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    However, I followed Roadrunner's advice and extracted the KAOS.bin from the zip file and copied only that the USB. It worked OK after that which is strange as lastnight updated to 7.1.10 straight from the zip file. He Ho, It's working now :)

    there never was a way to upgrade straight from a zip file. you must have been dreaming ;)

    On the latest RM and OS 7.1.10...

    If you lock the effects then Rig Manager cannot update them on the profiler. I had to unlock all the modules on the profiler before they would update when I chose any new profile in RM...

    that's exactly how locking is supposed to work. the purpose of locking is to keep an effect or profile, although you're changing a complete rig.

    I've not been able to try and replicate this, but I'm going back to the release version. All these issues are just frustrating and making it more difficult instead of easier!

    another option would be to contact support. what you report, we cannot replicate and it sounds like the communication in between your profiler and computer is simply not working correctly.

    Also, adding a rig to an empty slot in a performance in RM doesn't change the performance on the Stage.

    Renaming a rig also doesn't work. Tried rebooting the Stage - it came back up on Performance 21, but displaying the details for the default #1 performance! Changing banks fixed the display, but previous changes (as mentioned above) were lost.

    As far as I can tell, this new release has made no improvement whatsoever - on MacOS at least. Really disappointed.

    Meteoroz do you mind to reboot your mac and your stage, then try again?

    I'm glad it's not just me. I've just purchased a new USB cable as well, so it's not that either.

    I've made a mistake and 7.1.8 ended up in the update file for the Stage. This version will not work at all with Rig Manager 3.0.87 - update your Stage and things should be fine, I don't see what you've posted as for the FX not being updated.

    I tried it last night, and it worked for a few minutes, and then I kept getting crashes and errors. RM3 also stopped letting me save the performance in the performance slot.

    please contact support instead of waiting for another version which magically fixes crashes. The store issue will be fixed with the next version.

    reading through your posts, i get the feeling that the communication in between you Profiler and computer doesn't always happen. at least, this would explain a lot of what you write. again, contact us, this is something that needs to be fixed on your system.

    Drag and Drop. I create another window and so have the ability to drag the profiles I want from the Kemper into a performance. Remember that you have to turn on the slot to see the profile after dragging it. Highlight, then Ctrl + Enter to activate a rig in your library.

    the slot turns on automatically. you don't have to do this. and when you drag, you don't have to press Ctrl-Enter either.

    Has there been any solution to this? I can't connect rig manager to profiler. Was working fine until I disconnected USB to insert into a rack for transport. Now Im struggling to get it going. Rig manager freezes and I can't even force quit. I bought my profiler 6 months ago and this issue is recurring. Such a bummer this one issue makes this amp unreliable.

    please contact support using the contact form on our website. this issue is related to your setup.

    G, are you running yours at full 3840 x 2160 (-ish) resolution, or do you run at 1920x1080? If you do run at full res and your RM listing text is as tiny as Martin's then I agree with Alan - you have exceptionally good eyes! And as Alan mentioned, some of us haven't been 20 for quite some time now. :)

    Native 4K (3840x2160) on a 46" monitor / no scaling on mac. In other words, RM looks the same like in Martin's video but my screen + distance to where I sit allows me to read it without issues. Before that, I was working with a 34" Widescreen (3440x1080) and that worked for me as well without scaling.

    As it said, of course it would be nicer if RM would allow you to fully scale everything but I also would like to note that this issue doesn't come up frequently in our support department, if ever, and therefore is a low priority item on our list.

    hi guys,

    thanks for your reports and details provided.

    we are working on that right now. We had discovered an issue in beta 1 and accidentally broke parts of the performance management when we rolled out a fix in beta 2. It is our top priority right now to get things back working. This is the first week after the Christmas break for us, I'll need some more info on how long it will take to get a new beta to you. I'll keep you posted, sorry for the hassle. In any case, please don't go back to Beta 1 or 2, without going into details, from my point of view it wouldn't be a good idea.

    Best, GS