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    A rig of mine (performance mode if that helps?) has reverb in the dedicated reverb slot and sounds perfect. However; when a Delay or Reverb is put into the dedicated delay slot, the reverb on the end is affected - it sounds like the mix knob on the reverb has been turned down drastically. Has anyone had this problem before? They shouldn't have any bearing on each other.

    Moving the delay from the dedicated delay slot to another slot brings the reverb back to the desired sound. It seems to me like the slot is the issue, not the actual delay, but the reverb is fine when any other effect is there.

    Hey all,

    I bought a Ground Control Pro to use with the Kemper Rack. I have no MIDI experience and I heard it was easy to program, so I gave it a try. Does anyone have any experience with the GCP with the Kemper? I can't get it to work in Performance mode. Ideally I could have 4 presets for channels and the other 8 for effects, but nothing works when I try to use it.