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    I do not recall the other support ticket and searching my email comes up with nothing. Looking at my account in the Kemper site is there a way of looking at past tickets?

    no, there's no way for you to see the tickets on our server. The one i'm talking about has the ticket number 00173045.

    Kemper have already had my crash logs from the last time and I have not heard since.

    This is our last reply to you back in April 2020, which you apparently haven't received:

    "I had hopes that we will incorporate a new version of our driver in the next sub release but it will take a little more time. As it turns out, I cannot recommend an immediate remedy for the issue you're facing. Sorry."

    What you face is very specific to your PC/Windows installation and our driver. It is not a general issue and it is something we have to take assumptions on because it doesn't happen on any of our machines. There is simply no way for us to know that this issue is fixed, because we can't trigger the crash and therefore verify the possible fix. We can only take assumptions.

    By the way: I've taken a look at the second, unrelated ticket, you've opened times ago. Again, we've sent out a reply (this time with additional questions) and you didn't react. I wonder if you should check your spam filter settings.

    I never said RM trashed my Cubase preferences G String.
    RM crashed my PC and it was this that trashed the preferences.
    Kemper have already had my crash logs from the last time and I have not heard since.

    well, sorry for the misunderstanding. an application crash does not crash your PC. it terminates the application in question and that's it. and as for the logs and details, as it turns out, we cannot help you this way. good luck.

    If I don't turn off the kemper before exiting RM it crashes my Win 10 PC.
    Did it again today and the crash trashed all my Cubase prefs which I had to set up again.

    Is Kemper anywhere nearer solving this or indeed is it being investigated at all?

    we can look into your issue for sure, please contact support. i'm sure Rig Manager can crash under certain circumstances, let's face it, pretty much every application can. but there is no general issue with Rig Manager crashing on Windows 10.

    Btw: Rig Manager CANNOT trash your cubase preferences.

    We've disabled the Rigs for now. It is important to note that editing a Rig doesn't make it your own creation. In other words, you cannot take a commercial Rig (or any Rig you haven't profiled yourself) and upload a modified version. You also cannot take a Profile, use it with another Rig and upload it to Rig Exchange. It even doesn't matter if the license agreement of the Profile you've used allows sharing, because we (Kemper) do not allow uploads to Rig Exchange unless you're the exclusive creator of the content.


    If you find questionable rigs, please contact support through the contact form on our website. We'll have care of the rest and you do something good for the legit author of the content in question. Please do not post details here, this way you only bring attention to shady offer.

    Only had the unit a short time and still learning, most important of which appears to be don't install new updates...

    run a repair installation and if that doesn't work please contact support. Rig Manager is working fine, it's probably an issue related to Windows not correctly associating the driver with the app.

    It seems what everyone is really worried about it the prospect of free profiles going away. That's the underlying fear.

    apologies in advance for not reading through all you posts. I just wanted to say that nobody should think that free profiles will go away in the future. there is absolutely no reason to do so.

    There was a discussion on this in the German forum, because users detected massive problems with the updated RM.
    Neu Rig Manager Version

    i think it's save to say that the picture the user posted simply shows that no Rig Manager is connected, for whatever reason. of course that's an issue for him but it doesn't make it a massive problem related to this version of Rig Manager. we always post those update with a delay to our website.