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    I´m using StageClix V4 with EMG SA and 89 pickups for about 9 months. It works like a charm without any issue so far. I should mention that the SA are single coil and I have lowered the EMG 89 Humbucker output to match that signal strength. So, maybe my case is not the proof that the EMG Humbucker output can be handled by the V4.

    At the time, I was also reluctant to buy because stageclix seems to be a one trick pony company and very small. Thankfully, as I not had any issues, I could not check the service capabilities. Overall, I really like the stageclix and I cross fingers that it will not have any repair needs.

    Just as an idea, as it might be difficult to find an exact match for your specs - have you thought about modifing the stock wiring?

    I`ve had good results in using a freeway switch on a HH guitar to have a nice single coil sound. That switch replaces the 3 way toggle and with one additional push/pull you can switch

    1. Humb - Humb

    2 SingleC - >Single C - outer coils - most stock wirings use this switching

    2 SingleC - >Single C (innercoils) - additional layer, single coil sound softens and in particular both pickups in parallel sound quite close to the strat position 2

    Of course the results depend on the pickups ...

    Just started to work with the Ibanez S470, I bought used a couple of month ago. My first Ibanez and the first floating trem since Inhad a Charvel Model4 with a Kahler back in the 80s...

    I bought it to experiment a versatile HSH switching. just finished the soldering to have one switching scheme for strat style single coil and the other scheme PRS 5 Way switch like. I used a Schaller Megaswitch and a 4pdt switch and I have to admit that connecting that wiring was quite complex - Anyhow now it works and sounds nice with the PRS SE humbuckers and the no name Alnico5 single coil I have used to replace the original pickups.

    Now I‘ll start the adventure to change strings and to try to enhance the setup, guitar came with very high strings and out of intonation... First impression of the set up work with the trem bridge: One have to really love upbendings to stand the complexity of the floating trem- puh... 😉

    faraway How do they compare?

    Major advantage over my prior Shure 535 is of course the ambience feature but beside that the AM30 is little better fitting to my auricles and the cable is more flexible and the cable length is shorter, perfect for me.

    Soundwise, I the midrange resolution might be slightly better than the 535, but it only might be my impression because the AM30s bass volume is slightly weaker than from the 535. Anyhow, soundwise I was happy with the Shure and I´m happy with the Westone.

    I think the Westone is a little overpriced, but they have a unique selling point and they use it...

    That pedal looks sick, nightlight . I like how chunky the footboards are. It looks like you could fit all your toes on there, barefoot.

    Nice in-ears, faraway . I bought a pair of AM-20s last month. Like them so far?

    So far I had one gig with the new AM30 - loved it. Westone managed very well to have full sound AND ambience signal. So I had a nice stereo sound, could hear and feel the audience and communicate with my band mates.

    Yeah, this is a weakness... I bought a short network cable with an 90 degree angle pluck on one side and fixed it on the kemper head with an elastic strip (i had it, from old outdoor cloth).

    I simply wraped the head with the strip and It gives some pressure to the connection. I connect the short cable to a PoE injector and there I connect also the cable to the remote. No Problems since I started this workaround.

    The Kemper is in the rehearsal room, so i cannot take pictures currently...

    I´ve received my kemper at the end of 2011, so I might own one out of the very first batch produced ever. It works flawlessly and has focussed me back from editing to playing. Seems that I‘m also no forum guy, it took me more than 7 years to overcome the beginner status... ;)

    I’ve been playing guitar for 35 years - scary... 10 of them I played professional in various bands. Today, making live music is my beloved hobby but with professional attitude. As I never have enough time for music, I really appreciate the ease of use of the Kemper.

    And what did you do exactly? I own a MM Luke II with EMG's that's why I'm asking. Unfortunately you can't adjust the PU height on the Luke unless you use some washers. But this only brings the PU nearer to the strings. If you want them further away you have to cut some body wood...

    8| That is exactly what I did. I found that the SA single coils respond much better to playing dynamics when lowered (but I do not recommend that you cut down your MM guitar :saint:) I have the 89 Humbucker close to the strings for all gainy stuff, like EMG suggests for all pickups, in single coil mode it delivers nothing special. The neck single coil is at the lowest position possible (6mm distance) , the middle pickup a little higher (5mm). The sound opens up when more distant to the strings, much more overtones, maintaining the very, very good string separation and the lack of any noise. The sound is not exactly vintage strat but something more balanced, dynamic and noiseless. I also added a resitor to the Humbucker output of the EMG 89, to lower the high output of the humbucker mode to the level of the other pickups. In combination with the guitars swamp ash body I love the sound!

    A couple of weeks ago I had a job to substitute the only guitarist in a 70s cover band, playing also "Sweet home Alabama " (rythm at position 2, solos at position 4, with the bridge pickup split). I used a slightly modified version of the famous Morgan AC 20 and after the song the sound guy adressed me via my inEar to compliment the "best ever heard" guitar sound :) (It was not my playing though ;) and I´ve no clue what equipment the other guitar player has used :rolleyes:)

    So, sorry to hear that you can not lower the picks. If you want to experiment the effect you could raise the bridge to a higher string position. If you fall in love you then would have to "shim" the neck to maintain playability (or play only slide... ;))

    Cort G 290 (later called G custom), used. Its from 2002 and needed some maintenance but now its in nearly mint condition. It's my 2nd guitar of the same type. After I figured out how to adjust the EMG pickups to sound great and have modified the EMG 89 for better volume fit the Cort became my ( currently) favourite guitar, at least for my cover band, where we play 90s rock. Wood and build quality is top notch. As these models are hard to find, I took the opportunity to buy a 2nd one. It´s my 4th Cort guitar (one other electric and an acoustic), seems that I'm a fanboy ;-)