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    yeah, this is huge difference. The issue is that RM and KPA get out of sync easily when you are building a performance using RM with KPA in performance mode (my case). My process is very incremental - I build my performances slowly, often listening to what I just added to hear if new slot plays well with the rest. Doing so from RM always leads to issues, which is super frustrating. If a workflow is allowed from UI it should be predictible.

    Are you will having this issue in Rig Manager 3.1?

    But to install the beta, I have to first install the latest RM. That does install the driver again, doesn't it??

    How can I install the beta alone?

    unless you've deleted the installer for the beta, you can find it in the downloads directory.

    clean the system -> install the beta. and only the beta.

    Rig manager and Windows Device Manager both tell me that no driver is installed for this device on the Win 8.1 machine. So, can I please now get the driver somehow because attempts to fix this by uninstalling and reinstalling Rig Manager are failing consistently?

    there is no driver I could send you.

    Rig Manager Public Beta 3.1.57 (3.1.56 on macOS)

    We have a new version for you which is available by using the built in update mechanism in Rig Manager. The new version contains the following fixes:

    - Folder import into main list not working (Mac only)

    - Focus changing to inspector when changing preview item with cursor left/right (Win only)

    - Crash when closing Rig Manager while progress dialog open (Win only)

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    Here's some info for you. The browsing/arrow keys issue will be fixed with the new version.

    The communication issues are related to the driver. Rig Manager 3.1. has a new driver and on some Windows systems, Windows doesn't manage to remove the old driver(s) successfully. As a result, the communication with the Profiler fails. I don't want to sound like I'm shifting blame to Microsoft but in all those cases so far, manually removing what was there before completely solved the issue. What's annoying is that the Microsoft MSI installer might fail on this task.

    With every single update of Rig Manager, we had a couple of users who run into this problem. And removing everything (in my recollection) always solved it. The reason why you don't run into this issue more often is that there are not many applications these days which install driver "deep" in the system. The good news is that the new Rig Manager has a new driver which doesn't install that "deeply" anymore and we hope to be able to say goodbye to that issue one the new Rig Manager is installed.

    I've posted some info above on how to remove all instances of Rig Manager and associated files from the system. Those infos will get 90% of you who face issues there, the other 10% should contact support, we'll help you to solve this. The good news (again) is that, when you put into perspective how many people install Rig Manager, the issue is very rare. I know, it doesn't look like this when you look a this thread but that thread doesn't show much of the reality to honest.

    Mac users will not have this issue.

    Regarding focus. Did you check my video? Seems like when browsing rigs on the profiler in RM the focus jumps to the right pane everytime a rig is loaded.

    yes, I saw your video. It doesn't happen for me so, if you like, get in touch with support and we'll see how to replicate this. It's a different issue though, I simply didn't want to mix all this up.

    Mac user here, the Beta installed easily with no issues. At first, all seemed well. At a band rehearsal yesterday there was a SIGNIFICANT lag when switching between performances (like step on the "up" arrow and nothing happened for 3 to 5 seconds). Also, stepping on individual effects within a performance took either a couple seconds or a couple repeated steps to engage/disengage.

    you should contact support, we can look into this. 3-5 seconds is a bit long. Probably you have an USB related issue.

    I used to be able to use the arrows on my keyboard to cycle through the Rigs, audition them, and then move on - using only keyboard arrows. Something has changed. I haven't made any changes to any profile when I get the error:


    I can see in your Video that you have Effect Slot #7 locked. That's why you're getting this notification, which is not an alert. So far all good. You also have tweaked your Windows settings so the font in the dialog is bigger and that's why you don't see the "Don't Show Again" option underneath the two buttons. That's something we can improve. IF you don't like the dialog, unlock Effect Slot #7. I've told you that in an earlier reply.

    The list needs the focus in order for the arrow keys to work. You get this by clicking inside the list (you say that in the video yourself). And the focus will stay there as long as you don't start to tweak things in the editor. That, again, hasn't changed as far as I can see. The list always needed the focus. We can debate that this is not idea and we will consider changes in the future but it is not a new behaviour since a Rig Manager with an editor has been released.

    Pressing the down arrow results in the field skipping properly, but the Rig does not load automatically, and pressing the Arrow keys right or left to load the rig, produces the error I made the Screen shot of.…4228-rm-3-1-55-error-jpg/

    up/down is not supposed to load a rig.

    the notification dialog (which is not an error) appears when you switch to another rig and there are unsaved changed. this can for instance happen when you actively change something but also if you for instance lock something.