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    ello, I have a question regarding the kemper stage.

    If this is the wrong place please no hate. Give me the path and I will transfer the thread.

    Moving on to the point.

    Yesterday I bought a set of packages…ogie-jpc2-kemper-profiles

    There are 3 directories: Cab Clone, Direct, Studio Profile.

    Looking at the videos below in the link I imported the Studio profile given number and it turns out that apart from dealey and reverb, there is nothing.

    Setting up the clean, riff, riff, solo, solo 2 track, I decided to first import the amp and cab of individual presets, and then enclose each one separately with appropriate cubes, gate, chorus etc. I did it and when I returned to clean it turned out that already set cubes appeared in the preset !!!! Pure booster, noise gate etc. etc.

    And now the question:

    having different equipment, fractal ax8 or boss gt 1000 by downloading a given sound, this sound was complete.

    There are only amps and cabs here, is it a standard or I just can't import the whole thing?

    How should the whole sound be correctly imported, isn't it possible?