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    And a third choice: monetize it. Some artists prefer to sell their profiles/presets or develop new ones for commercial purposes. Some others partner with companies to “bundle” their tone and settings in pedals or other piece of gear. EVH included.

    I have to say. I'd be more likely to buy a 'sounds like' profile it was endorsed by the artist. I've held off buying any so far, mainly bceause Ive enjoyed having a crack myself, but also if they don't sound anything like the previews you're down some cash.

    My Main Out -12db is unchecked. This does raise a question about it's purpose though. If I check it then you drop -12db but you can just override the drop by increasing the MV, rig volume, or interface gain. Can anyone elaborate on why you would check -12db?

    Cheers. I guess if -12db is checked and and you are setting your main out at -12db you're actually sending -24db out? One assumes.

    Thanks for your help.

    I also notice those links I shared work in browser but not on mobile. Thanks again though all!

    Please use the DIRECT OUT/SEND 1 to pick the unprocessed guitar signal.

    Reamping setup and process are explained step by step in the Main Manual starting from page 129.

    Thanks! I am not really planning on re-amping yet. I'm hoping to just record my rigs and that'll do me...

    Check out my tutorial. You would just omit the Right main input and Right DAW track for mono...

    How to Reamp Kemper with Reaper (non-SPDIF Method) Tutorial..

    Thanks for this, that looks really in depth. Maybe I should have left re-amping out of the topic mind as I am hoping I dont need to.

    At this stage, I just want to record both my Rig and the Guitar signal.

    From Burkhards response it sounds like I need to use one XLR as Master Mono via Main Output and then Git Analog via Direct Out?

    Direct out just requires a bog standard instrument cable doesn't it?

    It's a shame you can't send both clean and processed via the Main Output XLRs...

    Hey all,

    I am about to dive into the recording world using my Kemper. <X

    I have a dual input interface and I plan on recording my Kemper in Mono but one signal with my rig and one dry. That way I could reamp if I really needed to.

    Having looked through the manual and some videos I can't see an explicit way of doing this via XLR - balanced and the cables I currently own...

    I know I'd need to send Git Analog and Master Mono to the interface but I am drawing a blank on the method via the Output menus.

    Any help would be great! Thanks again.

    + for Cubase for me.

    I was trained on it whilst studying music technology at A-Level. MANY moons ago now. I bought Cubase 11 last year in a sale and got Pro as part of a deal.
    It's complex at times but every day is a school day! Just personal preference for me...

    That looks like an LCD screen when someone presses it too hard. Like when your thumb grabs the corner of an old laptop screen. Maybe it will go away on it's own. :/

    How is that possible when no ones touched it!? I've peeled the protector off and that's it.

    If its not caused by contamination (Oil ), can you rule out moisture?

    This could be caused by tensions in the display.

    The Kemper Support should say something about this, maybe this damage is known.

    Thanks. Im not sure as its sat on my floor since new. Ive not touched that screen.

    I also like these a lot. I decided to profile my own AC30 and they were coming out almost identical to the TAF's so I just use theirs. As far as the cranked normal channel sound you want to build a Brian May tone. It's the only one that gets close. I do use a different cab IR though. I bought, and tried tons of Celestion blue Ir's, the best I found was from "The impulse guys" which was Dan Boul from 65amps . I think it was from a 64.

    Agreed. I'm using TAF AC30 for my Muse tones and it does the job so far