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    What is the pedal function set to?

    There seems to be a misconception about the terminology.

    Volume and Wah aren't morphing parameters.

    Either a pedal is assigned to Volume control (or Wah control if a Wah is present) or to control morphing parameters.

    I used a Thomann Thon case that was made for the line 6 FBV controller. Fits perfect for Stage and 2 missions ...

    Its on the heavy side, but due to the handle easy to carry and sturdy as hell

    I've been doing the same for many years. First the Line 6 FBV cases housed the Kemper Remote, but now the Stage.

    BTW turning the gain knob up on a profile and using a clean boost before the amp is exactly the same according to ckemper.

    And reducing the gain equals a minus boost (if you have a very high output guitar this can come in handy).

    OK I will ask in a different way: Why do you like the boost(C) before the distortion pedal(D)? Wouldn't it boost volume better after the distortion+? Usually I would put a boost after the distortion pedal but maybe I'm missing something...

    Well, a boost in front of the DS+ will drive it even more. I only have the drive on 4.0 on the DS+, and there are cases when I want a slight edge more distortion (e.g. for singing legato lead lines).

    To get more volume with the Profiler I'd always use rig volume or a boost post stack.

    Boosting the volume in front of a profile like the AC20 will only drive the amp into more saturation and won’t give you a real volume (loudness) boost.

    Yes I noticed with both on it was a little pushy. Not knowing how you set the order, I had the boost after the dist +. I always thought that was the correct order to boost after the gain pedal to get volume rather than overdrive the overdrive and "smash" it?

    I've never had a pedalboard with both boost and overdrive or multiple overdrives so I don't have a lot of experience there, I just know I haven't had good experiences boosting into a distortion pedal, it usually turns to pushed non dynamic fuzz.

    This procedure will only work with amps/profiles which stay clean. The Morgan AC20 OTOH will distort when pushed… ;)

    Wobei ich ja bei Delays z.B. auch nicht nur die BPM angebe, sondern in welchem Taktmaß das Feedback kommt. Aber du hast zumindest recht, dass ich bei Delays nicht wissen muss, wo der Takt anfängt, weils Anschlagbasiert ist.

    Das heißt also, dass ich ohne Sequencer weiterhin einfach nur Slots ad hoc mit Fußtaster umschalten kann und es da soweit keine Modifikationsmöglichkeiten gibt, korrekt?

    Es geht nur mit Sequencer, und das würde bedeuten, dass ihr als Band mit einem Click Track arbeiten müsstet, bzw. euer Drummer müsste das.

    Thank very much vyou for sharing this. I set up like this and played a bit with my Les Paul Custom and I can see why you favor it! Wow! What you can do with ONE profile! I have the boost in D and dist+ in C is this the order you prefer, or does it matter since you never have them both on?

    My boost is in C and the DS+ in D, just because it’s the "right" order. I rarely have them on both at the same time but just in case I wanna go over the top… ;)

    Ein digitales Aufnahmesystem, wie z.B. Logic, Cubase, Reaper, Ableton Live, Studio One und viele mehr, enthält einen Sequencer, der einen Song auf einer Timeline abspielt, oder aufnimmt, oder auf dieser Timeline Program Change - Befehle auslösen kann (die der Profiler dann versteht und ein Rig umschaltet).