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    Clearly, you spend more time worrying about me than I do you. Impressive word count.

    This statement is moot , considering you have not provided a quote. You are wrong and so was the other poster. Telecasters have not been the same in production , and manufacturing for 72 years. Your opinions are not just opinions they are made up concepts , that have no point in the forums other than to alleviate your need for a dopamine fix , or to muddy the waters on behalf of some unnamed party in and attempt to get people to settle for the kemper as is. You in fact denigrate others in the forum on a regular basis , then try to project your superiority complex onto others. My " impressive " word count could never , and will never come up to the astronomical amount of time you have put into your 1,789 posts. Most of which are bogus opinions I am sure. You can hate all you want , but my hippocampus is clearly functioning better. Just reference your earlier comments about the fundamental similarities in all Telecasters over 72 years , and provide me with proof they are still using the same bridges , saddles . Wrong is Wrong, and avoiding the point well quite frankly is avoiding the point.

    What else would one have if not an opinion?

    Opinion does not trump fact. Telecasters have not been the same for 72 years , therefore Kemper is not as perfect as it could be to every consumer. Are you going to provide me with any proof that the bridge and saddles have remained the same on a telecaster for 72 years regardless of their fundamental role on the instrument. Scale , and intonation are pretty important when dealing in string divisions , hence the reason I chose those facts being they should trump all other fundamental changes to the instrument. " telecasters are great therefore don't mess with firmware upgrades." - Some guy.

    That comment referenced another where the person was lamenting the fact that other devices see updates more often.

    For a pro musician, where the tool (KPA) is a mission-critical piece….upgrading introduces risk. Like screwing with an auto mechanic’s tools.

    You’re messing with their livelihood.

    Everyone can do and feel how they want. But I agree that if the frequency of updates bothers you compared to other units……y’all ain’t playing enough guitar. ‘Cause that fixes me right up.

    Hmm sounds like a denigration. I assume I could just look at the number of my posts compared to yours , and extrapolate that for some reason you have been allowed to do it longer for some reason. Better yet why don't you use all that talk and convince kemper to send me a kemper , with a firmware build that is as stable as your holiness, so we can stop wasting your time with legitimate concerns that our investments have warranted. Translation : " I did not get this thing for free bub." Or if you provide me with a P.O. box I could spare a box of kleenex.

    You argue and denigrate like it’s your job.

    An apples to orange comparison about why the kemper does not need any updates is not proof it is perfect since inception. Just because someone likes every telecaster ever made

    does not mean the Kemper does not need updates. I can count the firmware builds and prove that. Opinions might not matter to you , but that is all you seem to ever give because you have nothing else better to do I guess.

    The fundamental design has not really changed, though. Plenty of players prefer the three barrel saddles, stamped bridge plate and slab body.

    Different pickups, bridges, saddles etc is bolting on parts. Leo Fender got a whole lot right the first time.

    You are saying there have never been any bridge or saddle changes? Do you know/ understand what is fundamental to a stringed instrument? Prove to me that the fender telecaster is still using The parts you are talking about. You guys can stop muddying the waters now I mean unless that is your job. The kemper requires updates , the kemper needs updates..... get over it.

    Any of the older ones, because due to the current economic climate , and habits of corporatism in businesses today, I know that A. not even made in U.s.a means anything anymore, and B. Most people are not dedicated anymore to customer service. Just look at what has happened to Jackson guitars ever since Fender bought them. I play two guitars now that are made in San diego , but I will never return to them because of their terrible customer service. The options are just amazing for the price point but the bad customer service experience has lowered the value. Just last year I had to take apart and depin , repin , a brand new tube pre at the pcb board for the Transformer leads , because bad design and hurried assembly chopping the lead nearly in half.

    My man, I was making a simple point. Firstly, I have a ‘54 Blackguard beat to crap. The intonation is fine and it sounds better than any new one. Yes, it does. If you wanted a telecaster sound on a record, you want my guitar not some shiny thing with six saddles, noiseless, 14” radius slim neck, no ashtray lip bridge, off the wall at guitar center. Just like you don’t want a 1969 Marshall profile to be done with fender amp, & a tube screamer. You want it to sound right. We’re talking about sound, right? I’m sure Kemper will be updating hardware, soon. In the meantime they are constantly giving us updates. I got mine in 2019. With the amount of updates Since then it’s a totally different thing. As far as tube amp sound and feel, it’s got it down. You don’t have to buy one, and you don’t have to keep one.

    The telecaster has not remained the same. Any bridge , saddle change are major changes, not to mention the no caster years, and the differences in solvents , and other compounds used to finish and create the instrument. The telecaster is not a valid comparison Because A. the kemper has had many updates to fix issues, and B. The telecaster has not remained the same. We were not talking about sound, we were in fact talking about Kemper updates. If we are talking about sound now.... everything effects sound.

    I am pretty sure that was the point of the entire thread, but whatever.

    I asked it as an option not a change. I am not opposed to Europeans having "options".

    If you just memorize every other interval i.e. 2 pm is equal to 1400 , 4 pm is equal to 1600, etc all the way up to midnight ( zero hour ) you will be fine. I never knew how to tell military time (24 hr mode) until I just started thinking of it algebraically. example :

    12 + x = 18. so 6:00 pm It is good for the brain.