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    Of course you can get out of sync. ;)

    OTOH, if you know you'll only use the 5 and 2 positions of your Strat you can program these to positions to neighbor patches.

    All in all the pros are you can leave several guitars at home.

    The cons are you need to do some logistics regarding what source guitar you plan to use and what sounds you want to play and program this thing accordingly.

    Unless you use midi (which needs planning as well).

    Have been thinking of buying one of these.Has anyone here gigged it?

    I'd love to use one guitar for multiple different guitar sounds on any gig without having to carry multiple guitars around !

    Also,if this re-creates well then I could potentially select my best playing guitar action wise and feel wise and use that instead of worrying about the actual output sound?

    Unfortunately there are no gigs ATM, otherwise I would have gigged with it.

    And yes, you take out your favorite player and carry all of your precious guitars in this little box.

    The Sim1 sounds like them, but it always feels like your source guitar of course (which is fine).

    I have owned the Sim1 XT-1 for a few months now (took advantage of a promo and got it approximately 100.- Euros off)

    The build quality is great, and the true signal quality is awesome. There is no discernible latency.

    I made the experiment to profile my guitars and play the source guitar with its own profile and switch the true bypass original guitar and the profile on/off. You can’t tell which is which.

    I'm sure your use cases for unlimited guitars, use your own guitar tones and separate USB keys for different source guitars will work very well. They work for me.

    What I can’t comment on is the fly rig use case (as I simply haven’t used this yet).

    Compared to a Line6 Variax the Sim1 is much better.

    In rig menu you need to choose 'use rig tempo'.

    Dann müsste man ein Multi- Grid/ Multi- Path- Setup haben, um eine lineare Signalkette aufzuspalten.

    Axe- Fx und auch das Helix haben so etwas.

    Klingen leider von den Ampsounds her nicht so gut wie der Profiler.

    Harmonic Pitch in Slot X (also post-amp, aber vor andere Effekte, die die Tonhöhe, die der Effekt ja nun mal erkennen muss, verschleiern)

    Ich meine, irgendwann mal gelernt zu haben, dass beim Profiler das Tonhöhentracking immer ganz am Anfang der Signalkette passiert (das ist also fix) und es daher nur soundliche Auswirkungen hat, wo ich den Pitch- Shifter platziere.

    Ist das falsch?