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    You just want to be right that's all and how fantastic Logic is with hight quality fx. :rolleyes: It doesn't matter if I use daw A or B. All daw's comes with good plugins nowadays.

    First sentence: nope (and I sent you a PM for clarification). :)

    Second sentence: yes, agreed, but I never stated otherwise. Don’t put words in my mouth.

    I disagree. Any DAW in experienced hands will yield superior results provided that the musician's are above average. And I've heard some great results with lesser musicians. ;)

    That's not the point. Regardless what you intend to use you have to know your shit inside out. ;)

    And I now I was able to record some pretty good songs with a 4-track cassette back then.

    See, the keyboard player in one of the bands I play in (the ska band, see my sig) even gets his live sound with a master keyboard and a MacBook Pro running Logic Pro. He could not do this with Reaper.
    With my other band I produced two albums in the last 8 years with Logic Pro completely in the box incl. the keyboard sounds apart from the odd sound here and there where the keyboard player wanted to use his Nord keyboard (see my sig, it's even streamsble

    So, what point do you want to make in the end? You want to tell me that a meal with a piece of meat, 6 potatoes and a handful of vegetables is more bang for the buck than an all you can eat menu that you can vary as you see fit?
    Then go ahead, my math clearly is very different.

    They are 3rd party plugins but Reaper comes with all your basic effects necessary to make a pro mix minus instruments. I would not depend on a all-included-solution in DAW to satisfy my needs. They are many 3rd party plugins that are over the charts to what an included plugin can do. Superior Drummer is one of them.

    I do get though that once you get used to a DAW then you are not likely to change. I get aggravated when I have to learn a new Windows OS or Android Phone.

    Thanks for setting this straight and confirming my point (i.e. Reaper doesn’t include instruments).

    We were talking bang for the buck.
    And my point is/was how complete Logic Pro's feature set is with what’s included not only with FX but also instruments.

    If you actually want depend on it or not is another preference question. I own Superior Drummer, Slate, EZD, Jamstix. More often than not I can get the job done only with Logic's drummer.

    The same is valid for piano, brass and whatnot. It’s there in Logic if you need it.

    If all you ever do is record guitar you'll never use what Logic has to offer and Reaper is for you.

    But if you are composing/arranging and looking for sound textures this is where you can get really creative with Logic Pro.

    I understand how my surprise could be taken as being defensive. On the other hand, you've been around long enough that I do respect your opinion so it was... sort of a shock as it was definitely the strongest I have heard in this regard - strongly in favor of one over the other. So, of course I had to question it because that's how you find the people who really know what the f--- they are talking about - most of the time, they can support their stance with more than just rhetoric to support their opinion.

    Most of the time. ;)

    Well, I thought I made my point clear without being rhetorical.

    Reaper: well coded and therefore not bloated DAW that also supplies basic meat & potatoes plug-ins, very competitive price tag.

    Logic: an all-inclusive DAW with a lot of first class plugins & instruments (even legendary think EXS24 sampler, Logic Drummer has no equivalent in any other DAW), still not bloated at all. Also very competitive price tag.

    Therefore I still stand by my assessment: For Mac users Logic Pro is not only the best bang for the buck, it's a no-brainer even.

    Now let’s empty a glass of xxx and drink to our friendship and enjoy the weekend.



    Well, the original question was "what's your favorite DAW" which in the end will remain a completely subjective assessment.

    And the side discussion was the "bang für the buck" one which I think Logic Pro wins by far although Reaper is great. Only because you don't have any need for instruments many composers do. It's a far more complete package (therefore bang for the buck) which is only rivaled by Cubase (which is far more expensive though).

    The Slant rating frankly does nothing to me and I don't understand what you want to tell me by this (Am I to be impressed by the voting of people whose experience level I don't even know? Perhaps they are noobs? Reading through the "cons" on the slant rating stating that Logic is buggy just makes me laugh... :) )

    Apart from Protools nowadays Logic Pro seems to be used everywhere, (surely because it's buggy ;) ).

    And having used Logic since version 9 (before X even) I can firmly say that the only time it ever crashed was due to a bad 3rd party plugin.

    but this wasn't the discussion here.

    Interesting how people get defensive over software. ;)

    OK, well I am no power user for sure, but perhaps you can provide us with your list of features that Logic has and Reaper does not? Again, I am not an expert, but I've certainly never heard anyone on any other forum make this claim.

    With superior feature set I mean the plethora of very high quality FX and instruments that are components of Logic Pro X. You can easily read this up in the Logic Pro descriptions online. AFAIK Reaper doesn't come with any instruments, only FX.

    Plus the fact that Logic Pro X is 199.- and gets updated literally forever (I got it in 2013) whereas a discounted license of Reaper is 60.- and is valid only till the x.99 version of the following version e.g. (5.0-6.9x) then you need to re-buy. Admittedly this makes Reaper a great bang für the buck, but in the end to me Logic Pro is a greater bang! ;)

    When you're on Mac Logic Pro X is the best bang for the buck by far, period.

    It's been introduced July 2013 and has been updated ever since FOR FREE (and this will likely be the case in the foreseeable future as well).

    No other DAW gives you this feature set at that price.