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    I'm dont usually do Me-Too posts, but yeah me too. I have an older THR-10X that also gets used everyday. I love that thing.

    Can't morph between rigs, but you can have a morph between a clean/gainy version of the same rig.

    You can try a couple different things....

    1) just morphing the gain knob (probably not the best idea)

    2) try the old reliable Tubescreamer method before the rig and morph the Mix and/or Gain on the TS itself

    3) just set the rig to clean and add your distortion of choice . Morph the Mix and/or Gain on the pedal.

    It depends what kind of clean you want (JC120? Blackface clean?) and the kind of gainy sound you want.

    Hope this helps...

    I’ve been contemplating the in ear route for years. I used a sennheusee system years ago but hated it. In reflection it was obviously down to the earbuds themselves. Anyway, I normally use a pair of earplugs on stage. Not so much down to the backline volume more to reduce the nightmare of cymbals in small venues. My question is, would the in ears have the same effect as earplugs but with the additional bonus of mixing in a ‘low volume’ ox on top of the attenuation caused by earplugs or would it be a completely different experience.

    There is a kind of isolated feeling of using earplugs or IEMs. If you're used to earplugs, then IEMs will probably work out pretty well for you.

    It's super cool to have a individualized mix, and instruments stay within a reasonable volume level. It's easier to have an overview how the band sounds.

    I'm using a In-Ear Stagediver SD4 and I'm quite happy with them.

    Nice post! All points valid! :thumbup:


    Schau mal hier:

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    Ich kenne der Z12 nicht aus aber ich glaube was du machen willst ist möglich, aber nur wenn du Browser-Modus nutzt. In Essenz, man lädt ein Rig, klickt den System-Taster und irgendwo dort kann man ein MIDI Patch Change Nummer spezifizieren. Wann du dann diesen MIDI Nummer von der Engl auswählst, dann weißt der Kemper welcher Rig du laden willst.

    I always preferred Cleartone EMP strings over Elixir, they feel and sound just like regular strings but really do last way longer,

    especially if you clean the strings before putting the guitar away (ghs Fast Fret for me).

    I've tried a set of the Cleartone EMP 9s and it seems they stay brighter, longer. I'd say that I was a convert if they weren't so expensive.

    Meiner erste dummer Vorschlag wäre RM uninstallieren und dann wieder neu installieren.

    Wenn du sagst " Drag&Drop in ein lokales Verzeichnis", meinst du ein lokal Ordner in RM, oder auf deiner Mac/PC?

    Würde aber erwarten das neuinstallieren würde das Problem lösen...

    Bin voll zufrieden mit meiner zwei Alto TS310s. War erstmal verdächtig ob 10Zoll wirklich ok wäre, bin nun aber überzeugt. Für das Üben zuhause , setzen den Lautstärkeregler auf 1 reicht völlig aus. Für Band Proben, auf 4 geht. Den Klang finde ich Klar und lässt den Persönlichkeiten jeder Preset durchkommen.

    I think this is a great idea, especially if it could somehow be tied in with a better system for switching performances.

    --Speed when switching performances should be increased.

    --Switching from Performance 1 to 27 should require much less than 26 stomps.

    --Maybe integration of sound banks? Like stomp and hold ^ and scroll by 10s?

    --Setting a switch range as suggested above from for example 1-30 would also help with this.

    Switching performances is about the only issue I have with my Kemper. Would be great if that was sorted out before adding more blingy features.

    This is a known issue here in the community. I have a rack Kemper and the remote, and have had this problem since I bought them a few months ago. Switching from Performance 1-17 would take about six or seven seconds for me, long enough for everyone in the band to lose patience. There are several threads about it, and I've read somewhere that there might be a fix in the works for one of the coming updates. It reminds me that I myself should create a support ticket.

    I'd like my Kemper to change rigs in a way that the sound and display change is instantaneous (of course considering the "Rig Change Crossfade Time").

    For a temporary fix, I've heard a couple things, none of which helped my situation:

    --Unplug the USB cable to your computer used for Rig Manager

    --Less Rigs = somehow more processing power for the Kemper, but that makes no sense to me. I deleted all extra rigs on my Kemper and that made 0 difference.

    Dunno. I love my Kemper, but the performance switching delay thing is really uncool.

    I am having problems too. Over a second when switching between performances. And add to that, strange things happen. It’s like some parts of the rig switches faster than other parts, so the sound becomes really strange for a second. Quite unacceptable, might need to go back to browse mode.

    I also see a 2-3 second delay when switching performances with the Kemper remote. If I start up the system say on Performance #4 and then I stomp the up/down arrows on the remote to change, the remote doesn't react for really a good 2-3 seconds. Then it kind of catches up and switching goes faster. When changing performances via the rack buttons the switching is faster, but definitely lethargic and lazy.

    I'm sort of new to Kemper (and my remote is even newer), so I dont know how things were in the past. Did the problem really start with 8.7.4?