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    – I tested thepowered version and noticed it got hot after a while. Don’t likethat. I’m not planning to use the Kemper live so i got theunpowered version. It has a big hole in the back which will collectdust. Why didn’t they cover it up with 50 cents worth of sheetmetal?

    the unpowered Profiler has a compartment for two reasons: you can store e.g. cables in there while you use the handle to transport it and - if you don't like the leather handle - you can grab the amp using this recess. if we would have wanted to save money we would have used a plane back plate. you should know this when you suggest that a sheetmetal costs 50 ct.

    – The power plug“wiggles”a bit, it’s not secure in the socket. After a bit ofwiggling the Kemper crashed and i had to start it up again! Mmm youdon’t want that live on stage.

    i don't think it does. if it wiggles, use another cable and see if it still does so. if in doubt, contact us. we use the same outlets and sockets everybody is using for professional equipment.

    – i bought thetoaster version because the rack version wasn’t available. The11rack is more convenient. The toaster takes up valuable space on mydesk. Those rotating lights around the soft knobs are cool though!

    your point ...? you should have bought a rack version if you prefer this form factor.

    – No paper manual.Come on! A 1700 euro device! The quick start guide will get youstarted but you have to go through the entire manual to understandthis device. I know i can download the manual, and i did, but call meold fashioned, i like reading from paper.

    the quick start gets you started, the rest is a reference. we release frequent software updates and this references gets updated. that's why we don't print it.

    anyways, enjoy your Profiler!

    This bug should be fixed immediately since it could lead to people thinking their setup / unit is faulty. I have a gig tonight and was already becoming slightly nervous. But after finding this thread I'll keep the KPA "as is" and risk it ...

    we're trying to replicate this bug since a while and we can't so far. from what we understand it doesn't happen if you don't have a computer connected. so, if you're gigging, simply don't connect a computer. we don't think it has anything to do with the cable you're using or a "loose connection" as assumed above.

    Update: Since the Beta update it has happened constantly. The mac hibernation freezing the Kemper has happened since i purchased it, but now it freezes with my computer on and active, nothing on except the Focusrite control. The only way to get it to snap out of it is to start rig manager which fixes it. Going to revert to the previous OS.

    IanRubbish can you please contact support by email, we'd like to work with you on that.

    thanks, gs

    hmm, if I drag a couple of rigs onto the location Profiler it just does that. but of course, if you have so many folders (which is your choice) than you eventually have to deal with the consequences in terms of what you see and what you don't. you can always scroll to the destination in the list first and then drop if that helps.

    When you've organized your profiles in a lot of subfolders and they all start to open it gets a bit tricky to Drag&Drop because you have to scroll down a lot. I also use a lot of subfolders in the RigManager and it doesn't behave very smart with that. Also the RigManager gets a little bit slow with many subfolders and profiles so Drag&Drop is also not so super easy to use.

    please stay on topic. this is about right click and send versus multiple items.

    we will put your request on the list but i cannot say when or if this ever will happen. what you imagine to be simple is not simple. for now, if you need to know what preset you base your modifications on, make a note. the comment field comes to mind, you can easily fill this info in using Rig Manager.

    Or something else : you tweak a great delay from a preset , save it , forget it ... then load it later and wonder from what delay preset is was based on ?

    waraba why do you need to know what it is based on? most effects have only a couple of parameters. either the effect works or you need to edit those. I still don't understand what the reference to the original preset would help you with.


    There are no user serviceable parts inside the Profiler and open it up might results in a warranty issue. Never do that. This is a warning to all those reading this in the future: don't open your Profiler!

    From the manual: "Warranty coverage is also voided when the device is repaired by unauthorized persons or tampered with in any way.", "Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as power-supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate nor- mally, or has been dropped."

    LiamThompson Since you've contacted support before you've opened it up, you're eventually fine. But make sure you mention this in your support ticket and refer to this thread.