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    I used an USB-stick on my profiler for backups etc. and took it with me traveling to Europe. Unfortunately I lost the stick during. Cannot find this little sucker. No problem I thought, till I found out, that my profiler is totally empty for some reason. It was not in use during my holiday, because I left it at home. The first time when I used again, I recognized the error. Only the last used profile shows up. No performances. What happened? Is it normal? Any idea how I can get my data back? Maybe it is still stored in the profiler and I just don't have acces?
    Thanks for your help.

    I put it short now. Just wrote a detailed answer to your question and then pushed the reply button instead of the send button. All my writings are gone. Happened to me many times. F*ck!!!!!

    Just try different profiles. Recomendations: Guido's, G1 Productions and MBritts. Depends on the guitars sound.
    If it doesn't fit right away, I don't use it. Only minor adjustments - mostly definition parameter.

    I use Yamaha DBR-12 instead of DXR-10. Cheaper, lighter - no regrets.

    Now I push the fu**cking send button. I push send not reply - send is the button I push - what do I push? Send!!!!!!

    I can't understand the point of two amps mixed.At the end you have one sound, unless you split stereo signal into one amp each side. A revolution for me would be realistic feedback reaction of guitar and speaker with even lower loudness. I don't mean necessarily long feedback, Just the bit of liveliness of a real amp played loud.

    I wanted to take the test... but whoa, cannot listen to that type of music at all :)

    The test doesn't say anything to me. You can have the same results with any of the competitors on the market. Heavy distorted sounds are quite easy to reproduce. I am using the KPA since I was a beta tester. Sold all my real amps and I will never go back. Take this as my statement about the Kemper. But I still hear the difference between a real amp most of the time. There is a certain "soul" in the sound of a real amp which I never heard from the KPA yet. Hard to describe. It's some hard metallic edge of the tone. With the Kemper this is always softened out a bit.
    But if I add all the advantages, the Kemper wins at the end. For me it is just most imortant if the sound can inspire me to play. It does. I had the same discussion years ago in the AxeFX forum. I took some "real" sounds and asked them to show me to some sounds they think it was the same. It was rediculous far away from a real amp.

    Tried my best. Installed latest Firmware (had the Beta before - but should be the same). Uninstalled 10 different RM-installations (probably the older ones are not deleted while updating). Used aother usb cable. Another slot. Did the rig button boot.

    Still the same. Waiting to sync the performances (4) which I yesterday adjusted on my KPA. It is anoying. Can't use the software.

    After installing RM all my folders were still there. I assume that the folder with the settings should also be deleted?? No clue what to do. Waiting for an update.

    No. 3 please - common sense.
    I am working with computers and software on daily basis since Commodore C64 and Atari ST1040. I would consider myself a very experienced user. There is software with a self explaining front end and there is software which is hard to figure out how to handle it. RM belongs to the second family for me. I'm not sure if this is a public version or just a beta. I have problems with creating new performances. There is always something what doesn't work. But if I am the only one who don't really understand how to use it, then it is just me. Getting older. Maybe that's the way software works today. But hey - it is for free. So no complains. Just mentioned it.

    One thing for sure - it doesn't work like expected. Everytime when I want to make a new performance I run into problems and wonder what's going on. Finally I go back to do it on the Profiler. It's a nice idea but not really finished. Hope there will be a working version soon. For me this is just a beta version. It doesn't work for me.

    Same here. I am used to work with computers and software since Atari 1040. So I am not a beginner in this field. But I also have difficulties with RM and performances. I was wondering why they lifted it to final version. It took more than 40 minutes to sync my performances (9) when I used it the first time. Cab't imagine that this is normal. Just dragging a rig into a performance slot from one window to the other didn't work for me also. But after a while, it suddenly worked. When I change the name of a performance it will not show the change in the profiler. I have to switch to browse mode first and do all kinds of stuff till it reacts. I am sorry to no being able to report exactly what's going wrong. But there is for sure something not working like expected.
    I will keep an eye on it and report.

    Same here. Tried to change the name through RM. Nothing happenend. Then went to another performance and switches back to the one Ichanged and the new name was there. After switching to the other performance it worked fine from then. Also couldn't move a rig to a slot. After trying different things (forgot what I did) it worked.
    When I first loaded RM it took over !! 40 minutes !!! to display all performances. I had 18 of them. 9 were there right away, the other 9 took so long.

    I solved the problem. Installed 3.1.4 and the opened RM 1.5. Here I mounted my old 3.0.2 backup. Then copied the performances one by one from the old backup to profiler. Only thing what happened now is, that when switching to an empty slot, the "standard" crunch rig (I asume) is activated. Before nothing happened. Means last used rig didn't change. I liked it better that way. And when switching to another performance, the new performance starts with the slot last used in the previous performance. A song should always start with slot 1 I think. Before it was like this. Minor things. I know.

    I updated again from 3.0.2 to 3.1.4 and all my performances are gone. Instead of the ones I created with 3.0.2 the ones I made with the former firmware 3.1.3 appeared again.
    Then I restored my latest backup but it doesn't import the performances. When opening RM, I can see the performances are from August, but my backup is from 12th of September.
    Also the performances have still this sound problem. Some of them sound like cab off.