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    I fully recommend the Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170.

    I use it with my stage and it sounds the same as my Powerhead (poweramp wise).

    I also tried the poweramp of my Amp1 but this is trebly in the poweramp and you have to compensate for it using the monitor EQ.

    I have never played a guitar cab with Kemper, Ingolf . There are days, where I like what I hear through DXR10, there are days that I put my guitar away after while. Clean sounds are somehow flat and I cannot get this 3D sound. Moderate and Hi Gain are good and very good, depending on profile. I can hear the texture but this 3D thing is very small. I believe in my guts, that with Kabinet(s) this will change :)

    I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised. :)

    Additional tweaks of a speaker to work with a DSP? Tell me more, please. 8)

    Well, obviously it’s the other way round. The Kemper DSP flattens the (and compensates for) the frequency response of their chosen speaker which is different to the K12H-200TC

    I would hate to walk thru some of the bathrooms In places Ive played,, then go to the unit and grab a foots swtich to tweak,,,, after walking thru,,,,,,,, the bathroom???? and stepping on it,,,,, YUCK!!!!!! no way,,,,,,,,

    The solution is dedicated stage/performance shoes.

    Are you sure the data was lost/not present?

    I had a performance RENAMED to the name of another performance in 7.1.9

    Before I got mad I realized that the rig & FX data within the performance was not altered.

    But sure it’s a bug.

    first, this reminds me very much on those very subjective opinions on different guitar types - I consider this as just subjective impressions. People in fact cannot really tell what experiences and in impressions they felt. So, to other people it is not really comprehensible.

    Then: Kemper always held the flag high of beeing able to profile real cabinets. And of course, to hear different cabs with a profiler rig you have to use a neutral speaker system, therefore FRFR. Now, this would be a turning point if Kemper "detected" what you think you've found. If I really understand the concept of the new Kemper cabinet and the new cabinet effects with the profiler (different sounds choosable for the Kabinet), then this is nothing different from FRFR.

    I think you’re not getting what I'm saying at all.

    Of course Kemper held the flag high, and rightly so, in being able to profile real cabinets.

    This has never been the question and was never doubted.

    This thread (and also the conception of the Kemper Kone/Kabinet) is about a different LISTENING EXPERIENCE guitar cab vs FRFR.

    And it seems you don’t understand the concept of the Kemper Kabinet because the speaker imprints are everything but not FRFR.

    I’m not exactly sure what the Kone will change tone wise that changing the cabinet in the kemper already does? It’s just altered eq curves right? I’m confused about the excitement.

    It is pure amp in the room (Kone/Cabinet) vs mic'ed cabinet (conventional Kemper cabs).

    I moved from a VHT rig including a 4x12 slant and a 2x12 fat bottom cab both with VHT P90 speakers. These were heavy wood closed back cabs that really punched.

    When I put the Kemper through them, no matter what profile I used, the character of the speaker severely colored the sound.

    I fully get what you’re saying, but reading between the lines you make the same experience with FRFR vs a traditional cab and you rationalize the advantages of FRFR over a guitar cab (and nothing’s wrong with that).

    But still I think you'd agree that the cab's got the edge vs the FRFR.

    For me it's easy: I'm mainly a Vox (and to a lesser extent Marshall) guy, so a Greenback with it’s coloration will always serve me well.

    If you need more speaker types and more diversity all and all, then: enter the Kemper Kabinet/Kone. ;)

    For me it's harmonic/musical feedback. It's a very important part of my playing and it only comes from guitar speakers.

    I really like the Kemper through my DXR10 and will use it like this when I have to, but you can't get that feedback without a guitar cab!

    Yes, that is a way to describe it. Guitar speakers are more musical and become a part of the instrument.

    And while I know they’re baked into a profile, when you use an FRFR speaker this important part of the instrument is only reproduced, not really interacted with.

    My personal conclusion is that guitar and cab, beginning and end of the signal chain, best remain untouched and original if you know what I mean. :)