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    A full stereo FX loop would be really nice to have. Currently I'm only use a mono FX loop currently, but it would be nice to be able to bring in more "colorful" stereo pedals into the Kemper.

    Lots of great suggestions here which I'll echo. I run two Kemper Stages for two guitarists to my mixer.

    I set Kemper output to -12 on Master Volume and lock it, and then run LEFT & RIGHT XLR from Kemper to my mixer. I gain stage at that point as needed.

    I set HPF to 85khz for the Kempers. I turn off all effects, compressor, and EQ at the mixer for the Kempers, and then add only minimal amounts as needed to give the full mix the life and balance I am looking for. My philosophy is to make all the core sound decisions at the Kemper, not at the Mixer.

    Normalizing the Kemper amps & performances to operate in a predictable way through the mixer is what takes the most time & effort.

    Worst case I can compensate at the mixer on a song by song basis. When that happens I take notes of what I had to do, and then adjust the Kemper as needed so it doesn't happen again ?

    The great part is that feeling doesn't go away. I still have that feeling years later. With some gear, you have that "honeymoon period", where you love it and overlook some little things. After a while, those little things become big things and you really begin to wonder what you go yourself into. Thankfully, that never happens with the Kemper. The features are so deep, you can learn new things about it years later. ENJOY!!!!!

    So glad to hear that!

    Woke up this morning learning about the new Kemper beta and that Double Tracker will soon be available. I almost cried in happiness knowing this unit just keeps getting better, while I have still so much to learn about all the features it already has! Just utterly amazing.

    Hello all!

    I recently purchased two Kemper Stages to replace my two Boss Katana Heads Mk1, and they are just now getting settled in for heavy rounds of exploration.

    After researching Kempers for the last month and mostly lurking here, I believe I've found the guitar tool I've always been looking for - for writing, recording and live use.

    It's truly amazing to see what this community has to offer a new Kemper user! I'm glad to be here.



    I don't know if the acts you bring in are a single meeting thing or people you know in the area, but if it's the latter you could always have them come out on a day before the show and profile their amp. They show up and get the exact tone they're used to, you get the consistency and ease of use the Kemper brings, and you get some additional profiles, too.

    I have the musicians show up the day before to dial in their drums, bass, vocals and guitar tones. I hope to offer the ability to profile their amps in the future, but I believe I need to get a few hours in the Kemper before I dive into profiling. Just evaluating the free/paid profiles available is overwhelming!

    Silent Lucidity is the only Queensryche song I cannot stand and would never want to play. I guess I just despise it because when you bring up Queensryche it's what most people know that aren't really into them. The "default" song.

    Haha I agree with the sentiment. But Silent Lucidity was the song when my girlfriend and all the other not-metal fans in my world wouldn't complain about us playing Queensryche anymore :P I'm sure the crossover success helped filled their bank accounts immensely. Their first album was such a huge influence on me - I was hooked from then on.

    I did a quick once around the block on your YouTube show. Fun stuff, man.

    If you've been miking guitars in the past, you're going to love the simplicity of coming straight out of the Kemper into the board. The exact same tone every time you pull up a profile, no more amp knobs off by just a little each time or mics that are never quite the same from gig to gig. I love the consistency and not having to worry about dialing the guitar in each time. There's an old joke in the computer biz that reliable stuff is like a toaster - plug it in and it just works. In my case, well, I guess it really is a toaster. :)

    Thanks for checking the show out Chris! I love the toaster analogy.

    I've only previously mic'ed guitars during final tracking sessions. The Katana's I've used for a few years now have been good enough for practices, writing, and now the live YouTube show. But just like in the computer biz, sadly the prototypes go into production more often than not :D The Katanas were always meant to be placeholders but their ease of workflow makes it harder to go back to mic'ing. I'm sure the purists are horrified I would say that, but there are only so many hours in the day.

    As I bring new acts in for the live show who, rightfully so, are upset I won't let them bring their favorite combo/head/cab to mic up, I had to have a better solution.

    With the Kemper's my hope is to keep the ease of workflow while having actual stellar reliable guitar tones for everyone, for live and studio use :)

    I love Gullfoss and use it often, but am new to Kemper. My thought is...

    Gullfoss is an EQ that provides that final 300+ band EQ driven by an algorithm, that gives a final EQ polish to a track. Gullfoss doesn't know what is playing through it, it's just sound. So it looks for those freqs that are offputting and tames them, or fundamentals that are missing and recovers them. That's my take at it anyway lol

    Because the Kemper DOES know what is playing through it (guitar, acoustic, or bass), along with a profile that the input sound is running through, as well as a bunch of other parameter settings... Power Cabinet's algorithm theoretically could impact the sound much further than just an EQ.

    My thoughts anyway reading about Power Cabinet without any practical experience yet 8o

    For what it's worth, I had a collection of Fenders, Marshalls, Voxes, etc. from decades of playing. I owned the Kemper for a week, then sold every one of them. That was a couple of years ago, and I still don't miss them at all (or the maintenance, or the lugging them around, or the inconsistencies of miking them up). This is the single most gratifying piece of gear I've bought since 1973.

    Sooooooo tickled to hear that!

    I think I would go with these first... great reviews plus SW has a 2 year warranty. Forget Amazon.…-isolating-earphones-blue

    If money wasn't an "impedance" then I would get some custom-fit 12-driver Westones with the subwoofer brain implant. ;)

    In my 8 years of using IEMs, Guitarists and Singers only seem to get close to happy with more drivers in their IEMs. Everyone else seems to manage without complaining constantly ? Like OhG said, 4/5 drivers seems to be the sweet spot, where playing in them just becomes as transparent as they need to be for MOST performers. Of course that many drivers costs $$$.

    I recommend folks start with the KZ AS10s because they run $40-$50 so cost of entry is low and sound quality over my 4 years and my many purchases, they just have not let anyone down. The reviews on Amazon back this up. YMMV as everyone's ears and "headphone" feeling vary. I keep a few extras new around for musicians to buy when they come in the studio.

    I didn't know about the AS12s or AS16s until OhG's post - I'd like to try those next!

    I am new to the Kemper, but I had no issue just plugging the Kemper XLR's straight into my mixer/PA.

    The only change I made is I "disconnected" the master volume knob from altering the volume sent to my mixer.