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    Thank you that was valuable information, I'm a bit paranoid when it comes to cloud-only storage so I'll definetly do that.

    what makes you think something is "cloud only" - you can drag any content in Rig Manager to the desktop and you'll get a file you can store anywhere which represents the content. you can also put those files on an USB stick and import them into your Profiler. Which is good in situation when you don't have Rig Manager at hand.

    I seem to have an issue with the remote whereby when I turn on the Kemper, the remote boots up but suddenly turns off. This happens intermittently. Sometimes it stays on and sometimes it turns itself off. I have changed the cable to a shorter CAT7 cable (its the only cable long enough). Anyone else experience this issue?

    does this happen when you use the original cable?

    I'm not happy with this kind of communication and censorship,
    Please delete my post completly.

    as you wish. your post has been deleted. I've gave you a perfectly reasonable explanation on why we prefer it this way. at the end of the day, we don't want people to perform steps which might be wrong or not necessary. also, the diagnostics file for instance can be 10MB or larger - and we don't want it until we need it. it is simply pointless to include it by default.

    in my opinion, this is not what's commonly known as censorship, as you point out yourself, all the info is official and available anyway.

    i'll also close your entire thread now. thanks to your request, it doesn't contain any valuable information now at all.

    I took the liberty of removing instructions on how to reinstall firmware and also what to send to support. Both things do vary depending on the situation and we would prefer to guide user through the process instead of dealing with the results.


    Grundsätzlich dürfen in der Rig Exchange nur Profile hinzugefügt werden, die frei von Rechten Dritter sind. Mit anderen Worten: hat man nicht alle Komponenten des Profiles selbst erzeugt und erstellt, darf man dieses auch nicht hochladen. Es reicht dazu auch nicht, sich das Recht einzuholen. Man muss dazu 100%er Urheber sein.


    this sounds like something is wrong with the connection between Rig Manager and your Profiler. This can be everything from a cable to a non functional driver. In any case, it has nothing to do with MIDI. I suggest that you contact support through the contact form on our website.

    There are technical reason for the decision to use a "soft power" approach. If you prefer to have your Stage off in the sense of not drawing power whatsoever, you need to pull the plug. Note that the preferred way to do this is to pull the plug after you've soft powered the unit off.

    Btw, I personally sympathise with the idea of a device no drawing power at all.

    Let me just note that once a modification has taken place, we will not service the unit anymore. In fact, if it's damaged we will not repair it. Of course, every owner can do what pleases him, but I think it's fair to at least point this out - so everybody is away of the consequences.

    updating Profiler will add new *optional* features but the content you've used with the original version from back then will stay the same. in other words, you can update without having to choose in between: new features vs. different sounding existing presets. from my limited knowledge, fractal handles this part differently. they update the amp algorithm and that has an influence on the existing presets.

    notes: there are a very few exceptions to the rule, mainly for the effects but the core sound (which is the amp and the cab aka the profile) will sound identical. the improvements made to profiling kick in when you make a new profile, existing ones were not altered.

    One thing I've figured out is do NOT try to play through your set while plugged in to USB and Rig Manager is on.

    It thinks you are in edit mode so weird stuff happens.... like, if I hit a stomp and then change to a different preset, the stomp will sometimes stay on even though it's programmed to be off on the new preset.

    playing has no influence on Rig Manager or the communication with the Profiler.

    this can be done using drag and drop. select a "Preset" directory on the left side in the tree view. Drag the effect onto one of the effect slots within the editor to load. drag one of the effects slots into a preset directory to save the effect. that's exactly the same procedure you use when you drag and drop a Rig onto one of the five performance slots.

    there is no need to use a context menu for this at all.

    GString I know you'll think I'm stupid but I did look and search.

    no, i don't think that at all. yes, there are a couple of manuals. you should at least read the Basic and the Rig Manager manual to get a better overview. The reason why I've replied was mainly to make sure that everybody will find the info easily.

    all the manuals can be found in the help menu in rig manager