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    The button light up when Rig Manager wants to signal you that there is a change to the Rig you edit which might need to be stored. Depending on the Profiler OS you're using, there are situations where a button will light up for no apparent reason.

    if you like, contact support and we go through a couple of things. I know what you describe was an issue which we addressed in an upcoming version. It would be interesting to see if we have fully solved it.

    best, gs

    My current win 10 version is 1909 OS build 18363.815. Could be a Win update issue - those are known for causing problems.

    I don't think it's a generic windows issue or related to a specific update. Again, there are thousands of PCs which do not crash. This is specific to your installation of Windows. You always can provide support with a link to a crash dump etc. - please use the contact form on our website.

    Any answers for this? I made a ticket for this weeks ago.

    We don't know why your PC crashes. In fact, we don't know what the difference is in between your PC and thousands of others PCs which don't have this issue. We cannot reproduce the crash so all we can do is guess.

    This doesn't mean that we're not working on it but it is a bit more complicated than a bug which everybody can verify. Usually, those are relatively easy to fix.

    loading a Slot in Performance mode, then activate an effect via the remote, push Slot again ---> the effect remains activated, even stored in the performance

    This is the same bug as in a former RM-Version.

    When you use Rig Manager, Remote behaves slightly different to a performance situation. The slots do not "reset" in this case.

    Please change the thread title, it's not a bug.

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    well, answered my own question. Apparently you have to enable Rig Exchange in Rig Manager or it never downloads the software. I had not enable that because candidly I wasn't interested in Rig Exchange at this point (I use the Rack almost exclusively for live work, and I've purchased the small lot of profiles I wanted (Britt and Dr Z) and have found "my rigs" for what I need -- didn't want to go down the rabbit hole of auditioning 100's or 1000's of other rigs).

    Also, it appears the Rack must be in Tuner mode or it won't update (Browser or Performance modes don't work). Or, at least it wouldn't update for me outside of Tuner mode.

    It's convenient to update software all via Rig Manager -- but there appears to be an absolute absence of instructions or directions in Rig Manager or on the Kemper download site (in fact, the update instructions for the latest OS say to use the flash drive method - which doesn't seem to work now, at least for me). :huh:

    You're right, we should point out more prominently that you need to be logged-in to get updates. Logging in is the first setup step in the manual but yes, we don't explicitly mention that.

    As for the rest, you're wrong though. Updating using a flash drive works and you don't need to be in tuner mode for that. Please contact support if you need help there.

    If the Kemper team could look into this it would be hugely appreciated!

    we've looked at it and we simply don't know what creates the difference. I'm writing this post with a Profiler connected to a mac book pro from 2017 using a usb C hub from Dootoper. i've never had this issue, no matter how I connect and start thing.

    we have different hubs here and also cables and they all work. it is a bit bizarre to be honest.

    This happens to me after a little bit of time has passed. I would try to change profiles and it would not change on the profiler. I would have to restart Rig Manager and then it works. Windows 10. Latest KAOS and RM...

    we need to be careful to not mix things here.

    if your Rig Manager connects fine and then looses the connection after some time, that has nothing to do with a situation where you can open Rig Manager and it doesn't find your Profiler. Maybe you want to use a different USB port / cable / hub (or better no hub for now) and see if that changes anything.

    If you're one of those how start Rig Manager and Profiler cannot be found, a good staring point is to check if your Profiler shows up in the device manager. the result can be "not at all" / "as an unknown device" / "a device called Profiler". this way you can narrow it down further. Mac users can open the USB tree in System Information and check if the Profiler is visible. If you cannot see it there, look for another cable/port/hub.

    I was trying to copy some performances by M Britt from the 2020 set that I had already imported to my local library to perfomance slots on the profiler. I was expecting to be able to copy and then paste them. I got a copy option in the right click menu on the performances in the library but no option to paste on the page listing the presets on the KPA. The KPA has all slots not occupied by my own performances currently filled with CKemper performances. I could not drag the performances across between windows or within a window.

    I could try directly importing the files to the profiler next time but why didn't this copy operation work as expected? This was on the latest KPA OS and the latest v 3.0 .120 RM on a Win 8.1 machine.

    try to select a row in the list first and then paste.

    i spent a lot of time separating all profiles into categories and put them into separate folders in the local section. so my profiler is essentially empty on the browser side. i would like to drop folders into the browse pool. it doesn't seem to wants to take it. anyone ever try this or know a work around to get it done.

    here is the though, having 500 plus profile to scroll through BLOWS!! i broke it down to amp type, artist signature sounds, acoustic ,bass,ect. i feel it is way more efficiant to just jump to the Mesa folder and scan the profiles like that.

    please stop posting the same multiple times, especially in old threads.

    it's been doing this off and on for multiple firmware and Rig manager versions. Kemper doesn't seem to have a handle on why its happening to some but not others

    Scott Rosenberger

    doing what, off and on? from what we can see, this is new. it seems that people talking about now, starting a couple of days ago whereas earlier on, it wasn't mentioned.

    why do you think think is not new? did you contact us in the past with this issue or read about it on the forum?

    thanks, gs