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    First you won't damage the Kone but it is a "guitar" speaker so the frequency range is geared for that particular instrument.

    I don't understand your connection. If you have a Profiler and a Kabinet then why not hook the Kabinet to the Profiler as it was made to do. You can hook up the Main Outs into your Focusrite you just won't be able to do monitoring of the DAW signal with USB headphones until you render the DAW project to a wav file and listen back using the built-in interface of the computer. If you can't afford studio monitors right now then the next best thing is to get studio headphones to hook up to the Focusrite - and this is a better option for some people anyway.

    thanks for the reply, I normally use Stage straight into Kone however i'm purely speaking about recording when I use the DAW. I plan to get some monitors soon I was just wondering if my temporary workaround was gonna be a problem.

    Hi, I don't yet have a pair of studio monitors and my headphones are USB which limits my options for DAW outputs. My current setup feels a bit wonky, I'm using the main output of the kemper stage into my DAW and then using the headphone out of my Focusrite Solo to connect to my Kemper Kone. From my limited tests it sounds okay but I was just wondering if the drums/other instruments might be bad in some way for the kone. My thinking was that it's a full range speaker so should be able to handle it but I just wanted to make sure.