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    Doch, das geht.

    Einfach den zu morphenden Parameter mit der Strg/Ctrl- Taste verändern.

    Steht auch so im aktualisierten Manual des RigManager. :)

    Again you hijack a thread that is not your own and post information twice, in an inappropriate place! Please stop it and stay to your own thread.


    Okay, yes, I will try to answer objective, without exposing all my problems with this Kemper Stage. I will go the legal way.

    In other words, there are users who face the same problem or similar problems.

    Someone asked, I answered, with all respect, is there anything to hide?

    We’ll, no, there is nothing to hide, and yes, I know you have issues, as well as the other user.

    But users with issues should be encouraged to contact support ASAP.

    They (support) working very hard to solve any problem that may occur.

    I know, I've been playing Profilers (of any form factor, Head, Powerhead, Powerrack, Stage) for 8 years now. ;)

    Welcome Victor,

    despite what others say the Stage is a great machine.

    I'm sorry you have issues.

    Please contact support to work with you.

    With all due respect, and while I understand your frustration at the moment, posting the same content again and again is tiresome and doesn’t help anybody.

    By definition this is trolling so please stop it.

    I have owned several profilers at the same time (recently the Powerhead and the Stage) but I wanted something MUCH SMALLER.

    I also tried different solutions, among them the BluGuitar Amp1, but in the end I settled on the HotOne Britwind, which is essentially a Vox AC 30 plus a Marshall Plexi/2203 in a box (switchable), plus a reverb (switchable), a great boost (switchable), plus a powerful 75W poweramp included.

    It sounds great, is loud, inspiring to play, has an FX loop and a frequency compensated line-out even.

    I take it to rehearsals and smaller gigs, it’s not only a spare solution but a full rig.

    well, if you think FRFR is not good and a real cab is better, then the conclusion is: the profiler's profiled cabs are illusions. Not?


    I never said I thought FRFR cabs are not good. Nor are the Kemper cabs illusions. I got great results for nearly a decade.

    But: The difference is that Kemper cabs are perfect reproductions of a cab, but as the cab is an active integral part of the signal chain (like the guitar) it is much more immediate to play through a conventional cab and leave the Kemper cabs for FOH.

    There is more fun in it for the player, and sometimes this can make a difference.