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    i just asked that youtube guy what speaker model it was and he said V30, so thats a 4x12 V30 sound on a jcm900 profile, at volume 1 supposedly

    Okay, I am using a speaker cable from the speaker out into the cab I've put the Kones in. So the Monitor Cab being Off or On is affecting the sound.

    Should I be doing something else?

    Using a (regular) cable from the Monitor Out into the cab sounds very very bad whatever settings I fiddle with.

    have you engaged your cabinet back on?

    I've listened to and played unpowered Kemper through the SD Powerstage and the Fryette ps2. The Fryette ps2 sounds incredible then I would say the SD. And the Fryette has other capabilities as well.

    thats interesting, how would you say it improves things? Ususally people say dont use tubes with digital, so its good to get opinion

    Received the Kab today! :)

    Works well with the TC Electronic bam200 power amp, although sold as a bass amp it’s perfect for guitarists and plenty of power & inexpensive.

    After some playing I am very happy with the clean tones but also agree with some comments in this forum that with higher gain it becomes thin with the imprints & seems to require much additional bass to somewhat compensate.

    My tc BAM200 is arriving tomorrow. Where are you setting gain and master volume, or is that it in the pic?

    I think MDF is perfect for housing the Kone. As is true with open vs closed back the added warmth of plywood might change the dynamics. It would be interesting to test that though...

    its funny because soon as you say MDF guitar cab peoples first reaction is to turn their nose up. But in this situation may actually be beneficial

    Yes, thank you...This is the only vid out there.. other than Tone Junkies.. The 2 high gain sounds in this clip are pretty good..the other tones are ASTOUNDING... I.just wanted another opinion from someone who specializes in the high gain stuff. Someone else mentioned that they sound even better in person...Kinda seems like a no brainer just to try the Kone in my 1 x12 and see how it does..

    this seems decent to me. There is another similar short v30 clip in these threads that sounds good aswell

    I received my BAM200 Today and spent some time with it tonight. Overall I'm very happy with this amp powering the Kabinet. I tried running the gain higher and the master lower, then also running the Master wide open with the gain lower. All of this this was with the eq section straight up on all 3 bands. I Couldn't hear any difference or coloration in the tones when moving between these approaches. Unit is very small, plenty of volume, runs 4 ohm cabinet with no problem and can't beat the price. It's a keeper for me when I want the in room experience. Can't wait for more imprints and future features where we can store the imprint at the rig level!

    ive ordered the kone and pondering a poweramp, this suits me for size, price and easy to get. Regarding bypassing the EQ on the BAM200 is it not better to set everything to zero? Or you feel it makes little difference

    got my kemper kabinet, it´s sounds fantastic ( no metal metal sounds)

    installed a kone in an open back kabinet, and for my taste, the kemper kabinet sounds a lot better.

    both kabinets together gives nice stereo sound anyway :)

    what type of cabinet is the open back made of? Interesting to know as we know the Kab is MDF and suits the purpose maybe over other (more expensive) type cabinets

    I just picked SD Power Stage 170 from local private market for 220 EUR (retail price here 380-400 EUR). Seems to work well with my Marshall 4x12 and I'm really looking forward to test that with Kemper Kabinet which should arrive tomorrow.

    IMHO the SD price is quite high and personally I would have probably bought Camplifier if I would have not been lucky finding this SD preowned.

    great find at that price :thumbup: