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    Rock cover band. Good mix of oldies, classic rock, 80’s and pop. I play a 61’ custom shop strat with dimarzio rail I put in the bridge. And a Gibson Les Paul trad pro with suhr thornbuckers.
    the PA was a mismatched mess. Ceiling mounted QSC and a stand mounted turbo sound monitor due to the other qsc being blown. I didn’t use any stage monitors or backline monitors. I’m not sure what tweaks he made. I doubt he made many. Was kind of a set it and forgot it sound tech.
    he actually said at one point he may have to take off early. lol although he never did.
    I went out the the crowd to check the sound a few times and it sounded great.
    I ran the headphone jack to my stereo iem and the main out Left xlr to the FOH.

    What exactly are you referring to when you say "The fractal in my opinion though has far superior effects?" I see this all the time with no detailed information on this.

    I find the effects in the Kemper to be as good as the Fractal effects. Are you referring to the more obscure effects that the Kemper does not have?

    just a lot more options as far as what effects they have modeled in the fractal. Some effects that are not in the Kemper. And a lot of adjustment parameters for the effects. Most of which I don’t know how to use. 😂

    Dude you have negative impacts on my business. I am trying to sell my fm9 in this forum! ;)

    (it is also on ebay, for those interested. Just dont believe this guy, Kemper is not that good:))

    the fm9 is awesome. I’m sure it’s capable of having the same amp feel as the Kemper. I’m just not that good at the parameters. Kemper was plug and play for me. It’s all about amp feel for me personally. And the Kemper nails that part.

    The fractal in my opinion though has far superior effects. The Kemper does all that I need but is fairly limited in the size of a preset you can create. I had huge preset layouts with the fractal and pretty much play the whole night in one preset. That’s where the fractal shines in my opinion. Also the routing was awesome. I would run two separate inputs which allowed me to run both a chain for magnetics and piezo.

    Last night was my first gig with the Stage transitioning over from the Fractal FM9. I spent a good two months dialing it in, setting up performances and building my new live board. All I can say is WOW. This unit is what ive been searching for. That perfect blend of digital with the REAL feel of a tube amp. Ive always liked the tones I got with the fractal and the amazing effects and versatility it offers. But ive always struggled with the feel and punch of a tube amp that is right in your face. The "Space" feature is a great touch since im primarily an IEM user live and also the lead vocals. It really gives the in ears a much better feel overall. One other im finding is that im able to use lower gain setting than I normally would with the fractal. I never liked the sound and feel of the low gain or clean amps in the fractal. Therefore I would always get better results by using a higher gain amp and dialing back the volume on the guitar. It ended up being much higher gain settings than the song called for but that was really my only work around. The lower gain amps just had zero feel or punch to it.

    Im extremely satisfied and have already had other musician friends decide to make the switch. Cant wait for our next gig. FYI the *removed by mod - commercial PROFILE * is amazing. I used it for 70% of the show. Put my Klon KTR in front of it and It was tonal bliss.

    One thing I need to figure out is how to get more stereo delay separation. Delays during my solos were a little too tight.

    I’m trying to run the headphone jack on my stage out to my in ear system. I have a quality mogami snake. I need a splitter 3.5mm trs to Y 1/4” split. I’m Hesitant to just use a cheap Hosa splitter. I’m afraid it will lessen the quality of my signal and make my expensive snake basically garbage at that point.
    does anyone have any recommendations on what cable or splitter to use in this situation?

    Use the search: normalize. You'll see many threads with opinions that basically say that pretty much every option is the best. Choose one that makes sense to you.

    not sure what you mean by "normalize"

    I'm really just looking for an answer on whether or not one way will induce clipping or not. Or is clipping even an issue with the Kemper? I know it was with the fractal and want to make sure I don't run into any problems.

    I’m attempting to level the volume of all my rigs and performances. I’m not sure the exact volume parameter to use.
    is there any clipping that will occur that I need to be careful of?

    Right now I’ve been increasing the rig level to +3 and then I have a solo boost when in Morphing which is set to +6.3. i kind of want to keep those parameters the same between every rig if possible.

    Should I just use the amp volume control from here to raise or lower an amp when attempting to level the volume of a rig?

    You are correct that using Master Stereo and only connecting to the left out will only give you half the signal but that isn’t what I was suggesting. The Kemper doesn’t sum to mono in your example. All you get is the Left half of the stereo signal. You need to set it to Master Mono to have it sum.

    When I do that, I get a weird double delay hit with just a single delay setting. Doesn't sound right. two quick delay hits when I have a 400 ms single delay setting. it gets a single on beat delay when I use left only.

    if you set Main Out to Master Left then FOH will only get half the signal which you definitely don’t want.

    Headphone out is always stereo.

    One option for checking a stereo FX translates to mono would be to test it in one of the Stomp positions A - D as these are always mono.

    Another option is to set the Stereo control to 0 in the delay settings. This will make the delay mono.

    I don't think that is correct. Setting the output main to Left should sum it all to the left side. If I set it to stereo and only use the left side then ill only get half the signal.

    What folder did you import them into on rig exchange? Did you put it on the local drive?

    When you import it does show the info at that point like the amount of gain?

    I understand I can only auction one at a time but if I could at least see that info and maybe what cab/mic was used that could help narrow my choices.

    So I took a slightly different approach. I imported them all using their current folders and even split out the direct and studio profiles. I then try to figure out what amp I am wanting and then look for profiles that are similar. To be honest, it is overwhelming and there is really no easy way to audition each amp profile. Sadly he doesn't provide a description like Michael Britt does which can make it hard to figure out what you are listening to.

    That said, another thing you can do is go on his page and find an amp you are interested in and listen to the demo. Then, load it up and see if it works for you.

    I just bought the tone junkie everything pack and it basically just a bunch of folders with files and names that for the most part I don't understand. Is there a way to audition these in a better way than just dragging random files into my performance one by one?

    also, there wasn't any read me file that I seemed to get with my purchase. Is there any file that breaks down the differences between all these profiles?

    should I just set Main out to Master Left and then Monitor Out to Stereo? when I set main out to mono it seems to be sounding like a summed double delay hit.

    Im currently running output 1 Mono L to the FOH and either monitor out or headphone out to my in ear system. Do all the effects just automatically default to stereo when running both outs? I have a single delay block set up and notice its Mono obviously when I only have only left running to the speaker. But then when I plug in headphones stereo im getting a stereo signal. I was under the impression that I was just dialing in a mono single delay. How is it all of a sudden running in stereo? I don't see any stereo adjustments in the delay block.

    I do have Main Out set to mono, Monitor out set to stereo and I don't see any choice to do mono or stereo for Headphones out. Im guessing that is only defaulting to stereo.

    Im just trying to make sure that if im dialing in a delay or stereo effects setting with my headphones that its going to be translating well to the mono feed on the Main Out and I won't be missing half the signal and it ends up sounding like crap at front of house when I play live