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    am pretty sure this is a new thing, I didn't have this problem before.

    it's a new thing. People found it confusing that editing the tags of a single Rig in inspector becomes permanent immediately, while editing the Rig itself with the editor requires you to store thing.

    Here's how it is now:

    - If the inspector shows a single Rig, you need to store what you change. The Store Rig button shows you if there is something to store by lighting up.

    - If the inspector shows the values of multiple Rigs, the changes you make to the tags are instant.

    Yeah and still same bug: Copy a merged (!) cab (A) to another profile (B) in RM using Kemper buttons and do not save anything. Then move to the next profile with right arrow key... The cab A is still shown in the profile B in RM (=wrong), but on the profiler the correct, original cab is shown. For fun: If I now copy a cab from a studio profile to the the profile B (which still shows the wrong cab A), this cab is not permanent, but it still jumps back to the wrong cab A in RM.

    If I make a duplicate of the rig (or copy and paste): Only the new profile shows the correct cab in RM.

    The wrong cab is shown until RM is closed and started again.


    we cannot reproduce this. could you please contact support and send a video which illustrates what you write above. we might have missed a little detail. thanks!

    Here is what I found...

    For a new Performance in Rig Manager (one that has been initialized and just has “Crunch” listed.
    I double click the the Performance (MyProfiler) to select it, you will see the headphone symbol showing that it’s is selected.
    Go into Rigs (MyProfiler), highlight a rig and either right click (copy) or use Edit drop down (copy).

    Go back to Performance (MyProfiler) and now try to “paste” the rig into the #1 performance slot... nothing happens.

    Now if I then click/select #2 performance and then click/select #1 performance again, I can now “paste” the rig into the #1 performance slot.

    we can't replicate your findings. please contact support.

    yes, that's intentional.

    Yoda Guitar

    can you please contact support?

    1) If you favourite a rig while auditioning it, it becomes un-favourited the instant you double click on another rig...

    2) You can no longer scroll up and down with arrow keys to audition rigs?

    3) When you drag a rig to a new folder, it now removes it from the folder it was in - so cut-and-paste as opposed to copy-and-paste, which is how it worked before - can't see any option to change this?

    4) I like how the controls in the Editor communicate with their respective controls on the Kemper (e.g. turn the Gain knob in the Editor, and the LED's "move" on the Kemper's gain knob - and vice-versa) - however, the Rig Volume knob (bottom right on the Kemper, far right in the Editor's Amp section) do NOT communicate in this way. Any reason for this? They are the same control, right?

    1) everything you do to a single Rig in the inspector needs to be stored. that's why the store button lights up. Everything you do to multiple Rigs gets stored automatically

    2) you can use the left right keys to do that, up and down just moves the selection

    3) use an option key (on mac press option) to copy instead of move

    4) the volume you find on the UI is the Rig volume which can be found on the Rig page of the editor

    in general, there were changes because the editor gave us a new perspective on some details. many things are lined out in the Rig Manager manual.

    Hi, I don't know this issue comes from RM3 (3.0.100) or the profiler (OS 7.1.19) but when I profile and store a rig a message comes (not always) and a rig is deleted in the browser. It's seems that the new rig profiled overwrite the last selected. And somtimes the last selected appears in the toaster but not in RM 3.

    Run in windows 8.1

    can you please contact support? we need to look into this.