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    Wow! Thanks for the awesome and so in-depth tutorial! I really appreciate it. It would be great if you could make it a “sticky “, if they have those here so that others could benefit from it. I would think that there are many kemper users who would really like to be able to use their iPads to do just this. Thanks again!

    I think I've got it now! I searched and found a video on the forum from Slateboy using an app called Midimittr which would apparently recognize the MD-BT01. Then when I went to Midipad 2, and assigned Program Changes for the pads I setup, it does exactly what I want, which is allow me to select Performances with the touch of my ipad!

    This is correct. For midi you have to use the MD BT01 or a similar device. Using a midi-interface for the lightning or usb port is possible too but way more complicated. Not all devices will work and the iPad lightning port can not deliver the power to run the interface without another powersupply or an aktiv USB-hub. To much cable in my opinion.

    Using the MD BT01 is the easiest way, profen by many members of this forum.

    I just got my MD-BT01, but I can't get it to connect. The lamp on the MD-BT01 continues to blink. I go into Midipad 2, but there are no settings that I can find for connecting with a device. Going into Program Change and changing the values does nothing. Do you have any suggestions?

    Used it once now Im working with forescore. How is your iPad connected to the kemper? Do you use the yamaha bluetooth to midi dongle? Have you ever been able to send a midi-message from your iPad to the kemper?

    Holiday season in Germany, so Im not at home with my kemper. I will check it out when Im back. Will take a few days. I may post a short tutorial for you.

    Just ordered a Yamaha MD-BT01 interface. Should get it next week.

    Thank you! First of all, I might not even be connecting when I try to use midipad 2. I downloaded Rig Manager and am able to connect that that using Wi-Fi. With Midipad 2, I get no indication that it’s connecting at all. Should I be using Bluetooth rather than wi-if for Midipad 2? Excuse my total ignorance with midi, but do I need to use a dongle or cable to connect my iPad to my Kemper (stage)? If so, is there some specific type I should look for? You mention a Yamaha Bluetooth to midi dongle. Enjoy your holiday. I really appreciate any help you can give me.

    I just need to figure out what to put in the program change place he shows on the video. I want to be able to press one of the buttons and for example, change to Performance #10, Slot #1.

    If Midipad 2 will do that, that’s all I need. Changing Performances using the up and down foot switches is a real pain. This would be perfect!

    Yep the only way to do it is to make sure perform is selected on you Stage and scroll up and down wth your finger next to the performance name.

    I’m hoping Kemper will provide a better experience for navigating rigs and performance’s soon.

    Agree, I hope they add the ability to scroll through performances soon. Tapping an arrow on a tablet is no better than tapping on a foot switch.

    I use forscore and on each sheet it send midi program change to select the performance or the corresponding rig for the intro of the song.

    I do it via midi to Bluetooth with a Yamaha bt 01

    If you don't mind my asking, what midi change do you send to select a particular performance, say #15? I don't need to do anything fancy, I just want to be able select specific performances. From there I can choose the slot with the footswitches. Typically a performance would be for instance a Deluxe reverb, then the slots would be various gain increases.

    Has anyone used an app like Midipad with an iPad to select performances? Not necessarily specific slots within a performance. Once I've brought up a performance, I'm fine with using the footswitches to select a particular slot. But I have a lot of performances and I'd like to be able to say, select Performance #6 ( Super Reverb) to use with a particular song, and then quickly change to say Performance #15 ( AC 30) by just pressing on my iPad rather than clicking up or down with the footswitches on my Stage. I've looked at the manual and downloaded the Midi Parameter documentation, but I'm just getting confused. I don't need to do anything fancy like use midi to change parameters of profiles, just select specific performances.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


    i use SetList Maker , each song in a set are set-up to a performance and send the change via Midi.


    Thanks! I’ll look into that. We’ve gotten away from set lists. I really just want to select performances from the iPad and then use the five foot switches to select profiles from within a performance. I wonder if some sort of midi app for the iPad would allow me to do this? Just a group of “buttons” on my iPad screen. Pick one to jump to a given performance, then press another to select a different one.


    I recently bought and iPad so I could use Rig Manager live with my Stage. I thought that I could use it to quickly select a performance ( I have around 60) without having to press and hold the up/down foot switches. If I have my stage hooked up to my laptop, I can do this by scrolling up or down the middle section of RM. But now that I’ve bought and iPad, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to do this. I don’t really have any need to edit profiles live, just select them. Am I just sol?


    Forgive what's probably a stupid question, but Kemper's website lists Rig Manager being compatible with iPad 5th, 6th and 7th generations. I've never owned an iPad but am looking at getting a 2021 9th generation. Supposedly it's using iOS 15. Will this work with Rig Manager?