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    I found more and more hidden problems as the days went on. The quality does not justify the price for me. I had originally planned on exchanging mine for a replacement unit but instead i'll be asking for a refund.

    svenelof you should do that. obviously, you're unhappy and we don't want you to be unhappy. i think we can all agree on the fact that what you've received from us is not up to par with your expectations; and it also isn't with our own product quality expectation.

    the replacement packaging you've requested is in transit to your country and should be with you on friday. we'd appreciate if you could contact support to let them official know that you want to return your Profiler Stage for a refund. thank! gs

    I agree with KriGro. This may already be a known bug, but who wants to go through 138 posts to see if it's been reported previously? A list of known issues would greatly ease this reporting process. I also hope this behavior gets resolved. I'll be happy to write a support ticket if that's required.

    please do. If you have issues, please contact support using the contact form on our website. we will not be able to supply a list of known issues.


    We use the same cable and socket for all Profilers. The cables we use are just standard cables we buy in bulk. I don't think there's a general issue but maybe you just got unlucky. In general those power cables sit pretty tight, after a while they sit less tight and it might be a little bit more convenience to push it in. So my assumption is that you don't push the cable right in and that's why it is loose. Give it a try and let us know.


    Most issues related to failed updates are caused by unstable USB connections. If you run into this error message, use another USB port on your computer and don't use a hub. If you have USB drives connected to your computer and those possibly share the USB port with the one you connect the Profiler to, temporarily remove those drives.

    Rig Manager 2.3.1 only works with Profiler OS7

    Rif Manager 2.1.74 works with Profiler OS6

    The thread title is totally misleading because nothing crashed on your computer. can you please change it to something that fits the problem?

    hope that helps, gs

    Dumb question: I know it goes on sale tomorrow (WED) but the main page says "buy now" and then the link says "Out of stock." Was there already a pre-order period through that sold out, or is it simply going active tomorrow to buy through Kemper? I am on the list through Sweetwater, but if buying from Kemper direct is faster, I would do that.

    The Profiler Stage will be available for sale in our online store starting Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 9 AM PST - that's 6pm German time/(GMT+2)

    The "out of stock" message doesn't mean it was available already.



    Basically, for your money you get a floorboard toaster and an extra FX loop. It's "repackaged" 7 year old tech.

    that's not true. but you cannot know since you've only have seen a couple of photos and you simply don't know what's being used inside hardware wise. also, the Profiler was a continuous software development since it's first release 7 years ago. there were countless features updates. don't forget that. these days, the real value is in the software. and that's good for you because otherwise you'd have a legitimate reason to call it 7 years old tech.

    Strange that they don't mention the editor at all in the marketing material?

    you overinterpret here.

    before this entire discussion drags on and on, let me fill everybody in on a couple of details. the majority of our engineers is on holiday right now. we've hoped to get things done before the holiday season started but as you can see, we didn't manage. at the same time, we don't want to release a beta version of something as big as the Rig Manager Editor and have no engineers at our disposal. i'm sure you'll understand that. so, when everybody is back, we'll finish things up and you'll get a beta. until then, enjoy the summer, enjoy your guitar. it's the most beautiful time of the year ...

    No, They showed a working editor seven months ago.

    when we showed it, we called it a "technology preview". at this time, it wasn't complete and we openly admitted that. we've estimated a release in summer this year and we are on track so far.

    I THINK I "can see" a TINY TINY "c" on the front panel screen like I've read about... so it IS supposedly getting the signal. But the tempo will not sync. When I look at beat scanner (liek someone suggested in a post) it says crazy tempos like 256... not even multiples of what my project is set to. And the delays just smear into an odd phasey flangey sound for lack of a better term. I've been using Midi Clock and MTC etc so over 25 years for many other pieces of gear. And from what I've read... this does not work for anyone I could find.

    if you're in doubt that it works, please contact support by using the contact form on our website. In the tests we've conducted, the delay was spot on - unless one makes it wobble which, depending on how you set it up, is possible and sometimes intended. but that wobbling has nothing to do with the MIDI clock. it's an option which you base on a stylistic decision. so, let's work on that - okay?