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    My only problem with this is if you are 3 pages down in the Free Exchange and copy/paste you have to go to the Kemper folder and when you return to the Free Exchange folder you are at the top again. Quite annoying, especially with over 4000+ profiles! I wish there was a way to copy/paste to another folder without leaving the folder you are in, but this is still software in it's infancy.

    i'm not certain if i understand you right but you can simply drag the rig in question to another location and the focus will not change.

    the installer is not relying on an internet connection but you PC might need to install a couple of things which Rig Manager requires. if you had a previous version installed successfully, you might want to de-install and re-install since the requirements have not changed.
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    Is there any way to turn off the rating system from showing up on the on the KPA when you have a computer with the latest version of RM on it? It is just an extra button to click to exit each time you want to go into the rigs various parameters. If one could add the rating in the software and have that sync back to the RE it would be an unobtrusive option but right now it gets annoying quickly.

    what annoys you? you still can edit the rig without hitting exit.

    Thanks GS.. I was more than kinda bummed when I was forced, through software expiration, to upgrade RM... and yet again forced to upgrade my profiler... A real pain that I was not prepared to do at the time, in a session... so all of a sudden, there was no RM for reviewing profiles on the profiler... so much for the value of RM...

    all of a sudden is strange, you should have got a a warning two or three days before. we don't let the betas expire without a reason: from what we learned over the years, many people don't update their beta versions and work with software which is more buggy than it needs to be. our release versions don't expire of course.
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    I can see the latest 69 profile but it won't overwrite my previous version I have downloaded to my computer as it sees them as the same profile. I am sure this is intentional though so that when a profile is updated it does not break any other rigs.

    the rig was just a test if things works - it is more or less related to this thread. please ignore it, it will be gone soon.

    I have the same thing showing up re: 32 rigs downloading. BTW, I am showing 4420 rigs in the rig exchange and 4427 in my copy of the RE that I keep on my computer which means that 7 rigs have been deleted in the short time I have been using the software.

    what you see is Rig Manager filtering duplicate rigs received from the Exchange. and as for deleted rigs, we did some house keeping and removed a couple of damaged entries.

    hardly any rigs were removed from Rig Exchange by their authors so far - but there were a couple of damaged rigs and circumstances required a way to deal with those. although chances are minimal, make a copy of RE if you fear that something might get lost.

    as for a refresh option, it is not necessary because Rig Manager stays in sync automatically.

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    A. It syncs the content of the Profiler. And it checks with Rig Exchange, if there were changes and syncs if necessary.
    B. Nothing will be copied onto your Profiler automatically
    C. Downloads. But there will be a point in time when things deleted from Rig Exchange will be removed from what you see in the Rig Exchange folder within Rig Manager as well. if you copy a Rig from Rig Exchange to any other location, it will stay there permanently.
    D. C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Kemper Amps\RigManager\.KPA#serial#.db ("#serial#" is the serial number of your Profile, usually there is only one file start with .KPA in this directory.)
    F. Drag and drop should work, either from the Mac partition directly or from Windows desktop.

    hth, gs