where this is not true. These are not necessarily high gain, but do have some amount of gain. If you match the gain with the Kemper, but keep the volume down, the response(sustain for one) is different than a cranked amp. If I turn up the Kemper plexis loud, they are much closer to the real thing. Solving the sustain problem at low volume is a compromise. Also, you have probably already done this, but make sure you don't have a noise gate cutting the sustain.

    Remote is connected to toaster via Kemper cable(have also tried 2 other cables with same result). If I touch any of the switches on my remote with my hand, a buzz is introduced into the system. The buzz is gone when the hand is removed. I have not tried to investigate as it is low priority for me at the moment. Any comments?

    I very much appreciate the tribute packs. One can analyze how TD solved the puzzle for specific songs/artists. This can help those who need to gain an understanding of how to tweak for certain sounds. It can also serve to validate what one might have already done. There are quite a few songs in the tribute packs that I have previously created for myself. I find a mixed bag of results. Some of mine are better while some of the tributes are better. I'm sure this is for various reasons including monitoring system, guitar, base profile, player, individual preference, etc... In any case, thanks to TD and Kemper for making these available.

    The paste command is only available in certain meaningful scenarios.

    Pasting a Rig into a Slot of a Performance is possible but limited to the Performance which it currently loaded. So a PROFILER needs to be connected, in Performance Mode, and the destination Performance needs to show at the PROFILER display as well as be marked with a headphones icon in the Rig Manager Performance list. This limitation makes sure, that you can hear what you assemble and the Rig you paste is always in focus of the Editor. Consequntly storing the edited Performance is consistently performed via the Store buttons at the bottom of the Editor.

    So going slightly off-topic. All this is understood and how I use it. There are bugs in RM:

    • I often see an issue after doing quite a bit of copying and pasting where the text and graphics for the slot don't display properly. I can select another performance and then return to the 'bad' one and it will then display properly.
    • Setting up morphing in RM with toaster and remote can lead to the morph not being loaded into the toaster properly. After disonnecting RM and controlling via the remote , the morph is not correctly in memory. Repeated attempts to redo the morph via RM are unsuccessful. At that point, I disconnected RM again, and was able to setup the morph succesfully using just the toaster and remote buttons.

    This would be a nice addition. Not sure how you all approach this situation. I had similar issues and finally decided to normalize all of my profiles(rigs with cabs) as rigs on the browser side. When I create a performance I paste a normalized profile(amp and cab) into the performance slot and add effects from there. Is this what you do?

    This issue has also caused me to reduce the number of profiles that I use so that the task of normalizing is reduced. I agree that normalizing between slots and performances is a pain. This is perhaps the biggest drawback of the Kemper for live use. It has made me consider going back to my amp and pedal board, which I haven't done yet...

    I would also like the ability to search and replace profiles(amp and cab) in the the perfomance/slots. This would allow me to renormalize profiles and insert them back into the performances without having to do it manually on a one by one basis.

    Have we entered some sort of alternative universe? I would suggest to use selective hearing. If you'll simply stop hearing the notes you don't like then problem solved. ;)

    The paste command can be delayed depending on the action you take. I use one instance of RM. I can't have two on my Windows machine. I set the toaster to performance mode. I can then copy a rig out of the browser section and past it into a profile performance and continue on with what I am doing. I can also copy a performance out of my local folder and paste it into the profiler performance. If I were to activate the performance that I intend to past into, then the paste command is not available and I have to wait a few seconds and then right click to see that the paste command has become active. I am copying and pasting with the mouse only and not using hot keys.

    I often see an issue after doing quite a bit of copying and pasting where the text and graphics for the slot don't display properly. I can select another performance and then return to the 'bad' one and it will then display properly. This is definitely a bug.

    I have a similar setup but with a PA monitor instead of the the Kone. I also notice the fizz on the britt profile. I dial back the presence and slightly the treble. I also use the hi cut down around 6kHz. This gets rid of the fizz on my end.

    ...That the full band width power amp that doesn’t colour the sound is the type of Tube Amplifier one would find in some mastering studios or in high end Hi-Fi systems.

    And the other type of Tube amplifier is specifically designed for Guitar amplification. So exactly the type of amplifier one would expect a guitarist to own but quite different in sound to a high-end full bandwidth amplifier....

    It is true that all tube output sections are not equal.

    Hi-fi tube amps are specifically designed for quality sound reproduction. What goes in comes out more or less unaltered or uncolored.

    There are guitar amps that have power amps designed for higher quality sound reproduction than others. The Dumble output section design comes to mind as an output section this is more hi-fi and that is designed to be adjustable as tubes and components age or change over time. Ampeg also had some amps like this. There are others as well, but that's not my point. There are also amps where the output section is designed to distort. The type of phase inverter, class of the output circuit and how the supply is configured all have an effect.

    The Kemper is intended to be used with an uncolored amplifier - full stop. If one happens to like it better through a distorted amplifier then so be it. Making the claim that it is better through every tube amp is incorrect. This is my main point.

    I am sorry but I disagree, have you ever tried using the Kemper's solid state power and then shut it down and switch over to a tube powered amp's loop return? If not I suggest you do and you will indeed hear a huge difference with that same exact profile. Please try it if you haven't, then let me know what you think.

    Yes I have. My statement had an if in it. If yours does not then yours is coloring the Kemper signal.

    ...I have a powered Kemper head. When using the same profile with different setups (powered FRFR/Kemper's Power Amp into a real cabinet/Tube amp power into a real cabinet) they all sound different.

    The Kemper power amp into a guitar cab will sound very much the same as tube power amp into a guitar amp if the tube power amp is 'full' bandwith and operated linearly. The Kemper provides ALL the tone and the power amp should not add any further 'color'. You can't guarantee this in your situation. In light of that, I would do what V8guitar suggests.

    I use the Evans profiles on the rig exchange for lap steel. I found that most profiles, even the clean ones, were not clean enough. I prefer very clean, shimmering tones and the Evans work well for me.

    I use an analog DeArmond volume pedal in front of the Kemper, so can't help you there.